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Wonderhowto.comWonderHowTo.com is a public sharing site that allows you to create step-by-step instructional guides that can earn you money! Sounds like a great alternative to eHow.com, but my main question is—does it pay enough to make it worth the time? Let’s investigate a little more into WonderHowTo to determine if it could be a nice egg for your work at home basket.


What Kinds of Things Can You Do at WonderHowTo.com?

There are two ways to contribute to WonderHowTo. You can write individual How-To articles, where you can walk the reader step-by-step through a process. Or you can create a WonderHowTo World. By creating a world you write many articles or videos on the same subject. They are all related and you have more control and options for things like group forums. It is sort of like creating a mini-blog, without the hassle of learning how to set up a blog!


How Does WonderHowTo Pay?

WonderHowTo is a revenue sharing site. This means you earn from the advertising that is viewed and clicked on by the readers who are visiting your articles. However, WonderHowTo does not pay you directly. Instead you create a Google Adsense account, or if you have one already you simply share your ID.  WonderHowTo pays you 100% of the revenue created by your Adsense ads on your articles! This is an amazing number as usually you must share your earning with the company! WonderHowTo is very generous to give 100% of the earnings! It is enough to entice me to try them out!


Can You Make Real Money at WonderHowTo?

This is what I am hoping to find out. WonderHowTo is a highly trafficked website and seems to pop up on the front page of Google results quite a bit! This tells me the articles may generate a good amount of traffic and with 100% revenue, this may be a great alternative to blogging or other revenue sharing sites! The great thing about WonderHowTo is that you retain the rights to your work. Therefore, if you find you are not making as much as you would like, you can remove your content and publish elsewhere! There is no loss…your work is yours to keep!


Is There an Application Process at WonderHowTo?

Yes, it appears you must create your first How-To article and there are some minimum guidelines. However, they are pretty self-evident. Your work must be original and not plagiarized. It must be at least 250 words and give detailed instructions. Once you submit your how-to article, it will be reviewed. If accepted, you will then be able to set-up your Adsense account to begin making money at WonderHowTo. I believe all articles go through a minor approval process to ensure quality.


Where Do I Go to Learn More and Get Started?

To get signed up and start earning at WonderHowTo visit their site.


Do you have experience with WonderHowTo.com? Has it been worth your time?


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    Wow this sounds like a great opportunity! I am always on the look out for revenue share sites and this one sounds like a winner. I might have to go and apply!


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