WriterAccess: One of the Better Content Mill Gigs

Writer Access pays freelance writers up to 7 cents a word with the option to be paid weekly!

Content mills seem like every freelancer’s nightmare, but WriterAccess has proved this is a completely unwarranted rep! Though admittedly not the highest-paying gig, WriterAccess differs from run-of-the-mill content mills in that they offer opportunities to premium projects, partnerships with high-profile clients, and even free resources to assist their writers in their careers. It doesn’t get much better!  What is WriterAccess? WriterAccess hires freelance writers to compose pieces for their clients, companies seeking content producers. They are owned by … [Read more...]

Writer Beware: Is Domainite.com a Scam or Just Another Content Mill?

Domainite pays $1 for every 100 words written. You can select what jobs you accept and when you work.

Freelance writers, especially those just starting out, have a love-hate relationship with content mills. On the one hand, it’s a hard business to break into and content mills give you an opportunity to practice your chops while offering some compensation. On the other side, the pay rates are generally extremely low and to many any real income requires a time commitment, which may distract from your ‘real,’ career writing.   Domainite.com has received somewhat of a bad rap in recent years. While some workers claim it’s another scam writing site, my research … [Read more...]

Calling All Content Mill Writers: The Content Authority is Looking for You

The Content Authority is a great way to supplement your income and help pay off your debt!

Working as a freelancer for a content mill can be scrupulous. The rates are often laughable, the expectations fuzzy, the payments frequently delayed, and the credit nonexistent. Still, you have to get your foot in the door somewhere and for maybe newbie writers, content mills are just the place to make such a debut.   For 6 years, The Content Authority has been a leading content mill, partnering with clients to fulfill their content-related needs. Writers, keep reading to learn more about The Content Authority and decide if content mill work is your next … [Read more...]

11 Online Writing Jobs for Beginners

11 online writing jobs for beginners.

Beginning a freelance career in writing is a great idea! There are many resources, your work schedule can be as flexible as you need and you can make a true full time working wage as a freelance writer. However, nowadays websites that are looking for writers want quality writing over cheap quick re-writes. It's not that you must have a degree in journalism but you should be able to compose an easy to read sentence expressing the information on your subject. It's also important that writers be able to research their topic. Many freelance writers spend as much time, if … [Read more...]

An Honest Review of ReviewStream.com

Get paid to review the things you already have and use.

Have you ever hoped you could get paid for doing something simple? Review Stream may be a hidden gem that neither you nor I knew much about previously. However, with a little research I’ve been able to learn a little more information about ReviewStream.com. I will be the first to admit that this website does seem rather confusing and it does take a little clicking around to understand what’s going on. Here’s what I’ve gathered:   Basic Concept of ReviewStream.com As you probably guessed, Review Stream is a website that pays you to write reviews. They don’t … [Read more...]

Write Travel Articles for These 5 Companies as a Freelancer

Get started working online as a travel writer with these 5 companies.

Whether you are an experienced freelance travel writer with hundreds of published pieces or new to writing but have a passion for travel and exploring cultures, here are five companies that pay freelance writers to write, research and love traveling. 1. Matador Network Matador Network hires contributors to write content that "speaks to the adventures, cultures, and identities of people around the world". Matador pays per piece with an average of $20-25 and sometimes as much as $60 in special circumstances. Payout is once a month. You can browse Matador Network to … [Read more...]