Demise, Hackers and Blog Traffic- WAH Round Up for 07-13-12

Updated on: by Miranda Grimm

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It’s time again for the Weekly Work at Home Round-Up! Here is where I round up the latest news in the world of work at home, give exclusive information and share some of the best posts from the web related to working at home.

Latest News:

The Demise of

If you remember me talking about then you recall my initial love for the place! My sister and I had won $500 on the site when we entered a logo contest and had since won several other smaller prizes for other contests like helping choose a brand name or having the best idea for a child’s birthday gift. was pretty interesting…until you spent more time there and began to notice the scams many of the USERS were doing! As an incentive to get businesses and individuals to post contests, was offering to add additional money to their prize offer ($100!). It did not take opportunists long to realize they could simply create a contest, allow to add the $100 and then pick themselves (under a different account) as the winner!! Easy money!

Even though us legit users pleaded with to change their set up…they didn’t respond.

It comes as no surprise to most of us that has now announced they are closing down!

I definitely LOVED the concept created but definitely wish they would have had a smarter team on their side to make it work!!


Hackers Trying to Increase our Awareness?

CNN recently reported that Hackers announced they were able to obtain 450,000 user passwords!! However, they did not do it as a way to steal personal information or spread spam but as a way to increase the awareness of how weak Yahoo’s security system is!  And unfortunately for us Work at Homers- Most of the hacked users were the writers of VOICE- previously known as Associated Content until Yahoo bought it!

Let’s hope Yahoo heeds this Hacker Warning! What should we do to protect our private information? Well, Yahoo tells us to change our passwords regularly…Google offers an online safety video.


What I Have My Hands Into:

While I have not tried anything new this week, there are a couple of programs I have been using that has highly impressed me this week!

Coupon Chief is one of my favorite ways to make extra money!

I recently reviewed Coupon Chief and since writing that post I have had a lot more experience with it. So far, the time I have spent uploading coupon codes into their database has been paying off!! I plan to build this account up and use it toward Christmas!! If you notice a lot of coupon or discount codes then take a moment to report them to Coupon Chief and when someone uses the code you entered, you will earn a percentage of their spending!!

Being Helpful+Earning Money =Smartest Person EVER!


Indeed Job Boards

Yeah this one is definitely targeted for specific readers but I feel I should share this! A long time ago I signed up as a publisher of Indeed. Indeed is a job board where you can find thousands of quality jobs! It was perfect for my site but at that time it did not pay very well. .. Fast forward a year and I try it all over again. This time however, I get more creative with how I use Indeed. I have posted a search box here on the site where you can search for work at home jobs. This has increased my overall blog earnings by more than 15%!

I just love when I can find a product or company that pays me to share their information when what they offer is genuinely helpful to me and the readers!! If you have a website that could benefit from sharing either local or job specific leads onto then be sure to consider Indeed!

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Work at Home Blog Postings

Review of Arise

I was so happy to see Anna from RealWaystoEarnMoneyOnline had reviewed Arise! Many people are interested in Arise but because they are so very different from most other call center companies, it can be very intimidating to pursue. So, seeing Anna’s information really helps lay out the basics and give you a good idea if it is right for you or not.


Auto Point Hiring

Work at Home Mom Revolution posted today that Auto Point is hiring Declined Service Advisors. Learn more about this position and how to apply.


Blogging Traffic  Tip by ProBlogger

If you run a blog then you have wondered how to gain traffic. You have learned it doesn’t just come on it’s own usually. You have to learn your resources and all about SEO. SEO is short of Search Engine Optimization and Darren Rowse of ProBlogger gives some help on how to use it to generate traffic!

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Lisa Mills

July 13, 2012 at 3:10 pm

Thanks for sharing today’s job posting, Miranda! I really appreciate it. On the way now to check out Coupon Chief. I can use all the extra money I can make. 🙂

Rosie Haas

July 16, 2012 at 7:28 am

Miranda, I went to Lisa’s site, she has a list of available jobs on the left. I clicked on the one that says “#1 Income Job make $39 – $57 an hr) of course! Anyhow, do you or Lisa know is this legit???