Last year I took a day to be remind us all that not everyone who works from home is a mom. It can be hard to remember when so many sites are dedicated to work at home MOMS and so often articles refer to people who work from home as moms.

Work at Home Adventures has a male following of 12%, that’s about 250 of my facebook followers that probably feel a little out of place from time to time. There are also many who work from home that do not have kids at home and are not even parents at all.

There are plenty more reasons to work from home than to cut the cost of daycare! Today, is a day for all of you NONmoms!

Last year you guys were awesome and introduced yourself! I hope you will again and anyone who is new and not a mom, please say hi!


  1. says

    I’m a WAHNONMOM! You may be surprised at how judgmental people can be about that. It’s more than a little silly. Thanks for acknowledging us non-traditional WAHers. 😉

    • Miranda Grimm says

      Thanks for sharing! I am surprised by that! I am guessing it is one of those…WHY do you work from home…why don’t you get a REAL job?

      Being a mom, no one asks me that, it is a given…but I simply cannot imagine working for someone else ever again. As long as I am not asking you for money, what’s it any of your business? lol

      • says

        Funny – Angie and I talked about this a few times in the past when trying to figure out some new site ideas. I am a “bonus mom” – at least thats what she calls me – and only part-time since shes only here on weekends. I stopped telling people I “work from home” and instead I simply say I am a “freelancer” and it seems to stop a lot of the questions. If they do ask I give them an answer that I am self-employed so its easier that way, I hate working for Corporate America so I will never go back, and I have some chronic pain issues that really prevent me from working in a traditional 9-5 office setting. I don’t seem to get bothered by it too much anymore.

  2. Kendra says

    Thand you for recognizing us non-moms! I have always wanted a flexible schedule so I could travel, and God gave me the courage to decide that now is the time!

  3. says

    This will be me in a few months! I’m not currently working from home, but I was given that option with the company I just started working for and as soon as I get past needing to ask a question every couple of minutes I’ll be set up with a computer at home (which’ll be great since it’s a small company my friends own and run from home, and they are constantly out of town which ends up with a bit of backlog.)

  4. Portia says

    Hello! I’m a non mom, part time college student, and I am a work at home independent contractor for 3 different companies. I love it! Shout out to the other non moms and to the moms!

  5. says

    Hi Miranda! I am a NONMOM!!! I have been following your blog for a few weeks now, and I absolutely Love that you took a moment to recognize us. You should do this every year, make an official WAHnonM Day! :)

    • Miranda GrimmMiranda Grimm says

      YEs! I totally agree!! I did this last year in June, but I couldn’t wait until June to do it again, so maybe we can do it every 10 months :) lol Thanks for following!

  6. says

    At the moment, I am a WAHNONMOM; however, in October, that will change! At the moment, I am returning to the “outside” work force, but once I am a mom, I have no idea what I’m going to do, but that is why I’m so thankful for sites like these that show me what kind of things I can do to bring some extra cash. Thanks for acknowledging those who aren’t moms or even women! lol

  7. Cari says

    Thanks, Miranda, for recognizing those of us without children. I have a furbaby, but I can put him in his crate when I leave the house LOL


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