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AQA.63336.com is a company similar to ChaCha, KGB and Weegy, only based in the UK. Customers text their questions to 63336 and receive an answer from a real live person. The searchers for 63336 work from home, using the internet as a resource to find answers to the sometimes tough questions asked by the users. Answer seekers are contracted from all around, including the United States.

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How 63336 pays
It has been said in forums that 63336 pays in a range of around 39-49 cents per question, or rather 30 pence (today converts to around 46 cents). This has not been confirmed, but if correct is much higher paying than any other text questions answering service I have heard of. I work ChaCha and I am paid an average of 12 cents a question.

63336 once claimed the average agent takes 3 minutes per question to answer. At the current rate of 46 cents, and if questions are back to back, that would average around $9.20/hour. That is…if everything went just right and a large amount of time is not spent researching British slang or regional directions.

As of 2008, 63336 paid once a month if balance was over $31.45 (if not, amount rolls over to following month). They also paid through MoneyBookers, which is a PayPal equivalent.

What is Required of 63336 Agents
Considering 63336 services the UK, it would be important to be able to understand and carry casual conversations with British slang. Additionally, it may be important to have knowledge of regional directions and attractions.

63336 looks for applicants with excellent writing skills and researching abilities. I am sure experience with companies such as ChaCha and KGB would be of some help, but does not guarantee a job at 63336, even for the best of ChaCha and KGB agents.

63336 also reportedly looks for degree level education. I am not sure how firmly they hold to this.

Flexibility of 63336
Current 63336 agents say you can work when you want. However, it is best to keep in mind you are working on UK time (7 hours ahead of CST) and the questions are heavier during their evening (our daytime hours) and weekend times.

Application Process for 63336
As of today, 63336 is not seeking new agents. They claim to announce any openings via Twitter. Follow 63336 Twitter page at : http://twitter.com/#!/the63336 for the most current information.

However, my understanding is the application process includes a testing phase. Others have said it is pretty intense. Rumor has it, only about 1/10 of applicants are approved. Considering the customers are paying for the services of 63336, it is understandable why they want only the best. Also, taking account of the high pay, they want to ensure the agents take the position seriously and offer only quality work.

What Others are Saying About 63336

I worked for AQA for a few months, but it was too stressful for me to keep up with their very demanding quality requirements. They do not allow room for error! I was afraid to answer questions and I began to over analyze everything. The tone one uses, the way one presents the answer, and the answer content are scrutinized in detail.

Although the UK lingo is easy to look up, a good deal of the questions refer to locations in the UK, or television shows and characters, or results of reality shows that we do not see in the US. I did not feel comfortable giving, say, a bus schedule when I had no idea about the geography of the cities for which I was supposed to give that information.

I certainly was strutting around when I passed that entry test, though! It’s difficult!

It’s a great company with very professional, helpful, intelligent people, but I felt very inadequate for the task as I went along. It was very humbling. – WPLH Forum Posting


What I Say About 63336
While my information is not really complete, as it was difficult to find a lot of details about 63336, I can tell they are legit. If you feel you would be a good fit, the application process may be worth the time. However, since most people are rejected, I suggest not getting any hopes up.

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KGB (supposedly the American Sister company to 63336)

63336 Vacancies: http://www.aqa.63336.com/vacancies.htm

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January 5, 2011 at 6:21 pm

Here's my brilliant opinion… I think I'd be a shoe in considering I know my stuff… there's no one more on top of the slang than this old slapper!!! Sounds like Bob's my Uncle!!! LOL