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As any freelance writer knows, one of the best ways to get noticed  is to build a strong portfolio.   Well now there is a website that will help you do that- Contently.  You can build a writing portfolio on Contently and keep adding to it as you write more content for different websites.   In addition, you  may be able to get writing work through the Contently Marketplace as you keep updating your portfolio.  This blog post  will provide more information about Contently.

What is Contently?

Contently is a website where you can create an online writing portfolio by linking different websites and publications you’ve written for.  Once you’ve created your portfolio and as you keep updating your portfolio, you may  be invited to choose writing assignments from the Pro Marketplace.


How do I set up my portfolio on Contently?

After you create your account by choosing a username, you’ll be directed to enter names or web addresses of publications you’ve written for.  If Contently isn’t able to pull up the  name or web address of the website, you can manually add articles and blog posts you’ve written by inserting the URL, which may make it easier for Contently to find.   In addition, if you’ve written articles offline that you can claim credit for (not ghostwritten articles), you can upload them to you Contently portfolio in PDF format.  Once you’ve added some content, you’ll be given the option to add social networks – currently the only social networks that Contently links to are Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus.


How do I get writing work through Contently?

You  may be able to get writing work through the Contently Marketplace once you’ve set up your portfolio – the Marketplace is currently invitation only, however, so the best way to increase your chances of getting work through the Marketplace is to keep updating your portfolio with new publications and websites you’ve written content for.   Of course, you can also advertise your portfolio URL when you apply for writing jobs elsewhere.


How do I get started?

Just go here to get started creating your writing portfolio.  Please note however that when you’re creating your portfolio, and whenever you add new publications or work to your portfolio, you’ll want to use Firefox – for some reason when I tried to add work to my portfolio using Internet Explorer, it wouldn’t work.

Contently is a great website that you can use to showcase your best writing for different publications and websites all in one place, and it could also potentially be a great place to get writing work – I highly recommend that all freelance writers take advantage of this website.


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