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Virtual Vocations

Several months ago, I received an email with a job listing in it from a client of mine “P.J.” raving about this wonderful freelance site. She went on to boast about two good paying contracts that she had found there: one telecommuting and one solely work-at-home.

Curious as I am, I just had to learn more about this site. Especially after seeing the type of job and salary listed in the email.


How did Virtual Vocations get started?

Virtual Vocations began in February 2007 and was founded by two siblings, who recognized the changing workforce. With rising gas prices, family commitments, and technology more people could begin working at home.

Even though more people could begin working at home, the Internet also brought with it—as we all know—its share of work-at-home scams.  This is why Virtual Vocations carefully screens all of the jobs.

Most of the jobs at Virtual Vocations are telecommuting jobs, but they are beginning to add more jobs that can be done 100% at home.

Jobs are in fields such as accounting, bookkeeping, writing, and web design with the usual jobs you would expect to be performed in an office. There is also a need for advice nurses and attorneys.

Jobs are full-time, part-time, long-term, short-term, and can lead to a permanent position. Telecommuting should be at least 20% of the job.

Virtual Vocations is also a member of the International Association of Employment Web Site.


How do you get started with Virtual Vocations?

With Virtual Vocations, you go to and click on the Register Here navigation button at the top of the web site. You type your name and email address in the appropriate fields and then you create a password for your account.

You then select the subscription that you want. You may pay $6.99 weekly, $15.99 monthly or $49.99 for a six-month subscription. This is payable via credit card or PayPal. This can also be canceled in advance.


How do you set up your profile at Virtual Vocations and how is it different from other work-at-home job sites?

While putting together your profile at Virtual Vocations, you may upload work samples, and attach a resume. Your uploaded files can be in pdf, doc, wpd, rtf, wps, docx format.

One difference in Virtual Vocations and other work-at-home/bidding sites is that every time you apply for a job, your resume is automatically attached to your application. Work samples may also be attached but are optional.


How do freelancers bid for jobs and how is it different from other bidding sites?

Actually with Virtual Vocations, you won’t be bidding on but applying to jobs. This would be done just as if you were applying to a regular Brick and Mortar job. Again, the majority of the jobs are telecommuting jobs which is why a resume is automatically attached each time you apply.

These jobs are carefully screened by Virtual Vocations and are hourly, salary or project pay. These rates are set by the client with commission-only jobs and fee-based jobs not accepted. No doubt we have all seen those commission only jobs on other bidding sites.


What are some of the perks that go with a paid membership to Virtual Vocations?

Once you have put together your profile and selected your paid subscription (weekly, monthly or six-months), you will be able to search for jobs by date, job category, travel requirements (remember this is largely telecommuting), job type, and/or employer.

You can also create a search feed that will automatically send relevant jobs to your designated email account.

There is a monthly newsletter sent to all members as well as a blog and forum.

While most bidding sites have a search feeds, blogs, and forums—they biggest perk is the free resume enhancing service. Virtual Vocations will rewrite your resume for you.


How is the pay handled at Virtual Vocations?

Payment is received by PayPal and will usually be paid two weeks.


What is my overall impression of Virtual Vocations?

After meeting a few others besides P.J. who have had great experiences at Virtual Vocations, I would say give it a try it. If you can afford the membership fee or justify it by good paying jobs, I would do it. One woman I met was very happy with her $15 an hour full-time 6-month assignment.


How can I apply to Virtual Vocations?

Again, go to and click on the Register Here navigation button at the top of the web site.

Good luck to all who apply.


  1. Leisa Good says

    Monique, my friend P.J. is now up to 4 successful jobs and says it is well worth the investment in terms of the quality of the jobs.

    Thanks for commenting.

  2. says

    With all due respect, Leisa, Virtual Vocations does AT BEST a cursory job of the so-called “screening.” After being a paid member on and off during various periods of my life, I can say with all candor that I got one job through VV, and it wasn’t bad…but the dead-ends, “borrowed” jobs from other job sites, and expired and/or cancelled and/or filled jobs gives the lie to the claim that ANYONE at VV actually screens these things. I had to report several jobs to them because all the “apply now” link allowed you to do was go to another job board, usually Craigs list, where invariably the job would be closed. In other instances, the “apply now” site took you to a general Web site where you had to try to find the position actually listed, and sometimes you couldn’t find it at all…or it, too, had disappeared and/or been filled already. Some of the jobs are things like, a complete waste of most people’s time, and some of the jobs are entirely different when you inquire about them than they are in the listing. Virtual Vocations has its place, and I understand that keeping up with details can be daunting…but please don’t give anyone the idea that someone at VV actually bothers to screen these things carefully. If someone’s been hired to do that, let’s just say they’re falling down on THEIR “virtual” job!

    • Missy says

      Thank you for your honest feedback. No company is perfect, so it’s nice to know the perks and the downfalls of any given company! Overall, would you say VV is legit and worthwhile or more work than it’s worth? Also, is it a scam? And do you HAVE to pay the membership fee or can you search & apply for free? Thanks much!

  3. Linda says

    Janny, did you bother clicking on the company url provided with the job description to apply directly? I have also used Virtual Vocations for years, and have yet to come across any jobs that link back to Craigslist or any other job board. I have had a few broken apply links, and have found that some leg work on my part was needed, but in the end the job was there. Keep in mind not all of the company reps posting know how to properly cut and paste the apply link to an email address (those seem to be the one’s with the most broken links).


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