You Don’t Have a Facebook??

Facebook recently celebrated 1 Billion Active Users! The Social Network Giant has become so infused in our lives that being facebookless is completely against the grain and just feels so unnatural (so to speak). Normally I could care less if someone is on Facebook. In fact, I am an admirer of people who travel their own path. However, if you are looking for a way to work online but are refusing to step into the meeting room- you could just be making it hard on yourself.

Facebook is for Networking

Trying to find work online but not sure where to turn? Let me introduce you to Facebook, yeah there are a BILLION people there! When looking for a job online or offline- one of the key elements is networking. You want a job ONLINE right? Well,  a large portion of people looking for online workers will expect that you are up-to-date with technology and can hold your own. Not having a Facebook account could possibly hinder you.

Real Life Examples of Facebook Helping Freelancers

–Most of my work is currently coming from 1 company. They have plenty of work to keep this part time graphic designer/mommy busy. Guess how I landed that gig? A Facebook friend introduced us!

–A fellow Facebook friend of mine tells me she finds a lot of overflow work as a freelance writer on Facebook from her freelance friends.

–Another friend says she finds out about current job openings by following Facebook Pages like Adventures of Working at Home. Many Facebook pages like ours as well as several others, share news of companies hiring. This gives their followers  an advantage of allowing them to be one of the first people to apply for many of the jobs.


Concerned about Your Online Privacy?

I don’t blame you there! Facebook has a reputation of sharing our personal information and not taking the necessary steps to ensure our privacy and security online. I am aware every day that even though my Personal Facebook Page is set to private I could be sharing more than I want. So I am careful about what I post and what I choose to share. In fact, many users don’t even post a picture of themselves- that’s absolutely normal. I never talk about when I am going to be away from my home and I am definitely careful about the pictures I share of my kids.

The point is that Facebook danger is very real. But you can choose how much and what information you share.


What’s On Facebook for Freelancers?

First, every business has a Facebook page. Whichever business you may be interested in working for- follow them! Most businesses use Facebook as their only source of releasing new information- even job openings!

Second, there are hundreds of Facebook Groups where Freelancers meet, discuss, share and businesses even step in and offer work from time to time.

Finally, you can meet fellow freelance friends. Making friends will not only increase your connections but those connections will share their secrets and tell you what’s hot now and how to get involved!


Bottom Line about Facebook for Freelancers

If you do not have a Facebook account and you do not plan to get one understand that you are limiting your reach. But you can find ways around it. Staying active in forums, reading blogs and watching the job boards every day can keep you in the loop. Not having a Facebook account often just means you have to work even harder than the rest of us at knowing what is going on in our chosen workforce- the internet. But not being involved with Facebook is not a make-it or break-it deal for your Freelance career- as long as you put in the effort.



  1. says

    I agree 100 percent! If you’re not going to have a Facebook, at the very least get a Twitter account and follow companies/people you’re interested in. But I agree that Facebook is the best for networking and many of the work at home related things I learn about are thanks to Facebook.

  2. Erica MartinErica says

    I also agree with this, another great social networking site is LinkedIn – that one is specifically for following people you work with or have worked with, so you can also make contacts that way if you want to keep your work social networks and “social” social networks seperate…

  3. Leisa Good says

    I have found that Facebook and Twitter are better for freelancers or solo businesses. My experience is that LinkedIn lends its way more towards corporations and making connections there in the offline market for B&M jobs. Even though I do know small companies and freelancers who use LinkedIn, it just seems that is more the “climate” there.


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