Entrepreneurship Tips: Get Rid of Email Anxiety by Learning How to Send Effective Emails

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A few guidelines to relieving the fear entrepreneurs get when crafting emails.Lots of things make entrepreneurs famous, from investors so shady they could be used as beach umbrellas, to the first time they put up their product for sale. One seemingly menial task can also send their hearts racing, and that’s sending email. Whether it’s an email campaign or not, this seemingly straightforward task has sent many entrepreneurs into conniptions. They’ll end up struggling over how the email should be worded, and they’re right to struggle. An email is non-interactive. Errors can lose companies customers before start-ups have a chance to reply, so each email must be crafted precisely.

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Knowing a few guidelines can ease the nerves of many troubled entrepreneurs.

1. Give the Subject Line the Attention It Deserves

For emails, the subject lines serves as the headline to the contents. It needs to grab the attention of the reader while remaining informative and accurate. The quality of your offers won’t matter if the subject line fails to elicit a click from the receiver.

Your subject line must imply that you have something valuable to offer to the reader. Yours is not the only email they’re going to receive throughout the day. Whatever you send will have to compete with every other piece of email they’re going to skim through, so make whatever you put in your subject line count.

Write your subject line around the problem your offer is meant to solve. If you’re trying to reach people looking to find computer part sales, talk about that in your subject line. The balance you’re trying to achieve there is between how specific it is and how universal it is. It needs to be specific enough so that it answers a relevant issue, while remaining universal enough to reach as many people as possible.

Keep the subject line as concise as possible. Your subject lines should be between six to ten words.

2. Make Your Email Mobile Friendly

You might be tempted to put clever graphics or tables in your email. Unless they are absolutely necessary because there’s no other way to make your point, don’t do it. A lot of people use their phones to open their emails, and any of those fancy tactics can result in unreadable email. Only if you can create a design-responsive email that adapts to the media it’s being viewed on should you consider using clever layouts, but even then you probably should err on the side of caution.

3. Break Down Your Content with Subheads

Adding subheads to your emails can increase its readability. Even if your subject caught the recipient’s attention enough to open your email, it’s likely that they’ll still end up skimming the majority of its content. Subheads can draw their attention to important points and serve as an outline of what they can expect in that section of the email.
Make sure that each subhead can stand on its own. Paragraphs beneath then should expand on the point the subhead introduced.

4. Make Your Emails Warm

You are an entrepreneur. You want to make money for your business. The emails you send, ideally, are meant to give you an advantage, either by converting readers into sales or by contacting important people. But people respond to warmth, to the idea that there’s a person behind the words and not just a cold and unfeeling company.

How you do it will vary. Generally, you can use the pronouns “I” or “We”, depending on who you’re contacting. This can make the email seem more personable and thus easier to read.

5. Have a Call to Action

If you have a website – and if you’re a smart entrepreneur, you probably have one – you’ll know about call to actions. These ask your reader to do something specific. Your emails should also have this, whether you’re hoping to make a sale or to get them to your store.

It bears repeating that your call to action must be specific. Don’t just tell them to visit your site – tell them to go look at your latest offers. You must also make sure to not oversaturate the email with calls to action. You only really need to say it twice to make it effective.

Emails are an integral part of any entrepreneur’s life. It allows you to reach potential customers and partners without intruding on their time, and gives you the opportunity to craft a great message on your own time. Do it well, and your business will stand a greater chance of succeeding.

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