Out Sick


I need one of those reminders on the importance of not being stressed out. Between my daughter going to Kindergarten and beginning several big projects with new clients, I had become very stressed…and I believe it is why I am sick now.

I missed writing the Blogging 101 article this week, but will make it up as soon as I catch up.

This week’s Weekly Round Up will be very brief but there are a couple of things I wanted to be sure to share with everyone.


Work at Home Search Engine

First is the amazing search engine Anna from RealWaystoEarnMoneyOnline, and her sister Bonny, created that will search only the trusted work at home blogs and websites. This is truly amazing for doing research and you want to skip the crap and get right to the good stuff! I know Anna and her sister spent a lot of time working on this and are still tweaking and perfecting it. I hope you can take a moment to check it out and bookmark it! Visit www.WorkatHomeSeeker.com.


Are you Lacking Family Support?

This is a subject that keeps coming up around me. I have heard your stories of basically battling it out with family for your right to work from home. For many reasons many of you are not receiving the support you want and it is often because your family doesn’t understand this new path. It is very shaky ground to be stepping onto. If you are in a position like this, I have some advice for you.


Listen to their concerns. You will learn one of two things. Either how to comfort their concerns and win your argument. Or, why it may not be the best idea for you! Sometimes people outside of our own minds can see the bigger picture clearer and we have to take them seriously and show them respect.

This is topic that needs to be discussed in a longer setting and right now I am honestly not sure if it is me talking or the Dayquil. So let’s leave this as a prelude to a better and longer article for the future. But I hope  to receive some comments with your experience of your family support.


Thanks! Now I am headed back to the couch.  Enjoy your weekend!





  1. Leisa Good says

    Get well, Miranda! I can’t believe this! I am also sick this week, but I am battling a very, very bad case of poison ivy. (scratch, scratch) Even between my fingers now.

    You take care. The work will still be there along with the great, understanding clients that make it all worthwhile.

    Sending you big hugs! You deserve a rest. Just didn’t want you to have to get sick to have the rest.

    • Miranda GrimmMiranda Grimm says

      Oh No Leisa! I hope you feel better soon! It has been ages since I had Poison Ivy Rashes but I remember being pretty miserable!

      I am getting better. But I dread when I feel 100% again because not only does my work need caught up but so does my house!! eek!!

  2. says

    Hope you are feeling better soon, and thank you so much for sharing the search engine!

    It took a long time for my husband to come around to the idea of me working from home … but seeing was believing and once I started bringing in real money, he never said another word about it. In fact, he realizes now how fortunate we are that I can do that since we’ve had children.

  3. Leisa Good says

    Excellent, Anna. I look forward to checking out the search engine. Well, my hubby was the same way at first.

    Well, my work and house will also need to be caught up Miranda! Just prioritize, take a deep breath, and then re-prioritize. You’ll do fine.

  4. Paul Grimm says

    I too hope you feel better.. I work from home thru E bay ( GSI) tech support and happened upon you site. I am always looking for a back up to work from home any recomendations: Like Cloud 10 what do they pay or any other places you can think of?
    Ironic isn’t it we have the same last name…LOL

  5. Jess Weaver says

    I can’t believe I missed this post. I feel blessed to work at home, but I hate the ups and downs. I hate worrying all the time. Right now is a hard time for me, but I’m praying I see it through!


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