Track Traffic with Google Analytics- Blogging 101

Google Analytics is a completely free tool you can add to your blog to track traffic. Knowing where your traffic comes from, what they are viewing and how long they hang around can help you understand your audience and their interests. Also, if you later choose to sign up for some of the paid blogging opportunities I will share then you may find some of the require you to have had Google Analytics installed. So, let’s get Analytics installed!


Visit Google Analytics

Creating an account is simple to do with your Gmail account. Then just enter the information they ask about your blog and agree to their Terms of Service.


Add the Tracking Code to your Blog

WordPress Users:

In a separate tab visit your site’s dashboard and go to Plugins to add a new one.

Search for ‘Google Analytics for WordPress’ and install on your blog.

Follow the prompt to set up Analytics and give permission for the plugin to connect to your Analytics account.

Then just choose your site from the Account Name drop menu and leave the rest alone.


Blogger Users:

Visit your site’s dashboard in a separate tab.

Go to Settings >> Other

Toward the bottom you will see ‘Google Analytics’ and a place you can enter your Web Property ID.

In the Google Analytics tab you can see your ‘tracking code’, beginning with ‘UI-‘. That is your Web Property ID. Copy the entire code (including UI-) and paste into the settings in Blogger. Save it.


Now you can visit Google Anayltics to get a pretty accurate record of your visitors. It can be fun to see who visits and what part of the world they are from. My favorite thing to track is where my visitors come from. This helps alert you to others who are sharing your blog posts on the web and allows you to go and say Thanks!!

However, Google Analytics can be incredibly confusing! Even to those who have been blogging for years. So, many of us have chosen to ALSO use other free services that are more simplified. I also use Statcounter because it is completely hidden from visitors and free.




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