5 God-Given Traits That Prove You Should Start a Blog

5 Traits that every successful blogger has

There is an estimated 31 Million Bloggers in the United States. While 81% of these bloggers have earned less than a hundred dollars, 8% are earning enough to support their families. Although the odds may not be in your favor to make a full-time living writing online, these statistics prove it is absolutely possible. As a blogger with five years experience, many people ask my advice when considering their own blog. More specifically, they look for me to tell them if they have a profitable idea. When I talk with these people, I consider the following 5 personal … [Read more...]

How a Blogger Makes Money

"So how do you make money blogging?" "Who pays you to blog?" "I don't understand." When I tell someone I blog for a living, the above questions are what I am often asked. Most especially since I began a local campaign to help bring awareness to the people in my town about their options to work from home. Unfortunately, I live in a county with one of the highest unemployment rates in the United States. It is hard to watch my hometown fall apart right before my eyes. So, I have made it my personal ministry to help my neighbors. During this time, I have had many looks … [Read more...]

Find Guest Bloggers and Collaborate on MyBlogU and MyBlogGuest

Two resources to help you find guest content and other media for your blog.

If you're a blogger, you know how hard it can be to keep coming up with interesting content for your blog on a regular basis. Luckily, there are two websites that can help with that - MyBlogGuest and MyBlogU. Since they are both owned by the same person, I'll discuss them both in this post. -MyBlogU What kinds of content can I find on MyBlogU? You can find different types of media on MyBlogU, such as infographics and eBooks that you can offer on your website. You can also create group interviews on different subjects - other members of the site can answer the … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Why a Blog Might Be Better Than Facebook to Market Your Business

Why a business blog makes more sense for your online business than Facebook alone.

Facebook has been a viable marketing channel for business because of the many different ways you can connect with the community if you do have a Facebook business page. You can also gain potential customers through interaction and sharing valuable content on a consistent basis. While there are benefits to having a Facebook fan page or placing ads on the social network, a blog can be much more effective at increasing website visits and driving sales for your business. Here are 5 reasons to consider starting a business blog or spending more time creating content for … [Read more...]

How To Write Faster Than Ever Before in 6 Easy Steps

Six Brilliantly Simple Steps to Writing faster as a Freelancer, meaning you make more money!

If you're a freelance writer or content creator, speed is your friend. When you're starting out and you don't have very lucrative contracts, you often have to write multiple articles a day to achieve your target income. For example, if you want to earn $60 every day, and each article you write is worth $15, you will need to write 4 articles. When you consider that the average article is at least 300 words long, you will have to write 1200 words a day, at the very minimum. If you're new to writing, 1200 words might seem like a lot. But it really isn't. When you are … [Read more...]

Attracting New Customers to Your Online Business

How to attract new customers to your online business.

Finding new customers and earning their repeated patronage is one of the largest challenges facing any online business, whether large or small. Learning effective strategies for attracting customers may seem overwhelming at first. Below are some of the most effective and efficient methods any company can adopt in order to draw in prospective customers:   Network: Networking can provide incredible opportunities for increased customer traffic. Social media platforms make it easier than ever before to get in contact with prospective customers and generate buzz, but … [Read more...]