Answer Questions as a Researcher for Wonder

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Work from home by answering questions for knurture.An ideal opportunity for individuals necessitating flexible hours, working as a Researcher with Wonder is perfect for job seekers with an interest in writing or an insatiable appetite for learning. Not only is this a unique position, it also has the possibility of being relatively lucrative, depending on your time commitment.

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Keep reading to learn more about working as a Researcher for Wonder.


Who is Wonder? 

Wonder is an online research service, based out of New York, that offers businesses educated answers to their questions. Their mission statement highlights their primary goal: to reintroduce a human-centric approach to online learning. Acknowledging that most questions don’t have one-word answers, Wonder offers detailed research that is well-sourced and well-rounded, containing multiple perspectives on issues.


What does a Researcher for Wonder do? 

The job title is fairly self-explanatory – a Researcher performs searches and compiles information for clients on a broad range of diverse topics. Each answer must include at least five high-quality sources, fondly dubbed a “Wonderlist,” to back up the research. It allegedly takes, on average, roughly 15 minutes to successfully complete a full search.


What are the qualifications for the position?

The top two requirements to be a great Researcher are a curious mind and Internet savvy. Other important qualifications they desire include:


  • Keen judgement on quality content
  • Superior writing skills
  • Ability to compose concise summaries on complex matters
  • General knowledge on a wide range of issues
  • Critical thinking


Do you need any special equipment or software? 

Nope! A computer, a reliable, speedy Internet connection, and an active PayPal account are the sole requirements for the position.


What is the scheduling like?

You work whenever and as often as you please in this role, based on your availability.


Is this an international opportunity? 

Yes! Wonder hires researchers from around the globe.

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What are the reimbursement and payment details as a Researcher?

Instead of being paid at an hourly rate, Researchers are reimbursed per research task. The price differs based on the nature of the client request and the difficulty of the question but is said to range from $4-$8 per assignment. Wonder claims that active workers make approximately $2000 each month, though they do not supply what constitutes “active” to them. However, that is definitely not a bad pay-out, if you’re quick on the job.


Payment is performed on a two-week cycle via PayPal.


What does the application process entail?

The application process is relatively straight-forward and concerned with determining your research skills. You are required to answer a few basic questions, then execute a sample research task. Other reviews indicate successful candidates pass two tests, so presumably if you pass this initial task you will be ask to perform another before being offered a position.


What do current Researchers say?

The company is relatively new – appearing online in 2015 – so there are not yet any reviews from current or former Researchers.


How do I apply?

To submit your application to be a Researcher for Wonder, click here.

Do you have any experience as a Researcher with this company?


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November 5, 2015 at 11:32 pm

Sounds great but they can’t take applicants from New York, Massachusetts, or California!


December 2, 2015 at 6:20 pm

There are reviews on Not surprisingly, this is another tech startup with a corporate office full of very self-congratulatory entrepreneurs, salespeople and managers exploiting everyone doing the actual work. If you’re a real writer, do us all a favor and refuse to offer your skills for exploitative rates. And don’t be fearful. There are more and more businesses with skilled humanists in the driver’s seat.


December 15, 2017 at 9:49 pm

I have been doing some reading and RESEARCHING..about a researcher position with Ask Wonder. I was quite excited about the potential job but as I started filling out the application I got a little nervous and decided to hold off.
I began reading some reviews and saw one that said they do not hire anyone from New York. Needless to say I live there and did not proceed with the application. Ask Wonder actually emailed me inviting me to finish my application! I replied asking them about what I had read. Much to my surprise they answered immediately….with nothing but a link to there FAQ’s page. (which by the way says they hire from all over the world…and once again invited me to finish my application) I thought that was pretty lazy and rude on there part.
Still intrigued….I kept reading more reviews when I came across a post from someone saying how several of their fist summaries had been rejected with no explanation as to why…just some generic “form” statement telling them to correct it. The THEN employee asked for some direction so that they may do better next time….and they got fired!! She then pointed out the irony of being fired for asking a question of a company that makes their money answering questions. Yet I think it’s pretty pathetic! If they are trying to build a solid business and they have strict guidelines then it would only makes sense that they should instruct and mentor properly. Well what can you expect….they couldn’t even answer my question with a simple yes or no!
Still I can’t help but be curious as to whether I have what it takes!!!


March 5, 2018 at 3:02 pm

And if I’m not mistaken, it says they require $75 for membership fee? Or did I misread something?