Asurion- Offering Work From Home Positions

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Who is Asurion?

Asurion is a technology protection company that has been in business since 1994. They sell insurance for electronic devices like cell phones, computer, HDTVs etc..

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Asurion is a US based company, headquartered in Tennessee. However, they do have offices all around the world to service their 70 million customers! Asurion claims to have over 10,000 employees assisting their customers and of that large number, a big portion works from home!

What Positions Do they Offer for Work from Home?

Asurion offers customer service based work from home positions. The available positions I viewed have all been inbound customer service, generally assisting “customers regarding wireless handset insurance claims, electronics repair facilitation or roadside assistance requests”.

What are the Requirements?

The requirements to work for Asurion are pretty basic and typical. Basic computer knowledge with the ability to type at least 25 words per minute, high level of customer service and communication skills. They are also looking for people with at least 1 year of any kind of customer service, retail or call center experience.

The technical requirements are also typical for a call center position and include:

  • An up-to-date computer
  • high speed internet
  • land line phone service
  • hard wired phone
  • noise canceling headset

Are you an Employee or an Independent Contractor?

Asurion hires on an Employee basis. Which has it’s many benefits. Usually companies who hire employees rather than independent contractors offer a more stable position.

Does Asurion Offer Benefits?

According to the Asurion website, they offer a nice benefit package. The benefits you may see include:

  • Medical Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • 401(k)
  • Educational Assistance
  • Life Insurance
  • Flexible Spending Accounts

What is the Schedule Like at Asurion?

Asurion offers part time and full time positions with a set week to week schedule. From what I have read online from current and previous employees- Assurion does their best to accommodate your schedule. Of course, it must be expected that Asurion’s needs must be priority. However, many people say their favorite thing about working for Asurion was the flexibility of the scheduling system.

How much does Asurion Pay?

According to, the Customer Service positions at Asurion pay a range between $9 and 12 an hour. Another site reports the starting wage is $9 an hour with a high potential for overtime in the past.

Asurion does offer paid training.

How Does Asurion Support its Work-from-Home Employees’ Professional Development?

At Asurion, the company values the professional growth and development of its work-from-home employees. 

They understand the importance of fostering a supportive environment that encourages continuous learning and advancement. 

Here are ways in which Asurion provides support for the professional development of its remote workforce:

Training and Onboarding Programs

Asurion offers comprehensive training and onboarding programs for its work-from-home employees. 

These programs are designed to equip new hires with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their roles. 

From customer service techniques to product knowledge, employees receive the training they need to provide exceptional service to customers.

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Ongoing Skill Enhancement

Asurion recognizes that skill enhancement is crucial for career growth. 

They provide ongoing opportunities for employees to enhance their skills through various means, such as workshops, webinars, and online training modules. 

These resources allow employees to stay up-to-date with industry trends, refine their customer service abilities, and develop new competencies.

Performance Management and Feedback

Regular performance evaluations and constructive feedback play a significant role in the professional development of Asurion’s work-from-home employees. 

Through performance management systems, supervisors and managers provide valuable insights, identify areas for improvement, and offer guidance for career progression. 

This feedback loop helps employees understand their strengths, address weaknesses, and set goals for professional growth.

Internal Career Advancement Opportunities

Asurion encourages internal career advancement and growth within the organization. 

Work-from-home employees have the opportunity to explore different roles and departments based on their skills and interests. 

The company promotes a culture of internal mobility, allowing individuals to take on new challenges and expand their skill sets, all while working remotely.

Mentorship Programs

To further support professional development, Asurion offers mentorship programs that connect experienced employees with those seeking guidance and career advice. 

Mentors provide insights, share experiences, and offer valuable support to mentees, helping them navigate their career paths effectively.

Educational Assistance

Asurion recognizes the value of continuous education and provides educational assistance programs to its employees. 

Eligible work-from-home employees can take advantage of these programs to pursue further education or obtain certifications relevant to their roles. 

By investing in their employees’ education, Asurion demonstrates its commitment to their long-term success.

How Can I Apply?

Asurion offers work from home in a variety of locations. To see if they are hiring in your state visit the career page at

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Tony Nguyen

May 25, 2013 at 3:14 am

Thanks for sharing, Miranda. I’ve taken part in online jobs for several years, and now I find that one of the most thing to succeed in this type of job is persistence and hard working. Do you think so ?

Joann SHaw

September 25, 2017 at 1:10 pm

Hi Miranda

You are a very fortunate person that you can stay home with family and still have an income.
I have been trying for a very long time to find part time work at home and find it rather challenging. I guess trying to hard but also in a financial mess that gets bigger each day.
Keep up the great work!!!