3 Internet Jobs You Can Do in The RV

Updated on: by Miranda Grimm

Internet Jobs to consider when RVing across countryBeing a true nomad means working from home isn’t secluded to a four-walled room. If you enjoy the free life of roaming the country and take to the RV as your place of refuge- these three internet jobs will be ideal for your situation. These flexible jobs do not have location restrictions and you can log-in and work whenever you have the time and internet connection.

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1. Travel Blogger

Obviously you have a love of travel. Why not put it to use?

Creating your own blog is a great way to generate passive revenue over time. Additionally, keeping an eye out for travel blogs that hire writers is another avenue to explore. Many sites will pay a writer a set fee per article but may limit the number of articles you can submit.  It may be a great idea to write for multiple companies in addition to maintaining your own blog with regular postings.

When creating your travel blog- consider what makes your experience unique and exciting for you. This will give your blog the edge it needs and your readers will share your passion.


2. Search Engine Evaluating

Internet jobs in search engine evaluating is a great way to work on your own schedule. Work is generally accessible around the clock and the pay for these types of job are generally $12+ per hour.

There are however, strict requirements about keeping your work secure. Due to highly sensitive information, you cannot work in public places where others could look over your shoulder. You will also want to be sure you use only secure internet connections. So, if you are using a mobile hotspot connection- be sure it is set up to require a password to access.

If you plan to work within your RV, using your own internet connection- this internet job could be perfect! Learn more about what a social engine evaluator does in our comparison of five search engine companies.


3. Social Media Management

The hottest new internet job is social media management. Businesses are finding that maintaining and updating social media like Twitter and Facebook is a full time job- when done effectively. Because this market is still so new- it doesn’t generally require degrees in the field. There are even companies who hire inexperienced freelancers to handle their social media accounts.

The more experience you can gain in social media- the more valuable you are. The pay is limitless and truly there is potential for so much!

However, some of these positions may require you to be accessible for a portion of each day to respond to inquiries like Facebook comments.  Consider if this is possible for you location and internet strength.

Need experience? There are many big-named companies that hire social media managers to work remotely as interns. It may mean you work without pay but experience with top brands as a social media manager can mean big bucks down the road in your RV.

Check out sites like Elance, odesk, freelancer or craigslist for some freelance work as a social media manager.


There are many more flexible internet jobs available than what is listed here for people who roam America. Wherever your skills lie- there is a way to make money online for it! Open your mind and get out of the box- you can find a way to earn money online while following your dreams. Just don’t fall for any of those stupid get-rich quick schemes. Trust me! It’s not worth even trying it out…get real, do real work and see a real future the way YOU want it to look.

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October 26, 2019 at 12:18 pm

Hi Miranda. I just stumbled upon this resourceful page. I’m a Nigerian who is really looking for a legitimate online job to do and I think this social media manager appeals to me. However, I really need experience in this position so as not to mess up my opportunities.
You mentioned in this article that there are some companies that hire interns (possibly accepting Nigerians) in such positions and I will like to know them please. Thanks and best regards