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How Do You Apply to Consumer Search?

The website has a download button for an application that is in Word format. You can download and save it. Fill it out and email it, along with your resume, to the email address given on the website. The application asks for standard contact information, education history, links to published work, and more. The “more” includes describing a recent purchase made and how you researched the product before you made the purchase, as well as asking for the websites you used for the research. It also asks how you heard of the position. They say they will invite you to do a sample report if your application indicates you would be a good fit for them.

How Much Does Consumer Search Pay Product Reviewers?

The pay rate per assignment that is noted a couple of times in the forums is extremely lucrative. One person stated they had been given a pay scale of $350 to $500 per assignment, with most assignments taking around 10 hours to complete. Another person noted that they saw on the website that pay varies per assignment but did not go below $350, so it is safe to say it pays very well. Work is not guaranteed nor is it noted to be particularly steady, but even an assignment or two per month at that rate doesn’t sound bad.

What Kind of Work Do You Do?

The company states on their site that you do not actually test and review products based on personal experience. Rather you compile a comparison report and review based on other, legitimate sources. This means the job requires a lot of research and then some writing, of course, as you have to write up the results of the research in an interesting review.

What’s the Catch?

It appears to be very, very difficult to get hired. Their current job posting states that professional journalism experience and experience in writing consumer news and reviews are preferred. Many people have commented in the forums about spending hours on the tests and then getting rejected, or never hearing back at all. One person did note that after passing the first test they were asked to take a second test which paid $100. While a few said they passed the first one I did not see where anyone stated they passed both tests and were hired. Of course someone is writing for them, so people do pass.

Similar Platforms

Apart from ConsumerSearch, you can also try the following credible platforms that offer similar opportunities:

  1. CNET: CNET is a trusted technology and consumer electronics website that hires reviewers to assess and provide in-depth analysis of various tech products, including smartphones, laptops, home entertainment systems, and more. Their reviews help consumers make informed decisions about their technology purchases.
  2. Wirecutter: Wirecutter, owned by The New York Times, is known for its thorough product testing and recommendation articles. They hire expert reviewers who conduct extensive research and testing to recommend the best products in various categories, ranging from home appliances to outdoor gear.
  3. Top Ten Reviews: Top Ten Reviews is a website that offers comprehensive reviews and comparison articles on a wide range of products and services. They hire reviewers to assess and rank products based on various criteria, helping consumers make informed decisions across different categories such as software, electronics, and more.
  4. Tom’s Guide: Tom’s Guide is a popular technology website that provides reviews, buying guides, and industry news. They hire reviewers who test and evaluate technology products, including smartphones, laptops, gaming accessories, and more. Their insights and recommendations assist consumers in choosing the right tech products for their needs.
  5. ConsumerReports: ConsumerReports is a nonprofit organization that hires reviewers to conduct independent product testing and analysis. They provide unbiased reviews and ratings across various categories, including home appliances, electronics, automobiles, and more. ConsumerReports aims to empower consumers with reliable information for making informed purchasing decisions.


This is a legitimate work- at -home job opportunity. They are owned by the same company that owns, so it is not a scam. This is a job that pays. However, with lucrative pay comes high expectations. With the indications that the testing takes a very long time and few pass, it may be wise to review the requirements and think long and hard about whether or not you have the experience and expertise they are looking for before spending the time it takes to apply. That being said, the application does not take long at all, so there is really nothing to lose by taking that first step and seeing where it takes you if you are interested.

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