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Luxe Valet offers flexible work in most major cities! Training is provided and benefits are included.Luxe is a company that offers professional valet services in eight major cities across America. These include San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Boston, New York, Austin, Philadelphia, and coming soon, Washington D.C. To meet the demands of their clients, Luxe hires Valets to be on call and available during scheduled hours. This is a great flexible job opportunity, though not a work from home job.

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If you love cars, enjoy flexible hours, or just want to get out of an office setting, this may be the right place for you!

How Does Luxe Valet Work?

Clients contact Luxe via the official Luxe iPhone or Android app. Once they receive the information regarding the location of where clients need their service, a trained valet will be sent to park the car in one of Luxe’s secure lots.

Once the client is ready to have his/her car returned, they can notify Luxe by simply using the app to send a pin telling Luxe where they need their car delivered.

Online Yelp Reviews of this company are mixed, but seemed to be mostly positive.

Will I Be Hired As An Employee?

Luxe has recently changed their policies, and as of July 29, 2015, are now hiring individuals as employees. Luxe will now be paying for some work related expenses as well. These include things such as phone usage, work jackets, and equipment needed for the job.

What Will I Be Paid?

Employees receive 100% of what they earn, meaning there are no fees deducted from Luxe employee’s checks for things like gas or car maintenance.

It is not clear on the exact dollar amount you will be earning. Glassdoor reviews show earnings of between $12/hr and $20/hr. It seems that making $20/hr is less common, however.

A recent job ad posted by Luxe for Valet’s in Seattle state the pay being upwards of $20 an hour. But we are not sure if this is true now that they have changed to employee stats rather than the contract status they had before. Considering there are additional costs to employers for hiring on an employee basis (about a 30% increase), it’s possible the pay is expected to be lower. Also, we wonder, does this rate include tips?

We have made contact with Luxe Valet and hope to have a final response we can share here as an update to this section.


Is It Flexible?

Employees have the flexibility of setting their own hours. Valets are able to choose how many hours they work per week. (based on availability)


Luxe Valet offers flexible work in most major cities! Training is provided and benefits are included.What Benefits Are Offered?

Full-time employees receive health benefits, workers comp., overtime, and unemployment.

Will I Be Trained?

Valets will be well trained in customer service, valet processes and safety.


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How Do I Become a Valet?

To become a valet, you can apply on the Luxe website. The approval process is said to take between one and two days. Glassdoor reviews of Luxe show that interviews may be held as group sessions. During which, you will be asked a series of random questions. This is said to last between 35-40 minutes.

In order to work for Luxe, you must have an excellent driving record. You will be required to complete a criminal background check, as well as pass a nationwide sex offender search. Luxe has a no tolerance policy in regards to alcohol and drugs.

Additionally, you must be at least 18 years old and able to drive a manual (you will be tested).


Working as a Valet for Luxe, although not a work from home job, is a great way to work outside an office, while having a flexible schedule.

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