How My WAH Job Turned into an Unexpected Career

My work at home story is an ever-evolving one. If you have been a follower and faithful reader then you know the back story. Don't worry if you aren't - I'll fill you in. My work at home job began soon after my first daughter was born and now I am living in a world I never imagined to be possible - couldn't have even thought of it because I just didn't even know it existed! The Back Story I'll try to make this part brief. My first daughter was born in 2008. I was bringing her to work with me and my plan was to put her into daycare until she became mobile. Things didn't … [Read more...]

How To Make The Most of Work At Home Trade Shows: 4 Good Tips

work at home trade shows

Are you in the process of attending a work at home trade show? If so, and if it’s your first, there are things you can do to make the event literally pay off. Trade shows are known for being great networking events along with excellent sources of products and services. But did you know they can do even more for you than that. Let’s take a quick look at ways to turn that upcoming work at home trade show into a one of a kind money making, friend creating, relationship building juggernaut. 1. Have a Goal - One of the most important things you can do when attending a … [Read more...]

What are Your 2013 Work at Home Plans?

Happy New Year

Happy New Year’s to all the work at homers out there! I have been kind of quiet in the work at home world for a little bit and I just wanted to fill everyone in. My son is turning 2 in a few days and it marks almost two years since I began working at home. It’s been a wonderful journey and a path of learning and developing, but I’m right where I’m supposed to be.   Where did I start? Almost two years ago I was working for OnPoint and Textbroker. I then moved onto writing for Merchant Circle and dabbling with private clients. I was mostly relying on content … [Read more...]

ZNZ Experience with Libby Robles

Is ZNZ a Scam?

Today's post is sort of a difficult one for me. ZNZ or Zip Nada Zilch is a company I have been asked about multiple times. While I never really considered it a scam- I was definitely quick to file it away under the 'not worth your time' category. ZNZ is an affiliate marketing company. They pay you for bringing new customers to try out their client's products. Many ZNZ affiliates can be slimy about how they advertise the ZNZ products and gain new referrals. Which is why I was quick to brush off ZNZ. But, it seemed every time I turned a corner there was another person I … [Read more...]

Meet Fashion Artist Ron Ostlund Jr (Win a Piece of his Work!)


One of my favorite things about writing here at Work at Home Adventures is when I get the opportunity to interview and meet new entrepreneurs! I love sharing stories of self-starters with the readers because it is often true inspiration and gives all of us an insight and sometimes a model of how it has and can be done. Ron Ostlund Jr. Spent a couple of hours with me on Facebook and let me pick his brain. He shared with me a little about how his business began and a few of the trials he faced. As a special bonus you will have the opportunity to win one of his pieces of … [Read more...]

Meet Mandy Ford: Handcrafted Web-Based Business Owner

Love Squirrels

Hello Mandy! Thanks for being a part of the Work at Home Adventures Web-Based business series. We have met many online entrepreneurs and we are glad to add you to our mix! First, can you tell me a little about yourself? I'm a 30-something working mom of twin boys who loves to create. I enjoy loom knitting, scrapbooking, creating all sorts of DIY projects and decorating our home. I'm also very addicted to coffee and dark chocolate.   Will you explain what Love Squirrels is? Love squirrels is my online shop where I sell my knitted baby hats and … [Read more...]