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Updated on: by Amy Kennedy
ACD Direct is another home based call center. However it is very different from your ordinary Sales or Direct Response phone work. ACD Direct works with non-profit organizations during their various pledge campaigns. Companies such as PBS and St. Jude are regular clients of ACD Direct.  Not only is ACD Direct a nice break from the high stress of sales but is also a ‘feel-good’ position. You will be a part of positive environment and callers who want to make a difference and are choosing to help.
Although I am not currently working for ACD Direct call center, I have completed most of the training and have a decent understanding of the internal workings. If I choose to return to phone work with a virtual call center, ACD is on my top 10 list of companies I will apply for. The only reason I did not complete training was due to the stress of personal life interfering with scheduling my final training. 
Although ACD Direct Virtual Call Center seems to be a great company to work for, with a very welcoming and kind staff, they are also somewhat complicated. Their is a lot to learn about their platform and how to handle specific situations. However, active agents say once they get started and figure it out, it is not nearly as difficult as it first appears. So, don’t let the complicated training stop you from jumping in and giving it a shot
Unfortunately ACD Direct does not have a steady flow of work. They have peak seasons several times a year. Last I knew, they did require a monthly minimum set of hours (around 10). So, even when work flow is very low, you are required to sit through the minimum schedule. Thankfully you choose your schedule and can complete this while doing other work, such as ToneADay or Quicktate.
Just as ACD’s call center work platform is very perplex, so is their pay schedule. Your performance and ability to follow protocol will increase your pay. Last I recall, it can vary from under 0.25/minute to over 0.30. When call volume is high, this is a great money maker. Not only does ACD Direct provide a fresh break from the average call center, it also has peak times during many of the Direct Response work’s slow season. ACD Direct makes a great partner to any call center work…gotta keep the income flowing year round!
Alternatives to ACD Direct

If you’re looking for similar types of work opportunities, there are several alternatives to ACD Direct you might consider. These companies also offer remote or flexible jobs often in the customer service industry, similar to the opportunities provided by ACD Direct.

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  1. Working Solutions: Working Solutions is a recognized leader in on-demand contact center services, offering responsive resources that move and morph with the business. They frequently offer work-at-home positions in a wide range of fields including customer service, sales, and tech support.
  2. Liveops: Liveops is a cloud-based call center outsourcing company that uses a network of remote independent contractors to provide customer service. Liveops works with businesses in many sectors, including retail, healthcare, insurance, and telecom.
  3. Concentrix: Concentrix is a technology-enabled global business services company specializing in customer engagement. They have a large remote workforce and offer a wide range of services from customer care and technology support to software development and marketing.
  4. Sykes: Sykes is a leading provider of customer contact management solutions to clients worldwide. It offers customer service jobs in various fields, and has a large work-at-home program.

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September 3, 2010 at 12:27 pm

I work for ACD and LO and I have to tell you, ACD is a wonderful place to work!!! The people are so nice. You always know where you stand pay wise and call volume wise. Yes, it's not a big money maker right now because they are a relatively new company (about 4 years old) and they are growing. It's not complicated at all once you see where things are and how they work. It helps to have someone who works there go over things with you prior to classes so you have a better understanding. And they are so nice and helpful and friendly. You won't believe the difference in atmosphere! They do want to keep only the best agents, though. They have a strict "no background noise" policy but then again – they are not selling junk from TV commericials but instead taking donation calls for very reputable organizations. That makes ACD the BEST WAH job you could ever find. Unlike LO, we get thanked and praised often and feel appreciated. And you are paid based on your performance (25-32 cents plus bonuses for low talk time, no errors, etc.) which you can clearly see stated so you always know where you stand. Calls are routed fairly, in order, not based on some mythical performance routing no one can see or ever explain. ACD rocks! I love them!


November 24, 2010 at 10:22 pm

nice one!