Top 5 Usability Testing Sites- Earn Money Testing Out Websites!

Paid to Test Websites
Usability Testing sites are one of my favorite sources of extra income online. These companies pay everyday online users to visit a site and complete a task (such as finding the contact section of the website) or browse the site while sharing how user-friendly you found the site to be. Usually these require you to use your computer’s microphone and you speak out loud what you are thinking as you use the client’s website. Most of these usability sites pay an average of $10 a test and take 15-30 minutes to complete.

Unfortunately, the work can be sparse as there is a lot of competition to grab projects the moment they become available. Therefore, anyone who wants to keep this method of making extra money online should without-a-doubt sign up for as many of these usability companies as possible. It is within reason that someone could bring in an extra hundred dollars a month, many would most likely say even more, by utilizing all of the companies available to them. Here are the Top 5 usability testing sites:



Userlytics-  my personal usability company of choice. The reason for this is because of two things:

1. They do not have an application process (last I checked) and therefore, anyone can simply sign up and see what is available.

2. It requires a webcam. Therefore, because many people are not comfortable with being visually recorded, do not have a webcam or are not ready to work the moment the tests are available, it gives me a better chance to find available tests. However, this does mean that this particular company is not for everyone!


UserTesting- While I do not have personal experience with UserTesting it is a very popular choice of many finding usability testing work. UserTesting does require you to fill out an application and even complete a sample test. However, this gives you an opportunity to try out one of these projects and see what the fuss is all about. UserTesting, does NOT use visual recording and therefore does not require a webcam. However, as with all the usability sites, you will need a microphone. (If you are using a computer with a built-in webcam, most likely it already has a microphone installed.)


UserFeel- In regards to how this site works and how you can get started with UserFeel, it is very much like UserTesting. In order to apply you will have to answer some basic questions about you that will help UserFeel match you to tests and you will have to do a sample test. The higher you score on the sample test, the more likely you are to receive invites to test. As with all the usability sites we have discussed so far, the pay is $10 a test.


TryMyUI-  is just like the others. The pay is $10, it requires only a microphone and you must apply to be a user. While TryMyUI is another great company to add to your list and increase your chances of being available for a test and making extra money, I don’t believe there has been a lot of work at TryMyUI compared to others. So, if you are only in the mood to sign up for one, I would not start with TryMyUI but one of the others mentioned above for the higher earning potential. Just be sure to come back later when you are ready to add more of these companies to your basket.

What Users Do

What Users Do- I had not heard of this company until recently. They are based out of the UK and therefore, the tests are often for sites out of the UK. But they hire as long as you speak English and can receive payments through PayPal. Again, you just need a microphone with this one.  But the pay is not the same as all the others. While all the above pay $10 a test, this pays an average of $8 and the pay can actually vary from test to test. Again, not my first choice for usability sites, but definitely one to consider if you are just wanting to add more opportunity for work.


Do you know of any other Usability Testing Sites or Do you have experience with this line of work? Please share in a comment below!


    • Miranda GrimmMiranda Grimm says

      Funny how when I began this list I thought I had reviewed 4 out of the 5. Then I realized I had only actually reviewed 2 of them! lol. I was glad to find your reviews!

    • says

      I was excited to sign up for usertesting. Com but in the week I’ve been a member I have yet to get a single test! They are snapped up before the page even finished loading. Very disappointing especially since I see usertesting advertising daily on the WAH sites for more testers. If you do not have enough work for the testers you already have why keep adding more? Simply put I feel like I signed up for a cheap survey site. Thats not what I was looking for.

      • Wayne says

        If you go to, you’ll see that their customers/clients have two membership options.. The cheapest charges them $49 per recording to hear people critique their sites.. The more people they have testing, the more recordings they have to sell.. Though the tests are limited to a certain number of users.. probably not many. I had the same problem you did. I clicked the instant the button appears, yet there were already enough testers.. Somethin’ seems fishy with that deal..

  1. says

    User testing is one of my wah jobs. It’s a great gig to have! Great pay for only a short amount of work. The only downside I’ve seen is that you have to be quick to get to the computer when a new test becomes avilable or others can snag it from you lol. I also wish I had more tests sent to me but that may have something to do with my demographics.

  2. dave says

    What Users Do pays £8 per test, not $8, so that’s a bit over $12 at the time of writing. Perhaps things are different for users outside the UK though as all the tests I’ve done with them (30+) have been fixed value.


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