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Associated Content from Yahoo! is an open publishing platform that enables anyone to earn money by sharing their knowledge with an online audience of millions.
As a new writer, I have been working for companies such as Textbroker, Wordgigs, The Content Authority and Writer’s Access. All of these companies are great, however all the rights to my work is sold and I do not get credit for the work. Someone else can sign their name to my article and take complete credit for it. Also, it get’s tiring writing what THEY want you to write. Sometimes I just need to break-out and write about things that excite me! This is when Associated Content by Yahoo! is my best friend. I can write whatever I want and they will publish it, with MY name attached to it!! Makes me feel like an honest to goodness writer!
This type of work can eventually create a decent residual income if you have patience, time and dedication. After writing an article, you have three choices on how you would like your work published:
  • Exclusive – Give Associated Content exclusive rights to the content. Which means you cannot publish in other places. However, Associated Content may publish with various partners (giving you more exposure…resulting in more money)
  • Non-Exclusive – Can publish in other places after you do so at Associated Content. However, you will have the option to ‘opt-in’ to being published with their affiliate companies if offered.
  • Display Only– Best if you have already published the works in other places.
All three options will pay you for how many times your article is viewed. At 1.50/1000 views it is not anything to cause enough excitement to jump for joy. However, if you steadily add content and promote your work you will see it pay it off. Freelance writer, Fresian 2009, shares her experience in a Bukisa Article, Earn Money Freelance Writing: My Findings (2009). She explains after publishing content steadily and doing her due diligence of promoting and social networking, she is now seeing a steady return of  an “average $18 a day from Associated Content so far submitted”. This means, she can now relax and collect an average of over $500/month, every month, for the work she has already completed! Additionally, there are multiple companies that you can publish your content with and collect per page view as well…collecting for the same article from various places such as Bukisa and Helium!
Additionally you can earn income when you choose to publish either Exclusive or Non-Exclusive by asking for an upfront payment. Associated Content will take some time reviewing the article and determine if it is eligible for an additional up-front payment. Generally, the return is $2-15. In addition, there are topics and ‘ideas’ posted that Associated Content is looking to have published. Some of these have a preset upfront payment and you would collect for page views as well. 
Writing for Associated Content allows your inner writer to explore and break free from the mundane ghostwriting content mills. Not only can you make some residual income that eventually can earn a decent paycheck, you can create a nice portfolio to share with future potential clients or to use when applying for companies such as Demand Studios or About.Com. Whatever your motivation to write for Associated Content, from hobby to money, I believe you will love the freedom and ease of their set up. 

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