16 Best Cashback Sites to Make You Money While You Shop

Updated on: by Amy Kennedy

Earn 40% or more back from your purchases every time you shop online! It’s possible with cashback shopping sites. These top 12 cashback shopping sites will have you saving money on every online shopping trip, just like a rebate.Shopping online is an awesome way to save money because you can almost always find great deals through online sales and coupons.

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But, what if I told you that you could actually get money back from your purchases too?

It’s true, and in this post, I’m going to tell you all about it.

This is one of my most favorite frugal tips to tell other people about who love shopping online like I do.

I never shop for anything online without checking a cashback shopping site first.

Ready to find out more about getting cash back for your online shopping?

Get Rebates for Shopping Online!

So, just how do these cashback shopping sites work?

You can think of them like rebates.

You know, the old way of getting money back for your purchases.

With rebates, you’d make your purchase and then submit a form and your receipt to prove that you purchased the item.

Then, you’d get a check or gift card sent back for the amount of the rebate.

Cashback shopping does that all for you, but without all the forms and mumbo jumbo.

Here’s a basic overview of what you’ll do to earn cashback on your web purchases:

  • Visit the cashback shopping site.
  • Browse the selection of retailers or find the specific one you want to purchase from.
  • Click that retailer link to get transferred to the site.
  • Shop and make a purchase on the retailer’s site.
  • Get the cashback earnings in your account!

Cashback sites partner with hundreds to thousands of online retailers to save you money on your purchases.

They get paid to basically be an advertiser for the company.

The company pays the site, and the site rewards you for making purchases with their partners.

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You’ll see the offer on the cashback site before you get transferred over to the retailer.

In most cases, you’ll earn a percentage of your purchase back, either in cash or equivalent reward points.

You can then request a cash payout or use your accumulated points to turn in for cash, gift cards, and other prizes, depending on the site.

Got it all now?

Good! Let’s move on to the very best cashback sites on the web (starting with my absolute favorite!).

Best Cashback Sites in 2023

Swagbucks: The Best Cashback Shopping Site!

My absolute favorite cashback shopping site is Swagbucks (review), which is actually much more than a cashback shopping site.

It’s a full rewards site that pays you to do everything from check emails to take surveys.

You can also get paid to search the web, play games, watch videos, complete bonus tasks, sign up for offers, and more.

Before I shop anywhere online, I go to Swagbucks first.

Very rarely does it not have a retailer that I want to shop with, so I use it most of the time for my cashback shopping.

You’ll receive a certain number of SBs back for every $1 you purchase.

SBs are Swagbucks currency.

So, if your purchase totaled $100 at the retailer’s site and your purchase was eligible for 3 SBs per $1 spent, you’ll see 300 SBs in your account once it’s been approved by the retailer.

You can redeem SBs for a variety of gift cards, some of which don’t require many SBs to get.

For example, you can get a $3 Amazon gift card for 300 SBs or a $5 Facebook game card for 500 SBs.

Swagbucks’ cashback shopping is how I earn money fast through the platform.

You just have to remember to check it before you go shopping!

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MyPoints (review) is a long-running site that’s been on the web since 1996.

It originally was mostly for cashback shopping but has since expanded into more of a rewards site.

It’s one of my favorite websites like Ebates and Swagbucks because, in addition to earning cash from shopping, you can also earn money by taking surveys, completing deals, using coupons, and more.

Plus, there are so many retailers to choose from.

As the name suggests, you’ll earn points here like you would with Swagbucks.

Most stores pay between 2 and 4 points per $1 of your purchase.

You can redeem your points for gift cards to various retailers, and some only require as little as 480 points for a $3 card.


Ebates (review) is one of the first shopping sites of this type, and still remains one of the leaders in the industry.

This is my second go-to site if Swagbucks doesn’t have what I need.

You’ll get a $10 bonus just for signing up for an account! Then, start shopping and earn up to 40% cash back on thousands of stores.

If you look up near the top of the site, you’ll see a “Double Cash Back Stores” link.

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Check there first, because these stores (which rotate from time to time) will give you extra savings!

You might be able to find what you need from one of these stores instead of one you were intending to shop with, saving you more money on your purchase.

Ebates lets you refer your friends, too, for an extra $15 in your account for every referral!

You can get your earnings via check or PayPal.


BeFrugal has been on the cashback shopping scene since 2009.

This site is not only good for getting cashback offers for your favorite retailers, but it can also help you save money with its coupons database!

You’re even allowed to combine coupons with cashback offers to maximize your savings on every purchase.

This site offers up to 40% back on purchases and has rotating deals for different retailers to help you get the most out of your online shopping trips.

You’ll even get $10 just for joining!

BeFrugal pays via Amazon, PayPal, or a check.

Coupon Cactus

Coupon Cactus is like a one-stop shop for people who love savings (really, who doesn’t?).

This place offers excellent discounts through coupons, plus lets you get cashback offers through the site.

Some offers will give you a flat cashback rebate that can save you a lot of money.

One current one from AT&T, for example, gives you $75 back from Coupon Cactus when you sign up for a TV, internet, and phone plan from U-Verse.

You can search for items or retailers using the search bar, or browse the newest coupons or ones expiring soon to find great deals.


Set up an account quickly on ExtraBux and get rewarded for shopping!

This site gives you $5 just for signing up.

Then, you can earn up to 30% cashback on your purchases, depending on the retailer.

This site offers a lot of smaller retailers that larger shopping sites don’t partner with, so it could be a good choice for you if you like supporting small retailers and startups.

Don’t forget to check out the Hot Deals section to find extra promotions and some of the best cashback offers the site currently has.

Mr. Rebates

Mr. Rebates partners with over 2500 stores to bring you savings.

Every week, this site has a Store of the Week whose cashback offer is much higher, usually double, the normal offer.

And, if you’re an Amazon shopper, Mr. Rebates has the highest cashback percentage for Amazon at 5% of your purchase!

You’ll only need $10 to cash out. You can request your money with a check, PayPal, or redeem a gift card instead.


Pennyful is one of the lesser-known sites, but it’s a viable option.

This site has over 1200 participating retailers and over 4000 coupons to use to maximize your savings!

You can browse the categories if you’re not looking for a specific item, or you can search for your favorite retailers to shop through them.

If you have some friends to refer to the platform, you can make $5 for each of them once they make their first $25 purchase!


QuickRewards is a Get Paid To site like Swagbucks that rewards you for various online tasks.

The site has over 1000 partners at which you can shop to earn cash back.

You can even sign up to get updates emailed to you daily so that you’re always on top of what retailers have the best offers at the moment.

You can cash out your earnings via PayPal or another choice of gift card – you’ll have over 50 options to choose from!

Shop at Home

Shop at Home is a site that’s very organized and pleasing to the eyes – and it also saves you money.

Get a $10 bonus to sign up with an account and then you’re free to start saving.

This site has some really great deals that rotate occasionally where you can earn a high cashback percentage from certain retailers or by making a specific product or service purchase.

For example, right now if you sign up with Medifast for 30 days, you’ll get 36% cash back and a full week of free meals!

If you want some more cash-earning opportunities, you can always take some surveys on the site in your spare time.


Upromise offers an excellent way for you not only to get cash back from your online shopping trips, but also to tuck that money away for your child’s college fund!

You can set up a savings fund for your children through the site.

Then, get rewarded for your travel, restaurant, and other purchases.

Or, you can use the cash back shopping portal to put your cash back to good use!

The site has over 850 partnered retailers – many of them are likely ones you use! – that allow you to get at least 5% cash back on your purchases.

So, if you don’t really need the extra cash in your wallet, Upromise provides a good alternative for you to still get some money back and use it for the future.

Giving Assistant

Giving Assistant is a cashback site with a unique twist.

Not only can you earn cash back on your purchases, but the site also gives you the option to donate a percentage of your cashback to a nonprofit of your choice.

Giving Assistant collaborates with a variety of popular retailers, and you can choose to get paid via direct deposit, PayPal, or check.


Honey is a browser extension that automatically applies the best coupon codes when you shop online.

In addition, Honey also offers cash back on purchases from participating stores through Honey Gold, their rewards program.

The percentage of cash back varies by store.

Once you accumulate enough Honey Gold, you can redeem it for gift cards to popular stores.


TopCashback is one of the leading cashback websites in the market.

With over 4000 retailers, it provides competitive cashback rates.

You can also earn $10 for every friend you refer who earns $10 in payable cashback.

TopCashback is free to join, and it offers payouts through direct deposit, PayPal, Amazon gift cards, and other gift cards.


Dosh is an app that allows you to earn cash back for shopping, dining, and traveling.

To use Dosh, you link your credit or debit cards to the app.

Then, every time you make a purchase at a participating store or restaurant, you earn cash back.

The cash back will automatically be deposited into your Dosh Wallet, which you can transfer to your bank account, PayPal, or donate to charity.

Bonus: iBotta

iBotta (review) is actually an app, not a website, available for iOS and Android.

And, it’s one that I use anytime I physically shop in a store.

I figured it was an important one to add because it can save you a lot of money on groceries and household items.

Basically, iBotta gives you rebates for things you purchase in stores.

Before you shop, browse the app’s rebates.

You can get rebates on everything from frozen meals to eggs and milk!

Save the rebates of items you intend to purchase.

Visit the store, make your purchase, scan your receipts or barcodes, and iBotta will credit your account for valid purchases!

You can even team up with your friends to earn more.

When you reach your goals as a team, you’ll be eligible for bonuses that will make your earnings rise faster.

You only need $20 in your account to redeem it via PayPal.

Depending on how often you shop (and remember to redeem your rebates!), you can earn an easy $20 or more every month.

One Last Important Note…

There are so many shopping sites that will let you make money on your purchases.

But, how do you know which one has the best offer for the retailer you want to shop with?

Do you need to waste hours searching through all the sites just to see which one has the highest percentage?

Fortunately, no.

What you can do is head to Cashback Monitor before visiting any other sites.

This site lists several online retailers. Find the one you want to shop with and click on it.

Cashback Monitor will pull up a list of cashback sites that partner with that retailer and lets you know which one will pay you the most!

Not all cashback sites are listed here, but many of them are. Unfortunately, Swagbucks isn’t, so you’ll have to check that one for yourself.

Still, this site can really cut down the time you spend researching deals and help you spend more time shopping.

Conclusion: Make Money from Your Purchases!

Ready to start making money when you spend money?

That’s the beauty of online shopping with cashback offers.

Yes, you have to pay for things, but if you’re shopping anyway, you might as well get some of that money back.

What cashback shopping sites do you currently use, and what one’s your favorite?

Are you new to the cashback shopping world?

Let us know your thoughts in a comment!

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