Article Marketing Co.

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Article Marketing Co.

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Article Marketing Co. is a web content and SEO company that provides writing services. As such, they hire writers to fill orders for their clients. They often advertise on Craigslist, ProBlogger, and other job boards, and I have applied for them more than once myself. Though the first couple of times I was declined due to the fact they were looking for a different style of writing, the last time I received a much more favorable response.


How Do I Apply for Article Marketing Co.?

When Article Marketing Co. is advertising for writers they ask that anyone who is interested to send a couple of samples and introduce themselves via email. The last time I applied I must have picked just the right samples to send, because I was invited to write a more company specific article. I was given a topic and specific instructions and told that I would not be paid for the sample. (As a side note, at that point I was not in a position to write anything for free and therefore I had to forgo proceeding with the application process. The timing was just not right for me then, but I do not necessarily see a problem in doing this, depending on the circumstances.)


What About the Money?

When I first started applying for Article Marketing Co. the pay was somewhere around $5 or $5.50 per 500 word article, with a promise to raise that pay as fast as they could. The most recent time I applied the pay had gone up to $7 per 500 word article, which is really not bad at all. There is also still a promise to raise the pay as soon as they can. Since they have done it before, I would be inclined to believe they would do it again, but it is impossible to know for sure.



There is really not a lot of talk about this company on the forums. That can be good or bad. The fact is, since people are much more likely to spread bad news than good news, it is encouraging to not find anything negative from those who have worked for them. Also, judging by the fact that I have seen them hiring several times in the past year and they have increased their pay rate, they appear to be growing. My conclusion is that this is a legitimate egg to have in a writer’s basket, but there is no way to draw a conclusion about the quantity or difficulty of the work without hearing from someone who works for them. If you have experience with Article Marketing Co., feel free to leave anything we may need to know in the comments below.


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November 6, 2012 at 1:04 am

I hate to say this but, Article Marketing Co. sounds like yet another content mill. Even if by now the site is paying $10 for a 500-word article, that’s still slave wages when you think about it. Plus, the $10 pay is pre-tax! To compose a decent 500-word article, I require half an hour of research time and another hour of writing time. At the rate that AMC is currently paying, my hourly rate drops to a measly $4.66/hour gross. At that rate, I’d rather spend that time walking my dog or just enjoying the day. Or, even better, sending out queries to clients who can pay me a real wage. “Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you earn no money.” -Jules Renard


September 26, 2013 at 1:18 pm

Absolutely awful company to work for. Treat employees like crap, and don’t pay well for the time and research that is put into writing the 500 word articles. I would not recommend working for this company to anyone.


November 12, 2013 at 9:11 am

I would have to agree with Olivia. The pay isn’t sufficient for what’s demanded in the writing. Clients fill in the request forms and some are not descriptive of what they want or are just plain confusing. I guess I wasn’t told the full list of requested edits after an initial submission. I would make the requested edits and then new edits would be added. Definitely wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. I would say its legit. Just wouldn’t recommend it for writers. Which is maybe why I see them hiring often.


November 20, 2013 at 6:02 am

I second Olivia and Shelly…Deducting money for apparent edits in errors which is BS! Late paying! I would not work for this guy again…I was in a little rut about two months ago and needed to take whatever I could, the money wasn’t great but it was a case of needs must.

Do not take on any work from this company at all.


February 27, 2014 at 8:45 pm

I am in total agreement with the others. “….$7 per 500 word article, which is really not bad at all.” It’s actually horrible! And after this guy touting Article Marketing Co as a fairly new (and the reason as why he can’t pay much) for several years now, he is still only paying $7.00!

As a content writer for eight years and head writer and editor for a social media site, I am accustom to creating content that pays many times over what Anthony Hayes pays his writers but I thought it was an easy way to pick up a little extra cash. After all, how difficult could it be? He was only paying $7.00.

Well I sent in a free sample, which Mr. Hayes then proceeded to completely pick apart. It seems he has his own very strict style guide that would be difficult for most content writers to follow. Essentially he is asking for a $50-100 article at $7 rates. After my article was rejected, I put it up on Constant Content and sold it in about a week for $65.