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Updated on: by Amy Kennedy is the most recent site I have joined to find work from home.  I have been looking for designing jobs but joining Freelancer has opened a world to me I previously ignored!

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Many of the readers who contact me are interested in writing jobs, virtual assistant work and any general work they can do to make money online.  Previously, I would refer them to places like Textbroker, Merchant Circle, Demand Media or Fancy Hands. But now, those places have more workers than they have work!

But is packed with open jobs!

Freelancer and other similar sites (there are many others) are pretty much just a middle man. Usually when you think of middle man, you think of an unnecessary fixture that is usually just getting in the way, but the phrase “cut out the middle man” would not be something I would recommend at Freelancer!

Working online opens a huge opportunity for scammers looking to get work done for free. Answering job ads or Craigslist postings puts you in direct contact with the customer, with no one to watch out for you and be sure you do not get taken for a ride.

Freelancer protects both you and the client by being the third party who can hold funds and settle disputes to ensure no one is cheated.

Therefore, you need to be sure you do not accept work offered to you by someone who wants to step away from Freelancer, there must be a reason they want to avoid Freelancer and it might be so they can get out of paying you for your work!  If you receive a private message from someone who saw your profile at and would like to hire you for their project- tell them you would be happy to, through Freelancer!

Even if it means Freelancer keeps a small percentage of the budget, it is your safety net!

How much money does Freelancer keep from your work?

Well, as a worker you really won’t see any fee. But it does cut into your client’s budget (a budget that maybe could have been fully in your pocket).

When someone posts a job on Freelancer, they are charged $5  and once they choose a worker to complete the project, they are charged 3% (or a minimum of $3) of the agreed rate. You will not see this and because the rate is set by you, you can feel good that you are getting a fair pay for your work.

How do you find work at Freelancer?

When you sign up you will first need to create an account and choose the categories of work you are looking for, the list is long! There is something for everyone.

You can fill out a profile and highlight your experience, post your resume or anything that shows your skills and experience.

They are selling a job, you are selling your skills- Don’t take filling out profile information or resumes lightly, it is your key to making money and being successful!!!!!!  I know they are a pain to do and they can take some time when you put your heart into them. But you are only wasting your time if you half-way do it.

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Once your profile is created you will want to browse the open jobs.

There are lots of jobs! I am often surprised by how much work there is- especially when places like Textbroker are nearly all out of work! When you find a job that suits you, you will be able to see the clients budget. You can bid on the project and use their budget as your reference point. Many of the projects allow you to see what others have bid so you can size up your competition.

How to bid at Freelancer

The act of bidding is simple. You just tell the client how much you would do the project for and how long it will take you to complete. But knowing what to bid is the hard part. Do you underbid everyone? Take less than you really want simply because something is better than nothing? Well, essentially that is up to you.

Every project creator will be different. Some are looking for the cheapest and quickest way to get their work done. Some are looking for quality that they can only find from a true professional and are willing to pay more to meet that expectation. Many are looking for a balance between both, the most qualified person offering the best rate!

Competition at Freelancer

However, on Freelancer and similar sites, the hardest part is competing with project bidders from around the globe!  $3 to someone in India is a lot more valuable than $3 here in the United States the UK or Australia for example. So people from certain places around the globe are able to work for less than we can. This drives the cost down. So you must decide. Are you going to work for little pay just to work, or choose to accept nothing less than you are worth. I can’t say either way is better than another but I can say that many friends I know have chosen not to accept work for less than they were worth and they are now very very successful!

Tips to help you land work on the platform

To land tasks of freelancer, you have to be on top of your game. Here are some tips you can use:

1. Build an Impressive Profile: First and foremost, ensure your Freelancer profile is complete, well-written, and professional. Include all your relevant skills, experiences, and samples of your previous work. Your profile is the first impression potential clients get of you, so it needs to be impressive and convincing.

2. Tailor Your Bids: Don’t send generic bids. Personalize each bid to the specific job you’re applying for. Demonstrate that you’ve read the job description thoroughly and explain how your skills and experience make you the perfect fit for the job.

3. Maintain a Professional Attitude: Always communicate in a professional and respectful manner. Good communication skills can set you apart from other freelancers.

4. Offer Competitive Rates: When you’re starting out, you might need to bid lower to win jobs and build up your reputation. Once you’ve established a solid profile with good reviews, you can start increasing your rates.

5. Ask for Reviews: After completing a job, ask your client to leave a review. Positive reviews can greatly boost your reputation on the platform and increase the likelihood of landing future jobs.

6. Never Miss a Deadline: If you promise to deliver work by a certain date, make sure you meet that deadline. Consistently meeting deadlines will show potential clients that you’re reliable and professional.

7. Continuous Learning: Keep your skills up to date and be open to learning new ones. The more versatile you are, the more job opportunities you can apply for.

8. Be Patient: Remember, building a freelancing career takes time. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t land jobs immediately. Persistence and patience are key in the freelancing world.

I am new to designing, so I am willing to do work for less than those who are experienced. Because people expect to get what they pay for, as a business owner, when my clients are at the end of their project, I want them to feel they got MORE than they paid for. Am I cutting myself short? Maybe for the moment, but I see the long-term gain and know that it is building my future.
So, check out Freelancer, I bet you will be surprised by how much work there is!!!

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November 15, 2011 at 1:11 pm

I have been on freelancer for about 6 months now. There really is a lot of work there, mostly because the rates are lower for businesses to seek out freelancers. I have found some scams on there, that is the only downside. However, the customer service is awesome and once I reported the scam, it was gone immediately. The site is still fairly new and they are still working out a lot of the kinks.

Lisa Mills

November 15, 2011 at 9:43 pm

I like that a third party acts as an intermediary when it comes to payment. The biggest fear most people have about freelancing is that they’ll do a ton of work, then not get paid.

Leisa Good

November 16, 2011 at 8:42 am

Just completed my profile yesterday even though I didn’t upgrade to the Gold Membership. My email is bombarded with jobs which I plan on bidding for literally this week. Wish me luck!


September 21, 2012 at 7:43 pm

I have read your article and it is great, got an idea where to start and looking forward for the next step.
Already checked and see a bunch of opportunities waiting for contractors.
Hope to get legitimate employers to start with.
I am very thankful and hopefully a fruitful online Job ahead.