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I was spending some time checking out the awesome money earning directory over at and noticed a listing for Virtual Assistant with

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Office 88.

I know Virtual Assisting has been a pretty hot topic around here lately and many are intrigued- Asking, what a Virtual Assistant even does.

Thankfully Leisa addressed that question in her Understanding Virtual assistant Series.

Basically, a Virtual Assistant, or VA, is someone who offers to use their skills to assist others. For example, I am obviously a blogger. I can use my knowledge of blogging to help other bloggers create, maintain, troubleshoot etc their own sites. Virtual Assistants are used in a wide variety of ways!

What type of Virtual Assistants does Office 88 hire?

Office 88 hires Assistants with general office skills (secretary), Web and Graphic Design or Translating experiences.

Does Office 88 hire as an Employee or Independent Contractor?

Office 88 hires Independent Contractors. Being a freelancer can be an experience all its own, but I have found it to be very empowering as well!

Is Office 88 Legit? Do I need to worry if it is a scam?

From my trained eye’s perspective, Office 88 is on the up and up. However, I did struggle to find personal experiences or stories in regards to working for Office 88 so I have no confirmation to back up my ‘instinct’. So, as with any work at home job, I suggest you approach with caution and just look for any troubling signs.

How much Does Office 88 pay for Virtual Assisting?

Office 88 pays per project. Each task that becomes assigned to you will have a rate of pay that is project based or an hourly rate that you can agree to when accepting the project.

If projects are completed on time and meets the standard of quality expected, they will pay in full generally within 30 days. Some discounts may have to be given to their clients if the work is not quality work or if deadlines were missed. Of course, those discounts would fall back on you.

Based on the rates Office 88 is giving their clients, it is possible the rate is low for the market but still not without reason. Office 88 charges rates like $13 an hour for research work, $11 an hour for data entry and so forth. But, this is not the Virtual Assistant’s pay, the VA only gets a portion of this after Office 88 takes their cut.

How to Maximize your earnings

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Here are some tips to help you maximize your earnings or find success on this platform:

  1. Expand Your Skill Set: The more skills you have, the more valuable you are to a company. Take the time to learn new skills related to your role. For instance, if you are a virtual assistant, you could expand your skills to include things like graphic design, social media management, or even basic coding. This makes you a more versatile employee and can lead to higher pay or more job opportunities.
  2. Stay Organized: As a VA, you might be juggling multiple tasks for various clients. Being highly organized can help ensure you meet deadlines, stay on top of your workload, and maintain high-quality work. Tools like Google Calendar or project management software like Asana can be very helpful.
  3. Provide Excellent Customer Service: Going above and beyond in your interactions with clients can help you stand out as a top performer. This could mean turning around assignments quickly, being responsive and communicative, or simply being friendly and helpful in your interactions.
  4. Ask for More Responsibility: Once you’ve proven your reliability and skill, don’t hesitate to ask for more tasks or projects. The more work you take on, the more you’ll earn. Just be careful not to overextend yourself—maintaining high quality work is crucial.
  5. Negotiate Your Pay: If you’ve been with the company for a while and have consistently demonstrated your value, it may be time to ask for a raise. Be prepared to present evidence of your hard work and contributions to the company.
  6. Network: Networking can open up opportunities for more work and higher-paying assignments. Make an effort to build relationships with your clients and coworkers. They can provide valuable advice, mentorship, and job opportunities.
  7. Stay Updated: The digital world is always changing. Stay updated with new tools, technologies and trends related to your job. This will not only improve your performance but also make you a more valuable asset to the company.

How to Learn More and Apply for Office 88

Office 88 has an application process explained on their site, depending on the job type you are interested in:

First you must register on their site, which includes filling out a basic application.
Then you will be asked to send samples of your work.

Visit the Office 88 site to learn more about them and to begin the application process.

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September 14, 2015 at 9:51 am

Any update on the legitimacy of Office 88?

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April 13, 2020 at 3:11 pm

Hi..I want to work as a virtual assistant ..if you any work,reply me