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People Calling People is a survey/polling company that hires virtual assistants to work from home on an “as needed” contractual basis. With this company, you would be considered an independent contractor taking outbound calls. These outbound calls are usually—but not always—political survey questions that you would be asking the caller. Contracts usually last for two or three-month durations, and there can be several contracts throughout the year.

People Calling People also offers a variety of services to its clients such as robocalling, Spanish transfers, and appointment setting in addition to the survey and polling services. The company also offers staffing at the clients’ facility or workplace depending upon the client, but this review is written for those wishing to work from home as an independent contractor.

With the upcoming 2012 presidential election, there is a strong demand for outbound agents handling the political survey questions. Again, these are outbound survey-type questions with no selling involved.

Founded in 2004 by Ron Turner, a former employee of Pagenet, he came up with the idea for People Calling People after volunteering in the 2004 political campaigns. His goal then and now is to take state-of-the-art telecommunications to the political non-profit arena. Ron also maintains a presence on LinkedIn and Facebook.


What are the equipment requirements for People Calling People?

  • Good Telephone Voice
  • Professional Telephone Presence
  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Personal computer with 2 GB RAM
  • Broadband Internet Connection
  • USB headset
  • Morning, afternoon, or evening shifts, depending on project requirements
  • Flexible part time hours

The good news is that you do not have to have a landline phone. The predictive dialer will allow you to dial the call from the computer and you may speak into the computer or laptop using your USB headset. This is will depend upon any additional speakers or microphones already built into your laptop. It would be wise to mention this at training.


What is the workday like at People Calling People?

The workday begins with you, the independent agent, logging into the web site in the designated area using his or her login and password. You will then upload the schedule and select the desired time slots. Agents are encouraged to select 3 or 4-hour time slots for their shifts. You will begin dialing when your shift begins, and finish dialing when it ends and logging out.


What is the schedule like at People Calling People?

For political calls, the schedule is set for the afternoon or evenings. Calling usually ends at 8:00 or 9:00 p.m. in the caller’s time zones. This is typical of all outbound calling, since you never want to call someone too late in the evening and upset them.


What is the pay and pay schedule like at People Calling People?

From what I am learning, the pay is $8 an hour, which is the acceptable rate for most call centers. Most outbound and inbound call centers pay contractors or even employees $8 to $12 an hour. No surprise there.

The pay is once a week via a mailed check, and payment is on time. Training is paid and lasts approximately 2 hours.


What is my overall impression of People Calling People

Overall, I am very impressed with People Calling People. Many of the agents (virtual assistants) that I met via the Internet spoke highly of the company’s management, virtual work environment, and on-time pay. Most agents enjoy the types of calls and return several times a year when there is a project.

The only negative thing that I was able to uncover, which really isn’t negative, was that sometimes hours are not available on the schedule. However, anyone who has done outbound calling knows sometimes hours are just not available, because there are not enough calls loaded into the system to quantify hours on the schedule.


How do I apply at People Calling People?

Go the web site and begin the application process. The first step will be to submit a resume. The second step is to complete the online application, and the third step will be to do a voice audition.


People Calling People stated in a recent newsletter that they were still not hiring but please have your application in and submitted for the next wave of hiring sometime in October [2012].  Expecting a large turnout for this presidential election.


  1. Nicholas says

    I like the fact that the training is paid. With many of the work from companies it is not so nice to see that they compensate people for that two hours.

  2. says

    Looks good. Do they accept applicants from countries like India and Philippines? We all know that there are a lot of callcenters in those two two countries and I bet most callcenter agents would love to work from home.


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