American Support Call Center Reps

Updated on: by Amy Kennedy

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American Support is a 100% U.S. Based Call Center that hires remote workers to make and receive call from their own home office. American Support works as the customer support solution for many well-known companies and organizations such as National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC), Time Warner and Comcast. This multi-award winning company has been around long enough to give us confidence in their stability and let us know they have it together! Here is what I have learned from researching American Support:

What Jobs does American Support Offer?

As I list work at home jobs on the job board I always get excited to find listing for American Support. It seems many of the readers are excited for the opportunity and word spreads fast! American Support hires Customer Service Reps to work remotely from the comfort of their home office.

What is the Training like at American Support Like?

Training is done entirely online via LIVE webinars and online courses. Training is ongoing. Initially you will train for 80 hours to be introduced to the position. Then you spend at least 40 hours working in a ‘shelter period’. Which, I would expect to mean you work while having someone there to help- not entirely on your own yet.

Then to keep you up to date and keep the communication lines open- American Support has weekly team meetings, a minimum of one hour of direct training a week along with access to thousands of online personal and professional developmental courses.

(training is paid)

Does American Support hire Employees or Independent Contractors?

Hiring is done under an Employee basis.

What type of Benefits does American Support offer?

As a Full-Time Employee of American Support you can expect to receive:

Personal Time Off-  6 recognized holidays, up to 21 days of Paid Time Off, and bereavement leave.

Health Benefits- Through United Health you will be offered several Health Insurance Plans and the choice to take advantage of a Flex Spending Account.

Additionally, employees can add other insurance benefits, such as Life Insurance, Short-Term Disability Insurance, Long-Term Disability Insurance, Dental Insurance, and Vision Insurance.

As a Part-Time Employee of American Support you receive:

Personal Time Off that includes 6 recognized holidays, up to 10.5 days of Paid Time Off and bereavement leave.

This is pretty generous considering most part-time jobs do not offer any type of time off as a benefit!

What is the Pay to work as an American Support CSR?

From what I can find around the web you can expect a pay rate ranging from $8-9.25.

Pay is weekly via  Direct Deposit or the choice of an ADP TotalSource Pay Card. However, their FAQ section says they also pay via paper check but I cannot confirm if they still do.

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Is American Support the same as LiveOps?

Many people become confused when going through the application and hiring process when they see mentions of LiveOps. From my understanding- American Support is NOT a part of LiveOps.

LiveOps has created a a nice platform for call centers and they lease this program out- so you may see LiveOps branding at times but know that you work for American Support.

In What States does American Support Hire?

After all my research I did not find a specific list of states American Support hires in. Their job listings do not restrict location either. However, I have sent in a query to American Support and when I have a confirmed response I will post it here.

How Does American Support Support Part-Time Employees?

Working part-time can provide flexibility and work-life balance. 

American Support understands the needs of part-time employees and offers several forms of support to ensure their success. 

Whether you’re seeking additional income or balancing work with other commitments, American Support strives to provide a positive and supportive environment. 

Here are some of the ways American Support supports its part-time employees:

Flexible Scheduling Options

One of the key benefits for part-time employees at American Support is the availability of flexible scheduling options. 

Tailored work hours – American Support recognizes that part-time employees may have specific availability constraints. 

Therefore, they strive to accommodate individual preferences and create schedules that align with employees’ needs.

Comprehensive Training and Development

American Support is committed to providing comprehensive training for its part-time employees. 

Thorough onboarding – When you join American Support as a part-time employee, you will receive thorough onboarding to ensure you are well-equipped to handle your responsibilities. 

This includes training sessions and resources designed to familiarize you with the role and company procedures.

Ongoing Support and Communication

Part-time employees at American Support receive ongoing support and open lines of communication. 

Regular team meetings – American Support holds regular team meetings to keep employees connected and informed about company updates. 

These meetings provide an opportunity to address questions, receive feedback, and foster a sense of belonging within the team.

Access to Professional Development

American Support values the growth and development of its employees, including part-time staff. 

Personal and professional courses – As a part-time employee, you have access to thousands of online personal and professional developmental courses. 

This enables you to enhance your skills and expand your knowledge, contributing to your professional growth.

Competitive Benefits Package

Even as a part-time employee, American Support offers a competitive benefits package. 

While specific benefits may vary, personal time off is provided, which includes recognized holidays, paid time off, and bereavement leave. 

This ensures that part-time employees can enjoy well-deserved breaks and attend to personal matters when needed.

Opportunities for Advancement

American Support values internal growth and promotes opportunities for advancement. 

Career growth pathways – If you are interested in advancing your career within the company, American Support provides clear pathways for growth. 

They offer guidance and support to help part-time employees transition into higher-level positions, should they wish to pursue such opportunities.

Is American Support Hiring Now?

As of now (the date of this post) American Support is hiring! Check out their current job listings.

Want more information about American Support? Read over their FAQ page which covers a lot of great information.

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Leisa Good

July 12, 2012 at 8:56 am

I’ve read many good things about American Support from those who work there. So, good luck to anyone who applies and gets hired.

Rebecca Smith

July 23, 2012 at 10:10 pm

American Support is very strict you can not be late or miss time they will write you up. And as for holidays I have not had a holiday off since I have worked there I have worked Christmas, Thanksgiving these holidays are required they answer the phone 24/7. They are not very supportive of their employees.

Miranda Grimm

July 23, 2012 at 10:31 pm

This is good to know! Thanks so much for sharing your experience!


September 7, 2012 at 6:25 pm

I know they do not hire in Louisiana. I was in Georgia over the summer and went through the interview process. I’m back in Louisiana now so I couldn’t go further.


January 7, 2013 at 4:35 am

I applied with the company using two different emails and I get up to a certain point and it says they can’t pursue opporunities with me right now. What is that all about? Clearly, they wouldn’t have made someone waste their whole time going through the app process if they weren’t hiring in that sate. Anyone knows what gives?

Current Employee

April 6, 2013 at 10:07 pm

I have worked there for a long time and I am one of the only reps left. They hire to fire, your expectancy is a few months. They promote you to Team Lead to only screw you over by blaming you for the company’s failure to perform at a basic level, then fire you along with the 30 reps they assigned to you. They ARE hiring now, but they are about to go belly-up because their 2 biggest clients (which is where all of the calls come from) just fired American Support. And they will only need maybe 1 or 2 reps for the remaining clients until they file bankruptcy (like they did under their previous name) or have to do a name change due to a lawsuit (under Element LLC)


July 16, 2015 at 2:42 pm

Terrible company. No raises, no incentives and no respect for their employees. No matter how hard you work all they do is send emails telling you how horrible you are. They do not train and then fault you for not knowing what to do. If their clients knew the type of training they provide they would have no clients. Supervisors are robotic because they are terrified to go against the director that has so poorly managed the company it’s amazing it still survives. Do yourself a huge favor and look elsewhere.


May 1, 2017 at 10:52 am

Upper Management is a joke and each of them have an individual and hidden agendas. The employees are treated like Dirt. Employees work in fear and when they do verbalized there concerns; later on are laid off and or told to keep their mouth shut. They talk about promoting within but it’s all based on who you know or what color your skin is and sometimes age . I seen many good employees get promoted and then dumped when things did not work out because of Upper management failor. Work Force Management got to big for their pants and their promos didn’t work so then the little guy is always blamed. Some employees have more knowledge than the managers! The company is disorganized from top to the bottom. WAY to many Chiefs. The job per se was not only to complete your duties but also try and BEG customers to buy,buy,buy but I never applied for a sales position ? Working for American Support it’s to be a robot, everything revolves around $$$, and micromanaging everyone! When we were getting back to back calls with every single caller complaining about there service I seen all but 3 out of 30 quit. When they need you they tell you BS to want to make you stay and then when things get slow you are discarded like a old shoe. The Only good part of the job was working from home and thats it. If you’re thinking in applying for any job openings, THINK AGAIN before applying to this company. Good Luck


September 19, 2017 at 5:03 pm

So, I see a negative comment on the company as late as this year, however when i click on the link within the article, I’m taken to Bernard BPO, not American Support. I have two guesses for this; One, you accidentally linked the wrong company, or two, one of the above comments is correct and they’ve declared bankruptcy and started up again with a new name. The latter seems like it is the best guess.