Work at Home News Round Up -October

Once we hit October the end of the year seems so near. I have to admit that I get a little stressed during this time, between the holiday rush, Christmas money and already thinking of all the prepping I should have been doing all year for tax season. I try to take it one thing at a time but we all know November and December are basically a big blur.

The Search for Balance- Does it Even Exist?

In my personal life I am involved with a church plant in my home town and also becoming more active with my church outside of town (an hour outside of town!)- my design career is booming as I have more work than I have time to accept. My blogs are doing well. My new blog,, is getting a lot of traffic! I have two young girls (5 and 3) and my husband is a regional truck driver with an unpredictable schedule. Oh and my mother is starting a Bible study on Monday nights as of next week that I look forward to attending.

I’m sure if you all listed all the things in your life you are involved with, sucking up your time, you would have a list similar to mine. But how do we keep up with it all without neglecting something or a lot of things? I’m still trying to figure it out. Seems as though everything in my life is in constant rotation of what is being neglected. Whether my house is a mess or my daughter spends a day or two watching too much TV, I can’t figure out how to get it all done and what, if anything, should be removed from my list of obligations.

Have you found that perfect balance? I could use some practical advice!


Lots of Talk on Facebook and Social Media

We have had a lot of talk on the importance of Facebook to those who are serious about finding work from home. I think many people, even avid Facebook users, do not realize the potential of Facebook. After we talked about the importance here on WAHA our friend Anna at Real Ways shared 22 Facebook Pages she follows to stay up to date in the world of Working at Home! It is a great list!

When we say Facebook is important, we do not mean it is required to find work from home and by no means do we think a business has any right to access your social media account to determine if you are worthy of being hired. California recently passed a law that prohibits businesses from demanding your social media passwords. This is great news and hopefully the rest of the US follows suit.

But keep in mind- what you do in the public cannot be erased. While a business cannot ask for your password (in California), that doesn’t mean they cannot view whatever you have set to public.


Inspiration On YouTube

I was just asked to participate in a very inspirational video for TheWorkHouse. I LOOOOVE the song playing in this video!!!!


  1. Leisa Good says

    Great article, Miranda! I am totally feeling everything that you have listed! I am also strategically working out a realistic weekly schedule to balance work and family. Some weeks have more work. Some weeks have more family. I just try to keep it realistic.


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