The Cloak App–the “Antisocial Networking” App

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One way to help you go off the grid as a freelancer.Are there days where you need “a little space”?

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Are there days you’d rather avoid certain people?

Are there days you’d rather have no “surprise encounters”?

Then downloading the Cloak app might be a solution for you and your peace of mind.

What Exactly is the Cloak app?

Billing itself the “antisocial network”, Cloak helps you avoid those uncomfortable, chance encounters with ex-spouses, bosses, bullies, ex-clients, nosey neighbors and any other undesirable.

You just download Cloak to your iPhone and then sync it with your Instagram or Foursquare account.  Cloak will then scrape your Instagram and Foursquare account to let you know where your friends and “non-friends” are at all times.  You can also pull it up on your iPad or iPod touch.

Currently, it is not connected with Facebook and Twitter, but the developers are working on it.  One of the reasons is because users have hundreds of friends and followers in these accounts, and the way the Cloak polls data—it would be difficult to keep the information relevant and fresh.

What Do You Need to Operate Cloak?

Outside of an iPhone or other iOS device and either an Instagram or Foursquare account, you will need:

  • to be certain that your iOS is 7.0 or later.
  • to understand that this optimization is for an iPhone5.

How Does the Cloak App Work?

When you pull up your Cloak app, you check it and then pull up the map to see where everyone is.  Or for example, say the phone rings and you answer.  It is your one co-worker that you try so hard to avoid.  You can be talking to him/her or not while you pull up your map to see where he/she is.  Then you will know where not to go at that time.

So How Does the Cloak App Stand Out as Unique?

Well, it is definitely something new.  You can use it to track friends or non-friends and know their whereabouts to avoid them.  I don’t know of any other app with a GPS tracking device of this nature that is used primarily for social networking or “antisocial networking” as they like to be billed.

What Do I Think of the Cloak app?

It has definitely received good reviews even for a new app.  I think once Facebook and Twitter are added it will really take off and become one of the “must-have apps”.

However, it goes without saying that if someone is seriously stalking you; never rely on just an app.  Your first line of defense should be the authorities and law enforcement in your town.

Are there Other Alternatives?

If you’re looking for apps with similar functionalities as Cloak, focused on avoiding unwanted encounters or maintaining privacy, here are five alternatives:

1. Blocky

Blocky is an app that helps users avoid people they don’t want to interact with. It provides the ability to block specific individuals, whether it’s exes, former coworkers, or anyone else. The app allows users to create a list of blocked contacts and provides notifications when they are nearby.

2. Split

Split is an app designed to help users avoid running into their ex-partners. It allows users to set up a list of exes and creates a virtual perimeter around them. If the user gets too close to one of the designated individuals, the app will send an alert to help them steer clear.

3. GetHomeSafe

GetHomeSafe is an app that focuses on personal safety and allows users to share their location with selected contacts. It includes features like “Safe Zones” where users can mark areas they want to avoid, and the app will provide alerts if they enter those zones, helping them stay away from unwanted encounters.

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4. Good2Go

Good2Go is an app that aims to improve safety and consent in social encounters. It allows users to create and share “Consent Circles” with trusted friends. Users can mark people they want to avoid, and the app will alert them if they are in close proximity to any marked individuals.

5. Firewall

Firewall is an app that provides a virtual privacy barrier. It enables users to set up a “Do Not Disturb” mode, blocking calls, texts, and notifications from specific contacts or even entire contact groups. The app helps create a sense of privacy and control over incoming communications.

How Can An Interested Individual Get the Cloak App?

If you want to try it, go to  and then click on download button.  It is currently free, but that could change.

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April 28, 2014 at 4:27 pm

wish they made an Android app!

Leisa Good

April 28, 2014 at 5:51 pm

@Erica – I hear ya! I wish the same thing.