Work from Home Ideas for People in Different Professions

In the nine years I’ve been working from home, I’ve noticed that there are more and more jobs being posted for people in all professions.  When I first started working from home, most of the legitimate work from  home jobs that were available consisted of different types of phone work and data entry jobs.  However, now there are work from home jobs for people who work other professions as well.  This article will discuss some of the jobs available to people in different professions, and how to go about finding them.



Freelance writing is probably one of the most popular types of work from home jobs after phone work. Companies such as Textbroker, Yahoo Contributor Network, and Triond hire freelance writers – in addition, freelance writing jobs are posted on many freelance websites such as Elance, Odesk, and Freelancer.  Freelance writers can also start their own blog or write blog posts as a ghostwriter.



Some popular work from  home jobs in the medical field include medical billing, coding, and transcription.  If you’re a nurse who wants to work from home, however, you may be able put your knowledge to work as a medical call center agent – medical call center agents perform telephone triage, give medical advice or check on patients.  They may also make as well as receive calls, depending on what they’re hired for.


Sales and lead generation 

In addition to customer service and order entry, a lot of companies are hiring people to work from home either selling different products or services, or generating leads for companies who sell different products or services.  I’m lumping these two together because they both require similar skills – the ability to convince someone to buy a product or service, or to at least provide enough information to someone so that they’ll want to receive information from a company that sells a certain product or service.



This is another area that’s becoming more popular.  Work from home opportunities for teachers include online  teaching and tutoring, as well as test scoring for companies like ETS or Pearson.


Accounting and Finance

These jobs can sometimes be found on the previously mentioned freelance websites, or you can do a web search for accounting and finance work from home jobs.



Work from home jobs for people who work in the legal field include virtual jurors, court reporters, records abstractors, online paralegals, and legal transcriptionists.


Travel Agents

There are a lot of opportunities available for travel agents who want to work from home.  When checking out these opportunities, once again be sure to research any opportunity you find – if a lot of people have been scammed by a certain company, you may want to stay away from it.


These are some of the different work from home jobs that are available to people in different professions.  As always, be sure to do your homework when looking into any work from home opportunity – if you’re not sure about a certain company, see what you can find out about the company by checking out websites such as the Better Business Bureau or even message boards like Workplace Like Home and


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    Hey Erica,

    So glad you listed travel agent as one of your possibilities for at home professionals! It’s my specialty area so I’m always excited to see it being promoted.

    I just wanted to add on to your resources for those looking to become home-based travel agents. I used to work as a host agency director and I know the waters can be a bit murky when researching host agencies so I put together a resource website – Host Agency Reviews – for agents.

    The site gives people the chance to read reviews from agents that are/were with the host agency, find info on if the host belongs to the BBB and industry associations, and learn more about their programs.

    It’s sort of a one-stop shop when looking for a host agency and figuring out if they’re a good company.



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