Volunteer as a Contributing Writer to Help Kids With Acts of Kindness

Expand your reach as a freelance writer by volunteering to help kids raise awareness with snowball campaigns.

Are you looking for ways to expand your reach as a writer? Do you enjoy writing about important causes that you believe in? If so, you may want to consider applying to be a volunteer contributing writer at Star A Snowball. This article will provide more information on Start A Snowball, what they do, and how you can become a volunteer contributing writer. What is Start a Snowball? Start a Snowball is 501 (c)3 charitable organization that provides grant money to kids who get involved in philanthropic causes. They encourage kids to start their own small philanthropic … [Read more...]

15 Steps to Starting a Daycare Center in Your Home

How to start your own in-home daycare business! A 15 step guide.

It's often a delicate balancing act to manage caring for your children while earning money to support the family. Some parents opt to start a childcare service at home to earn money and care for their own children in the process. If running an in-home daycare sounds like the best of both worlds to you, this guide will help you begin your business. The order of the steps in the guide may vary, depending on your time, skills, and legal requirements, but ultimately, they should all be met to provide the best care to the families you will serve. Some states may require you … [Read more...]

Entrepreneurship Tips: Get Rid of Email Anxiety by Learning How to Send Effective Emails

Lots of things make entrepreneurs famous, from investors so shady they could be used as beach umbrellas, to the first time they put up their product for sale. One seemingly menial task can also send their hearts racing, and that's sending email. Whether it's an email campaign or not, this seemingly straightforward task has sent many entrepreneurs into conniptions. They'll end up struggling over how the email should be worded, and they're right to struggle. An email is non-interactive. Errors can lose companies customers before start-ups have a chance to reply, so each … [Read more...]

Why Phone Jobs Often Require Criminal Background Checks

There is a reason virtual phone jobs require you to pass a criminal background check.

Often times people express their confusion and concern about companies who require work at home phone agents to pass a background check. While at first this step of security can feel like an unnecessary invasion of privacy, especially if the background check involves looking credit history, there are good reasons. However, one in four American adults have arrest or conviction records. Therefore, we question if quality workers are being eliminated without a chance.  Here are the arguments for these background checks done by virtual call centers followed by common red … [Read more...]

Freelancers – How to Deal with the Budget Constraints of Your Clients

How to stay within the constraints of your clients budgets without sacrificing your dignity.

Guest Post By Paul Maplesden If you're a freelancer, you know that your clients are often working to very tight budgets. This can sometimes make negotiating rates and payments tricky as they're trying to get the most for their money and you're trying to earn a living. Here are some simple techniques that you can use to help negotiate rates and secure the project. If you can turn the work around quickly, highlight this to the client. Businesses are often up against tight time constraints and clients might be prepared to pay a little more if they know that you can … [Read more...]

Three Viable Work-From-Home Careers

The most viable ways to earn money working from home.

Guest Post By Barbie Carpenter Many business professionals dream of working from home, eliminating lengthy commutes, avoiding irksome coworkers, and saving money on professional attire and gas. However, not every career presents a realistic work-from-home opportunity. Moreover, the careers that are effective in a work-from-home setting require dedication and hard work in order to thrive. Understand what careers can succeed in a work-from-home environment if you have the patience, persistence, and commitment.   Writing/Editing Writers and editors often work … [Read more...]