Is Cloud 10 Too Good To Be True?

Cloud 10 under Transcom

Cloud 10 appears to be operating under the name of Transcom now, but the official website still comes up under “Cloud 10″ in a search.  In the research for this review, it came to my attention that apparently there has been a recent buyout resulting in some changes.  Therefore, whether the information in this review will remain exactly the same is yet to be seen.  The company is virtual contact center offering customer support to clients utilizing at-home professionals.  They are based in Denver, Colorado, but hire in many different areas.


How Do I Apply?

The application process starts out fairly basic.  An application is filled out with the standard information.  The company will verify that they are hiring in your area, and you will need to verify you meet their technical requirements.  Past this point, there is an interview process and verification that there is an open schedule that will fit your needs.  There was some discussion in previous years of the fact that it could take up to 30 days after the interview to hear from them, but this may or may not still be the case.  Then it could still be more time before you receive an actual assignment after you are hired.


Technical Requirements

One of the complaints that popped up frequently in the research for this review is that those applying did not meet system requirements.  If you are interested, their website has a link to a list of requirements here, and there is also a test you can perform if you are still unsure.


Pay Information

I could not nail down a specific pay rate other than $9 an hour in 2006.  I am fairly certain the rate is higher now as older reviews discussed very low pay, and more recent comments note that the pay is very good.  Other information about pay is pretty positive.  They pay by the hour, not by minutes on the phone or per phone call as many phone jobs do.  You are paid from the time you log on to the system until the time you log off.


Additionally, you are hired as an employee rather than an independent contractor.  The schedule is set, but you get to choose those hours that work best for you.  You just have to be willing to stick with them.  Cloud 10 says their employees typically work 5 days a week, 32 to 38 hours per week. Depending on the project, night, weekend, and holiday hours may be necessary.  There were several comments posted by current and previous employees that said overtime pay is offered when appropriate.  Funds are direct deposited every other Friday.


What is the Work Like, and Am I Qualified?

The job is one that offers customer service to the customers of various companies.  There is a comprehensive list of qualifications, and even recordings of sample phone calls to help you determine if the job is right for you here.

The At Home Professional positions offered  at Cloud 10 include:

    • Customer Service
    • Customer Service and Sales
    • Technical Support
    • New Product Launch


Pros to working for Cloud 10

The number one pro of working for Cloud 10 most is likely the ability to work from home.  However, the hourly pay is a definite plus as well, especially in this industry as it is not common.   They also offer paid training, which is helpful in a position with them and likely will be helpful in getting on and working with another similar company later.


Cons if working for Cloud 10

There are a lot of complaints about not meeting system requirements, but this can be easily avoided by double checking at the link above before even applying.  Also, although they hire employees rather than independent contractors, there are currently no benefits.   This means no sick days, vacation days, or insurance.   Another common complaint was the lack of opportunity to advance or get a raise, regardless of time with the company, experience, or knowledge.


The single largest concern about Cloud 10 however, was the fact that contracts often end suddenly and without notice.  While this is not uncommon in the work-at-home world, it can be devastating if not anticipated.  The issue has to do with the companies that Cloud 10 offers services for rather than the workers in most cases.  There could be issues with over staffing, lack of demand, or a host of other issues.


Lastly, there seems to be a lack of the flexibility that many are looking for in a work-at-home position.  You get to set your schedule, but once it is set it apparently cannot be changed.  You must work that schedule every day.


Final Thoughts

Cloud 10 is a legitimate work-at-home opportunity that pays.  It can be a great opportunity for training and making a living from home, but despite the fact that workers are hired as employees and paid hours, it should not be relied upon too heavily.  It has some characteristics that could entice some to rely on it more than other types of work-at-home positions, but the fact is that it is just like any other.  Look at is as good work while you have it, but always have a backup plan.  Work is neither steady nor guaranteed for any amount of time due to a number of potential unforeseen circumstances on the company’s end.


None of these negative issues with Cloud 10 are uncommon for work-at-home positions.  If you go into it aware of the system requirements, lack of flexibility, and potential for contract cancellations, this can be a great opportunity to begin or enhance a work-at-home career.


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