14 Tips to Get Free Address Labels Mailed to You

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A detailed article on free address labels, how and where you can get them for free.Free address labels are modified labels that have your address, name, and a furnished photo. They are primarily aimed at spreading awareness of charity organizations and are given for free.

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You can embed the address label on your mail envelope the same way you do with stamps, instead of manually writing the address. This is a more effortless and convenient way to go about when mailing.

Free address labels give your mail a unique and professional look. Many individuals and companies are opting for address labels.

Free address labels are internet giveaways that have been there for ages. Despite the address labels given for free, getting them can be really hard.

Regardless of their attractiveness and convenience, you can be reluctant to spend your money on them. Fortunately, you can get these address labels for free if you consider the tips below.

Can I get Free Address Labels by Mail with free shipping?

Address labels can cost you an amount of money. However, some companies and organizations give these address labels for free.

Here is a list of some of the ways you can get the address labels for free.

1.    Get your Free Address Labels from Charities

Charity organizations frequently send free address labels to increase the awareness of their cause or convince you to donate to them.

If you’re a charity member, make sure to sign up for the print mailing list to receive their free address labels.

You can get the free address labels through donations or by signing up for a print mailing list.

2.    Getting Free Address Labels Through Donations

If you’re a member of a charity organization, you can donate a little amount to them, and they will send you a free address label.

The charity organization will most likely send a check and a matching mailing label when you donate to them.

3.    Sign up for the Print Mailing List

Other than giving donations to the charity organization, you can sign up for a print mailing list. This gives you a chance to receive free address labels, although it’s not a guarantee that you will receive them.

4.    Through Newsletters

If you’re on the mailing list of any company, you’ll be getting their newsletters every time they update. You should normalize registering on the online websites for the brands you browse.

The majority of these companies use free address labels to lure potential customers into becoming real paying customers.

5.    Get your free Address Labels by Mail with free Shipping from Shipping Companies

Shipping companies have mailing labels that they use for their service delivery. Some offer them for free, while others offer them at a small fee.

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You can get a free address label by registering with shipping companies like

UPS and USPS. Apart from the free address labels, they also give stickers, envelopes, and boxes for free.

6.    Get your Free Address Label from Shutterfly

Shutterfly is an establishment that does promotions in a variety of fields. They deal with photo books, cards and stationery, wall arts, home decor, weddings, prints, and more.

When you sign up with them, you’re entitled to freebies and other offers for free. You will get address labels for free, but you will need to pay for the shipping charges.

7.    Getting Free Address Label from Amazon

If you’re one of those individuals buying stuff on Amazon, then you’re lucky because you can get free address labels.

There are sellers on the Amazon platform that offer customized address labels; if not free, they charge a small amount.

8.    Create your Free Address Labels

You can decide to create a customized address label for yourself if you can’t get one for free. You will need to follow the guidelines on the free address label templates if you want to complete your address label fast; it’s a simple task that can take less than twenty minutes.

You can use label sheets or cardstock when preparing free address labels and put them on the envelope.

9.    Get your Free Address Label from Printing Companies

Printing companies are experts in creating mailing labels, and they produce unique and professional address labels.

These companies have a direct-mail campaign, and during this period, they send free address labels to their members. If you are a member of one of the printing companies, you can send them a request for mailing label samples.

Be in contact with such companies as SnapFish and always check their social media platforms for free mail labels, which they post as part of their promotions or as samples.

However, these printing companies do not send labels in the samples they post; therefore, you’ll have to order them for the upcoming batch of labels.

10.    Evermine Company and Free Address Labels

Evermine is a printing expert company that addresses labels, hangtags, business cards, and coasters. They offer free address labels at a small shipping cost.

If you order 60 free customized address labels, you’ll need to pay a $2.99 shipping fee.

11.     Download Free Label Templates

Browse and visit sites that have free templates on address labels. Open the template using Microsoft word or any other supported application to edit the address by filling in your personal information.

After this, you’re ready to print your label. You will also need to wait for the ink to dry after you finish printing your label.

Such organizations include:

  • Laser Inkjet Labels
  • Word Label
  • Pink Ribbon Labels
  • Label Planet

12.     Get a Free Address Label from Best Friends Animal Society

Best Friends Animal Association is a wildlife association that offers sanctuary to homeless dogs and cats. They give free address labels to individuals, convincing you to donate to them.

To get a free address label from this association, you’ll have to sign up with them. After that, you will be receiving the free address labels once you start donating.

13.     Get your’s from the American Legion

The American Legion is an establishment for the military community. They have charity programs for families and youths, communities and provide meetings and national affairs programs.

You can get a free address label from this organization by signing up and donating to their charity programs. They post address labels as promotions and as a way to get you to contribute to them.

14.      The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and Free Address Label

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is a charity organization established to address leukemia and lymphoma infections in society. The organization posts free address labels to enhance its awareness to get many people donating to them.

You can get free address labels when you donate to them or sign up for their print service.

15.     Office Supply Stores and Free Address Labels

Office supply stores often offer promotions and deals that include free address labels.

Keep an eye out for special offers or loyalty programs from stores like Staples, Office Depot, or OfficeMax, as they may provide free address labels as part of their promotional campaigns or customer rewards.

16.     Wedding Invitation Websites and Free Address Labels

Many wedding invitation websites offer free address labels as part of their services. When you create and order wedding invitations through these websites, they often include complimentary address labels to match your chosen design.

Take advantage of this opportunity to get personalized address labels for free when planning your wedding.

17.     Online Freebie Websites and Free Address Labels

Several online platforms specialize in sharing freebies and samples, and they occasionally feature free address labels.

Websites like FreeSamples.org, SampleSource.com, or FreeStuff.com frequently update their offers with various free products, including address labels.

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Check these platforms regularly to discover new opportunities for obtaining free address labels.

18.     Community Events and Free Address Labels

Keep an eye out for local community events such as fairs, festivals, or fundraisers.

Some organizations or businesses attending these events might give away free address labels as promotional items or to create awareness about their products or services.

Visit booths, interact with vendors, and you may come across free address labels that you can take home with you.

Final Word

The current generation is involved in so many activities globally. Various communications involve participants who are far apart geographically and need to communicate through mails.

You may end up receiving emails in bulk, ranging from greeting cards to invitations. Sending back the mails may present a challenge and can be a tiresome activity.

Free address labels come into play to address this issue. Using address labels, rather than writing the address manually multiple times, is easier and more convenient.

As seen in the article, you can get the address labels for free from several companies and organizations. If you miss out, you can create one on your own by following the available template guide.

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