WordPress.com VS WordPress.org

The difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

One of the most stressful elements to running a blog isn't creating the site itself. It's not writing the content. It isn't even managing the occasional technical issues that inevitably crop up over time. It is getting started in the first place, a step that is especially anxiety inducing for the beginner who wants to launch a professional site.   For the total newcomer to Wordpress, just figuring out the basics of the platform can be exhausting. For example, what is the difference between Wordpress.com, and Wordpress.org? When breaking down the features of … [Read more...]

Track Traffic with Google Analytics- Blogging 101


Google Analytics is a completely free tool you can add to your blog to track traffic. Knowing where your traffic comes from, what they are viewing and how long they hang around can help you understand your audience and their interests. Also, if you later choose to sign up for some of the paid blogging opportunities I will share then you may find some of the require you to have had Google Analytics installed. So, let's get Analytics installed!   Visit Google Analytics Creating an account is simple to do with your Gmail account. Then just enter the information … [Read more...]

WordPress Themes- Blogging 101


It is our final WordPress Focused post in the Blogging 101 series and it covers Themes. A theme is what controls the look, layout and function of your site. When you uploaded WordPress it came with a few standard themes. There are thousands of WordPress themes to choose from. Browsing around the web at sites like Elegant Themes and StudioPress you can see how a theme can turn a WordPress blog into just about anything! I will be discussing the basics, where to find themes and how to install them and the importance of your theme to your success in this brief … [Read more...]

14 WordPress Plugins for Beginners- Blogging 101


WordPress Plugins are often the main reason many bloggers choose to use WordPress. Plugins, as previously discussed, are additional tools and/or settings you can add to your WordPress site. With plugins it can often seem as though the options for your blog are unlimited. However, keep in mind that the more plugins you run on your site, the slower your site may take to load. Premium Plugins are plugins that cost you. However, most plugins are free and many of times when I find a premium plugin I can search the web for a free alternative. The following the plugins I … [Read more...]

Getting to Know WordPress – Blogging 101 Series


Moving through our Blogging 101 Series we are currently discussing Self-Hosted WordPress. We last set up general settings and we are now ready to learn more about the basics of WordPress. There are so many features to it and we will only skim over the very top and learn about the most commonly used tools. The more you use WordPress and more often you run into situations where you know what you want to do but don't know how- the more you learn about just how AWESOME WordPress is! Google is your best friend. When you need to figure something out- someone has probably … [Read more...]

Setting up the General Settings of WordPress- Blogging 101


Welcome back to Blogging 101, a series where I help walk you through the process of creating your own blog- rather for fun or to  make extra money online. Setting up your WordPress site can be rather involved. Let's start with the general settings Last week you chose your hosting service, set up your domain and installed WordPress.   Visit your site's WordPress Dashboard by going to YourSiteURL.com/WP-admin Upon installing your WordPress account you were given a password. This information was also emailed to you. Once logged in, be sure to first … [Read more...]