15 Ways to Earn Money Online After Retirement

Updated on: by Miranda Grimm

A helpful list of ways to earn money online that are perfect after retirement.Although you have saved money for retirement over the last several decades, it may not be enough to give you the security you had hoped for. The thought of depleting your savings is probably pretty frightening.

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When you’re living on a budget, it’s ideal to have a source of additional income. These fifteen ways to make money online after retirement will help keep you from dipping too far into your savings as well as provide a way to keep yourself busy and your mind sharp.


1. Work with NonProfits

After years of working for the man, what better way to earn extra income than to be a part of something great. Non profit agencies like NPR radio, PBS and Charity foundations need operators to be available to accept donations from callers. Companies like ACD Direct provide the training necessary to help you get your own home office set up and ready to build additional income.

2. Become a Usability Tester

Website developers are responsible for making websites that are easy for the visitors to use. That can be difficult to judge from the perspective of the expert who built the site. Therefore, many developers turn to companies like UserTesting to have a variety of regular people use the website and give feedback on their experiences. Most companies pay ten dollars for each review, which generally takes a half hour or less.

3. Offer a Driving Service

Today’s technological advancements have made starting your own cab service super easy. Using online sites like Uber or Lyft, you can begin earning money by giving people rides around your local area.

4. Write eBooks

After years of hobbies and a lifelong career behind you, there are sure to be things you know enough about to put into a book. The great thing about eBooks is that you don’t have to write a full, lengthy, book. Even if you just write a short 20 page book, if it’s filled with information people are wanting, it could sell! Using Amazon to sell your eBook is a great idea!

5. Caption Videos

If you have excellent listening skills and proper grammar is important to you, captioning videos can be a great way to make income online after retirement. Rev.com hires people to watch and listen to videos, then type out what they hear using correct spelling and grammar. Finally,  they sync the words to the video using tools provided online. Rev allows you to work whenever you want and there is no schedule to follow.

6. Be a Part of Grassroots Campaigns

If politics interest you, there are work at home jobs that can be done online working for grassroots campaigns. Companies like NextWave Advocacy have campaigns throughout the year and can provide an additional income source for retirees looking to become more involved.

7. Be an Expert in Your Field

As mentioned earlier, there are probably plenty of things you have become an expert at over the years. Your knowledge could be used at sites like About.com where you can become a writer on the topic that matches your proven skill set. There are always dozens of subjects needing new experts, so take a look and see if there is something for you. About.com expert writers make a great income and have a flexible schedule.

8. Sell Photographs

If photography is a hobby you are interested in, you can sell your images through stock photography sites like Shutterstock. You earn a percentage or a set amount for each of your images sold. This is a great way for retirees to use a hobby to strengthen skills while making additional income online.

9. Transcribe Audio Files

Becoming a transcriptionist is a great way to earn money online while maintaining schedule flexibility. If you have excellent english and grammar skills, can type quickly with little errors and your listening skills are on par – transcription could be for you!

A list of ways to make money online after retirement10. Enter Phone Orders for As-Seen-On-TV Products

Working from home taking orders for callers who are ordering as-seen-on-tv products requires that you have the ability to set up your own home office. You may need to invest in a headset and a wired phone line to use for your business. But the investment is well worth it as you can work a flexible schedule and earn money from home. Companies like LiveOps and West.com are great places to begin.

11. Start a Blog

If a challenge excites you and you love an audience, starting a blog is a great way to make a passive income. Use your expertise and knowledge to share information on a regular basis. There are plenty of websites and ebooks available online that can walk you through the process of setting up your blog. Once you have developed traffic, you can earn money through advertising, sponsorships and affiliate links. Blogging can require time to build up content and audience, but if you have the patience, it’s worth it!

12. Be an Online Virtual Assistant

Many business owners, bloggers and other professionals need an extra hand. Virtual assistants can provide services online in a variety of ways. If you have some administrative experience or any can offer help in a way that others would find useful online, considering being a virtual assistant after retirement. Companies like Lifebushido, TimeEtc, Zirtual and Fancy Hands hire on a regular basis.

13. Secure Event Tickets

If you have a quick hand, you could earn money by securing tickets to events like concerts through TicketPuller.com.

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14. Join Online Focus Groups

While most online focus groups like 20/20 research cannot provide a steady income, you can certain earn extra money from time to time and get a chance to make an impact on new products.

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15. Become a Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping can be a lot of fun. You can earn additional income, receive free meals, groceries, movie theater tickets and more. From companies like Confero, Marketforce to smart phone apps like FieldAgent, there can be a constant stream of work in many locations around the US. The flexibility is great for retirees looking for additional income.

These fifteen ways for retired workers to earn additional money online is just the start of the many ways you could be supplementing your income. There are even more money earning ideas in this recent article that may interest you as well, all of which provide flexible scheduling so you can work in between your hobbies, or your favorite TV shows.

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August 4, 2015 at 5:21 pm

Hello Miranda!

I’ve been a follower of your website for a few months now and I can’t thank you enough for sharing all these amazing opportunities, especially for a stay at home mom like me! I was wondering if you could a review on Mommy Jobs Online? http://www.mommyjobsonline.com/ I highly trust and respect your opinion and reviews. I don’t want to start something if it ends up not being what I thought it was.

Thank you,


James Mahaffey

August 4, 2015 at 7:43 pm

I’m a Mechanical Engineer with 30 years of experience in Nuclear and Hydro-Power and I will be retired in four months. I will be recovering from surgery from December to April.

Yes I have a retirement but the medical bills are killing me.

I have an adopted 22 year old step-son who is stuck with a lousy service job in a terrible economy (and has a really bad attitude about life and needs, IMHO, kicked out into the real world) and a wife two years from social security with Osto-arthritis and no job.

And……I sure as hell don’t want to be a victim. That’s not me. I want to work.

Any advice?

Miranda Grimm

August 4, 2015 at 9:38 pm

I would urge you to possibly look into phone work. I know it sounds boring but it is a real way to earn a living from home and many companies offer flexibility with scheduling. Depending on what is important to you (flexibility, benefits, pay, type of work etc..) there are a variety of options. A friend and I are working to build another site dedicated to making it easier to find a phone job from home based on your needs – if interested in this line of work, you may want to check out virtualcallcenters.com.

Additionally, there are companies that look for engineers to write online articles. It is not common I see these, but they stick out to me because my mom is an industrial engineer, so I think of her. So maybe consider searching places like indeed for remote work, once in a while through mechanical engineer into the keywords with remote as the location. You never know. I have also seen contract jobs to work from home as an engineer as a consultant. So that would be another thing to search and watch for, if you want to continue with your profession after retirement.

I hope this helps in some way.

Avenue Sangma

January 13, 2016 at 11:39 am

Hello Erica Martin

Thanks for your great stuff! I highly respecting your good opinion and reviews. I don’t want to start something if it ends up not being what I thought it was. I love to know all the things you shared with us publicly with your article.

After all, I would love to say Fantastic Job!!! I found your article.



March 29, 2016 at 1:16 pm

Thank you for giving such great advice, a lot of people keep information too themselves. I am so appreciative.


July 30, 2017 at 4:23 am

Great info !
My mother has been retired for a year now
And she makes extra money through koocam.com
(By the way me too …)
She teaches her hobbies and sells her knowledge
And it works great for her 🙂