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Clickworker home page provides digital tasks to registered Internet workers – we call them Clickworkers.

Clickworker is still in the beginning stages of work in the US. Clickworker has been active in Europe since 2005. Currently there is little work here in the states, but I feel they may be a company to keep an eye on. From my experience, I make the most money with a company in their earliest stages, before the influx of workers come rushing in grabbing jobs and lowering the rate of work. (Yes, I know I am only adding the influx…)

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Clickworker is one of many other companies whose clients post tasks for workers to complete. Usually the tasks will give you a list of instructions and the pay rate. Most of these types of companies do not pay more than small change for each task completed. Sometimes it is not worth the time while other times you can find tasks that are enjoyable and pay reasonably well. Which is why I feel may be something to watch. They claim to expect an average worker to make $9.50/hour. However, I am not sure that will be likely. In comparison to other task work companies, that would be a very high pay. But it is nice to see a company focused on ensuring a decent pay for work!

Companies such as Clickworker is something everyone can do. The types of jobs posted are usually things such as transcribing audio files, data entry, posting advertisements, giving opinions, finding answers to questions…any type of work someone with a computer and time can complete. The only requirement is to have a PayPal account.

Clickworker pays via PayPal once a month, on the 7th of each month. You must have a minimum balance of $10 to request payment. After completing a task it is ‘reviewed’. If the task was completed correctly, the money will post to your statement. If account has a balance of at least $10, it will automatically deposit to your account on or around the 7th.

I signed up and created an account a couple of weeks ago. There was no work available. Recently I checked back and found a task available to me. The task was to post an ad on Craigslist for Clickworker under the jobs category in my area. It was simple to complete and took me about five minutes. The pay was fifty cents. It would be nice if the work flow was steady. Hopefully Clickworker will take off and we can all make some money.



  1. Flexibility: Clickworker often offers flexible work hours and the ability to choose which tasks or projects to work on. This flexibility allows you to manage your own schedule and work from anywhere with an internet connection.

  2. Variety of Tasks: Clickworker may offer a range of tasks across different categories, such as data entry, content creation, research, or product categorization. This variety can prevent monotony and allow you to explore different skills and interests.

  3. Accessible Platform: Clickworker provides a platform that connects freelancers with potential clients or employers, making it easier to find work opportunities and establish professional connections.


  1. Variable Work Availability: Work availability on Clickworker can be inconsistent, with busy periods followed by slower periods. The availability of tasks or projects may depend on client demand and competition from other freelancers.

  2. Competition and Low Rates: The platform has a large pool of freelancers competing for tasks, which can drive down rates. This may result in lower compensation for the work performed.

  3. Limited Control and Independence: As a freelancer on Clickworker, you may have limited control over the tasks or projects available. The platform sets the terms and conditions, and you are subject to their guidelines and rules.

  4. Lack of Stability: You can lack stability as you are reliant on the availability of tasks and projects. This may result in inconsistent income and require ongoing effort to secure new assignments.

Go to to learn more or register your account.

Similar to Clickworker are many other companies. Many of which pay faster and more often than Clickworker. Some tried and true companies to check out:

Amazon’s mTurk

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The following require workers to bid on the projects

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