Official Work Barefoot Day 2012

Work Barefoot

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People are more productive and happier if they are comfortable while they work. One of the greatest things about working from home is that we have the right to choose our attire and our environment– meaning we can snuggle up and get comfy! Majority of home workers work barefoot but Friday October 12, 2012 will be a day of celebrating that freedom!


Will you Celebrate your Freedom?

It can be easy to forget how much freedom and flexibility working from home has. Which makes Work Barefoot Day 2012 a great reminder for many of us! How will you celebrate?


Do you Already Work Barefoot Most Days?

That’s okay! This is more about celebration than the actual act of working barefoot. I mean, there is a national Work Naked Day coming in February for the self-employed if you really want to get involved!!! I think I prefer to stick with letting my piggies go bare.


Don’t Work from Home?

Sucks to be you! Remember us as you tie on your shoes or slip on those heels 😉


Want to Spread the Word with your Work at Home Friends?

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Work Barefoot Day 2012



    • Erica MartinErica says

      I’m with you there Leisa, I don’t even like to walk around my house barefoot… have to have some kind of socks on…

  1. says

    Woot! Love this idea – Count me in on the celebration. I am working in my bare feet right now!

    P.S. Love your ‘Sucks To be You!’ ….too funny!


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