Review of Ticket Puller

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Are you someone who enjoys working competitively and quickly? Are you a fast typist? Do you need a fun, little "side egg" to go with your main gigs? Then Ticket Puller may just be what you need. What Exactly is Ticket Puller? Ticket Puller is a site where you sign up to literally become a ticket puller or someone who helps customers quickly find the tickets for the event that they want to attend.   You will be working for a client who has the tickets or the event that people are calling in to get.  You help customers find the tickets quickly before the event … [Read more...]

Become a Chat Agent at Take2Telecom

Find out what is involved with working as a chat support agent, from home.

Would you rather have a chat job instead of a phone job? Do you type and think quickly when interacting with customers? Are you looking for a flexible schedule? Then Take2Telecom might be your answer! What Exactly is Take2Telecom? Take2Telecom is a direct response marketing company that provides live chat services and cloud-based services to its clients.  Actually, the company is so new that it is difficult to find much information about it.  Take2Telecom states that it wants to create flexible, good jobs that hard working Americans can do. Take2Telecom … [Read more...]

Become a Moderation Expert at ICUC

Work online with a schedule available 24/7 and earn 10-18 dollars an hour as a community moderator for ICUC

Are you someone who enjoys social media? Are you someone who frequents forums? Are you one who understands how important branding is to business? Then the ICUC moderation agent job might be just what you are looking for.   What Exactly is a Moderation Agent or Expert? A moderation agent is someone who basically acts on the behalf of the client and goes into the clients’ forums and social media accounts to answer questions, engage with their target market, and promote yet protect their brand. You will be moderating forums, approving or deleting … [Read more...]

Finally, a Work-at-Home Company For Technically Savvy Women

Tech savvy work from home jobs for women by PowertoFly

In your past life, were you a woman who worked for a technology company? Did you begin working at home to accommodate your kids, spouse or parents? Would you like to combine your former technology career and working from home? Well, then PowerToFly definitely has something for a woman of technology like you.  What Exactly is The is a site that prides itself on connecting technically savvy women to jobs, which ultimately lead to a better and more balanced work/life balance.  Launched in 2014 by two women entrepreneurs, this new … [Read more...]

Easy Way to Make Money Testing Websites

Study websites and earn $12 for just thirty minutes of your time.

Do you want or need a non-phone, work-at-home (WAH) job? Do you enjoy surfing the Internet and using search engines? Do you have a basic knowledge of how websites should load and function? Then YouEye would like to hear from you.  Their online usability tester position just might be the right WAH gig for you!   What Exactly is YouEye? Located right in the heart of the Silicon Valley, California, YouEye is a company which specializes in consumer research.  This research often comes in the form of consumer buying habits and trends.   Businesses rely on … [Read more...]

Review of Sutherland CloudSource

Work at Home Jobs in Customer Support at Sutherland CloudSource

Do you enjoy offering stellar customer service? Do you want set pay and benefits? Do you have excellent written and oral communication skills? Well, then becoming a customer service agent at Sutherland CloudSource might be the right work-at-home job fit for you. What Exactly is Sutherland CloudSource? Sutherland CloudSource is the remote service division of Sutherland Global Services, which has become a global leader in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) for customer service and customer interactions for some of the most recognized Fortune 500 … [Read more...]