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Updated on: by Amy Kennedy
Cloud 10 offers our At Home Professionals a chance to apply the skills they’ve acquired from previous positions to a rewarding and challenging career that allows them to work from home. –
Cloud 10 is a virtual call center who hires at home professionals to answer customer service, sales, finance and technical calls. There are many home based call centers available; Cloud 10 stands out from the rest as they hire Employees, instead of the seemingly standard, Independent Contractors. It also stands above many other call centers, as it does not require a landline phone. Cloud 10 routes their calls through the internet and saves you a monthly phone bill! 

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As an experienced IC working with other virtual call centers, one of the negatives of being an IC are the days when there simply are no calls coming in. When you are paid per talk minute, this means you sit for hours for little to no pay! Thanks to Cloud 10 paying hourly, this would never happen! No matter how many or how few of calls you receive, you will always have a guaranteed paycheck! Depending on the line hired in for, the pay can vary. However, I believe you can expect to make somewhere around $9/hr and have a schedule 5 days a week between 32-38 hours. I do believe you are able to choose your shifts but I am sure availability is limited.

If you are interested in home based call center work, I suggest checking out Cloud 10. The flexible schedule paired with a guaranteed pay can be a great way to have a stable income. However, as with all virtual call centers, there are both negative and positive view points to consider. While reviewing Cloud 10 I did read many complaints for such things as being ‘hired’ and then never receiving any further information for training. I have also seen complaints of Cloud 10 over-staffing and then letting people go. As with any work at home job, be sure to read all the information you can find before spending valuable time applying and training. Only you can decide if the complaints you read are deal breakers or just another industry standard.
To see the technical requirements and qualifications or to apply Go Here
Update: I recently spoke to a fellow blogger at blackkeyboard who has previous experience with Cloud 10. She was able to tell me about the benefits. I believe helps make Cloud 10 an ideal company for a lot of people looking for stability and a career they can focus on. Here is our discussion:
Miranda says:
I am working on writing a review about cloud10 and I see they hire employees rather than IC’s. Since you have previous experience, can you tell me if they offered any type of benefits?
  • Sure Miranda, they do have a medical plan and you would be contributing part but not all. Since you are a employee, your payroll is direct deposit and the training is paid also. They set up times for you to configure and install software that is required on your computer and make sure you have all the tech help that is needed which is great. As I remember you do earn vacation or personal time with your hours and you get to select a set schedule which I also enjoyed. Cloud 10 is a real job with real class rooms and trainers and its a great experience. Again, remember make sure the client you are working for is a position you feel goes with your personality and the experience as you already know would be a excellent one!

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The discussion posted below the post is so useful to me 'coz I have a friend who wants to know more about Cloud10. He's a virtual call center employee and he's inclined to be updated about this. Thanks for sharing the incredible post!