Review of Walmart Savings Catcher App

Check out the Walmart Savings Catcher App to save money automatically!!

I avoid Walmart like the plague. I just don’t like to go there.  I can usually save enough money matching coupons to sales at Kroger or just shopping at Aldi. I can avoid it, most of the time.   I know, I know, they do price matching.  But I always found it tedious to figure that all out.  Now, however, Walmart has the Savings Catcher app that has revolutionized shopping at their store, in my opinion.  Strangely, I had never heard of it until Miranda mentioned to me and asked if I was interested in writing a review.  I said I was, and the rest is history.   What … [Read more...]

DollarBird App–Get Control of Your Money and Your Future

DollarBird is a smartphone app that lets you take control of your money without requiring you to link to your bank account like those other apps.

Do you find it easier to spend money than make money? Do you wonder where all of your hard-earned cash goes? Do you wish you could be a better steward of your money?   Then downloading the DollarBirdapp might be a solution for you and your money. What Exactly is the DollarBird App? The DollarBird app for both iPhones and Android helps you color-code your monthly expenses by putting them on a calendar instead of a spreadsheet.  DollarBird can do this without access to your bank accounts.  It is a free app as long as you keep it to just one calendar.  … [Read more...]

Surviving the Famine: Freelance Budgeting at Its Finest

Freelance Financial Budgeting

It is a new year and that means everyone is looking to make changes. Though there are many resolutions made, the vast majority relate to health, money, and organization. One very common, very specific goal related to money is to stick to a budget. This is not easy in the best of situations, but freelancers have even a more challenging time with this. There are many reasons. For one, you never know for sure if there will be work. It is no secret that freelancing is feast or famine. On top of this, if there is work there is no guaranteeing when pay will come. Clients may … [Read more...]

How to Save for Retirement When You Work from Home


If you've ever worked outside of the home at a brick and mortar office, your employer may offered you benefits, including the opportunity to save a portion of your check into a 401k retirement account - and your employer may have matched some or all of the money that you put into your 401k.  If you work from home though, you may not have that option, especially if you work as a independent contractor.  The good news is that if you do work from home, you can still save for retirement.  There are a few different types of retirement accounts you can open - the traditional … [Read more...]

Six Places to Sell Gift Cards Online


Many of us receive gift cards from relatives and friends that we never plan to use. Time Magazine reports that "about $65 billion is spent on gift cards in the U.S. annually, and $6.8 billion of that is never redeemed"!! If more people were aware they could cash-in those gift cards or trade them for a retailer of their choice, maybe more of that money would be used! Here are Six Places you can Sell Gift Cards Online. 1. will verify your gift card information online. You have the option to receive payment via check, PayPal or MoneyGram. … [Read more...]

SavingStar Pays You to Shop!


You know those loyalty cards most stores give you to receive their discounts or weekly deals? Believe it or not, using those cards could have been earning you money when you shop all this time! SavingStar is a program that does just that- pays you to shop using your loyalty cards! SavingStar is fairly simple. Register your loyalty cards on their site. Shop. Earn Money. Well...maybe a little less simple than that-- Do I get paid for everything I buy? No, it's a lot like couponing. You must visit SavingStar and browse the current savings for … [Read more...]