Make Money Mystery Shopping with TrendSource

What is TrendSource? TrendSource, also known as MSI Services, is a mystery shopping company that serves retail, medical, and various other business clients. Tasks available for field agents include observing businesses for quality assurance, making phone calls, interviewing store customers, checking product displays, and an array of other tasks. How do you sign up? Visit the MSI Services portal here to find an application that requires basic information such as your name, address, and phone number. When filling out the application, you can indicate which types of jobs … [Read more...]

6 Telephone Mystery Shopping Jobs

6 Telephone mystery shopping jobs you can do from home

Mystery shopping is usually thought of as impersonating a shopper or interested party in a service. A mystery shopper records their experience and essentially is part of the Quality Control for businesses. Although we most commonly think of secret shoppers who are visiting restaurants or department stores, there's also another field of mystery shopping- Telephone Mystery Shopping. These positions are often thought of as an enjoyable work at home job that pays well and often has reliable work schedules. In addition, many of these six telephone mystery shopping jobs … [Read more...]

TeleXpertise- Work at Home Positions


Telexpertise is a company that sells services such as telephone mystery shops and sales call evaluations and hires Work at Home Positions. As such, the jobs that are available include telephone mystery shopping, call evaluators, and cold call sales. The sales calls appear to be from selling the services, while the other jobs are actual services offered by the company. The non-sales positions are as follows.   Telephone Mystery Shopping states that their mystery shopping calls are not easy, and work is not guaranteed. Shops pay anywhere from … [Read more...]

Mystery Shopping Tips and Secrets


Mystery Shopping is a great way to make extra money while keeping a flexible schedule that you control. But being a secret shopper can be surprisingly difficult. Often times there are a lot of things happening all at once. It can be difficult to time actions, remember names and inspect your environment while still completing whatever task is being asked of you. Because you must remain anonymous you cannot have your stop watch out in the open, cannot have your shop instructions with you and if you take notes, it must be very discreet. If your cover is blown, the entire … [Read more...]

Get Paid to Pose as a Renter with EPMS


With 26 years in business, Ellis Partners in Management Solutions (more easily known as EPMS) is now one of the most recognized management mystery shopping services available. By utilizing mystery shoppers around the country, EPMS is able to evaluate employees working within the housing market. Most specifically in apartment management.   Tell Me More About the Job as a Mystery Shopper for EPMS   EPMS explains the basic idea of the job by explaining Mystery Shoppers "evaluate the sales performance of apartment personnel. Hence, [their] objective is to … [Read more...]

Mystery Shopping with Market Force

Market Force is one of the most well-known mystery shopping companies around. They hold a high level of respect in not only the shopper's eyes but also to the many mainstream brands and businesses that do business with them. Market Force is the first place I check when I am ready to do a little mystery shopping to make some money and also get out of my house! I have chosen to create a Vlog about Market Force. The reason being is that it is a bit easier to explain the process of mystery shopping by talking than it is for me to write it out. I have been asked so … [Read more...]