35 Ways to Get Free Steam Wallet Codes in 2023 (Legit and Easy!)

Updated on: by Amy Kennedy

With an account on Steam, you have access to some of the most entertaining games in all genres. But, of course, you have to pay for many of them! Unless you have Steam gift cards or codes to redeem games! Here are 33 legitimate ways to get free Steam Wallet codes and gift cards.As someone who plays games on Steam, I know just how amazing the platform is for finding new games to play by yourself or with friends.

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There are games in every genre, so just about anyone can find something new to enjoy.

And with thousands upon thousands of games available on Steam, it’s easy to find several that you want.

But many of them cost money, which is why Steam gift cards and Wallet codes are so popular among Steam fans.

Use the codes the same way you would cash, allowing you to pay for your Steam games without having to spend your own money.

And I’ve collected 33 legitimate ways for you to earn Steam gift cards and codes for free.

How to Get Free Steam Gift Cards Legally

Use any combination of the following ideas to get free Steam cards, 100% legally!

Earn Rewards on Swagbucks

In this list, I’m going to mention several reward sites that can help you either earn Steam codes directly or earn cash to put toward Steam codes.

One of the best is Swagbucks, and it’s honestly the one I use the most.

Swagbucks has so many ways for you to earn points (known as SBs here) online, like taking surveys, completing offers, playing games, and shopping to earn cash back.

I use Swagbucks before I shop anywhere online to get cash back on all my purchases, and that’s where the bulk of my rewards come from.

But completing offers and participating in games and challenges can help too.

Steam cards are actually not rewarded here (kind of a bummer with all of its other perks!) but that’s easily remedied if you cash out your earnings for PayPal cash.

Send your money over to PayPal, which you can then use to purchase Steam games or codes for yourself!

Gather Cash on InboxDollars

InboxDollars comes in a close second to Swagbucks because it also offers tons of ways to earn money easily online, including referrals, games, and offers.

I love the offers here because you can usually find a lot of free or trial ones that don’t require you to spend money to make money.

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Get Cashback and Rewards with Ibotta

Go grocery shopping and earn rewards on Ibotta.

It’s ridiculously easy to find rebates you want to use on your shopping trips, get the required items, and then turn in your receipts to redeem those rewards.

Ibotta will send money to your PayPal account when you earn $20, which can happen really fast, especially if you have other people on your “team” who are avid Ibotta users.

Earn Cash with MyPoints

MyPoints offers rewards for people who shop online.

Click over to a store from the site, get cash back rewards, and turn them in for prizes of your choice.

PayPal is one option; use your cash on Steam.

Join Idle Empire

Idle Empire is another reward site that features Steam Wallet codes as one of its most popular rewards.

Take surveys, play games, download or test software, play games, and complete other activities to earn points toward Steam codes.

Join the Nielsen Panel

The Nielsen Panel pays you to use your devices, just like you do anyway.

Register your devices and get paid for participating.

The company basically just wants to know how people are using their phones, tablets, and computers.

You can get sweepstakes entries and other rewards, including cash, for remaining a member.

Earn Money on Gas and Groceries with Checkout51

When you use Checkout51 to turn in receipts for gas and groceries, you can earn cashback to use how you please – like buying Steam gift cards to use on games.

Complete Tasks on GCLoot

GCLoot lets you earn free Steam gift cards directly when you sign up and participate in the tasks it offers, like watching videos and completing offers.

Browse the Web with Qmee

Qmee is a browser extension that sites behind the scenes and notifies you when you shop for something that it might have found you a better deal for.

You can also take surveys and complete other tasks to earn a little more.

You’ll cash out to PayPal whenever you want and can use that money on Steam.

Use Your Cell Phone and Earn with Slidejoy

Slidejoy is a mobile app that shows advertisements on your home screen.

You can swipe right by them and continue on or interact with the ads.

Either way, you’ll get rewards, which you can cash out with PayPal.

You know what to do from there!

Earn Steam Rewards from GameGleam

Join GameGleam to collect points on the games you play or other tasks you do on the site.

Then, turn in your points for Steam cards!

Get Rewarded for Eating with Dosh

Dosh gives you cashback when you shop, book hotels, and eat out at restaurants.

Connect your accounts to the app and you’ll get automatically rewarded when you buy stuff.

Turn your rewards into Steam games.

Game with Gamehag

Play online games and get rewarded for doing it.

You can exchange 399 points for a Steam code.

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Get Steam Rewards from FeaturePoints

FeaturePoints is one get-paid-to site that has Steam gift cards as a reward for completing its tasks.

Join PrizeRebel

You can also do a bunch of fun stuff on PrizeRebel and get free Steam Wallet codes for your time.

Trade Other Gift Cards on Cardpool

You can sell gift cards you don’t want on Cardpool and buy gift cards you do want!

See if you have any unused gift cards to trade in for a Steam card.

Complete Offers on PointsPrizes

Take surveys, complete offers, watch ads, and do other tasks to earn points on PointPrizes to redeem for Steam cash.

Play Games with Mistplay

Get rewarded on Mistplay, a loyalty program for people who enjoy mobile app games.

Steam cards are reportedly one of the prize choices.

Win Gift Cards on FreebiePoints

FreebiePoints gifts you points when you participate in tasks on the site.

One of the rewards is vouchers for Steam.

Browse Relevant Reddit Threads

I love Reddit for so many things.

It’s a treasure trove of information for just about everything you ever wanted to know in life, whether it’s ways to save money, make money, how to get rewards, and more.

One of the things you might also be able to get on Reddit is free Steam gift cards – if you know where to look, of course!

Join Steam-related subreddits, like these:

Make sure you set your notifications so that the app notifies you when new posts get made on those subreddits.

When giveaways, contests, and other stuff happens that give away free Steam codes, you’ll be one of the first to know about it and get your chance to snag them.

Be sure to read and follow the rules of each subreddit before making or responding to any posts.

Join PlayNANO

If you’re looking for a reward site to play games on for cryptocurrency instead of cash, this is it.

Play games on here to earn cryptocurrency (you don’t even need an account!) to spend on rewards like gift cards and game keys, or just put your earnings toward Steam.

Shop with Rakuten

Rakuten used to be Ebates, the popular cash back shopping site.

Use the site to click over to other websites you want to shop with to get cash back on your purchases.

You can choose to get your cash with PayPal and then use that money to buy stuff on Steam.

Complete Tasks on Rewardia

Rewardia is a lesser known rewards site that has videos, games, polls, surveys, and other online tasks you can do for cash.

Steam is reportedly one of its rewards.

Use GrabPoints to Get Steam Cards

GrabPoints has Steam gift cards available for a minimum of $100 that you can earn for completing its tasks, like clicking on ads, referring friends, answering surveys, and signing up for offers.

Enter Blog Giveaways

Gaming blogs are awesome places to find resources, tips, and tricks for your favorite games, but they could also help you find Steam codes for free.

That’s if they participate in blog giveaways, which many do.

Lots of non-gaming blogs are also known for giving away Steam gift cards if they’re something their audience is interested in, so you don’t have to focus just on gaming blogs.

To make it easier to find blog giveaways that are offering Steam cards as prizes, bookmark blog giveaway directories, like this Facebook group and Giveaway Promote.

Blog About Games

You might have heard that you can get free stuff by blogging, but how?

Blogging can be a great way to earn things for “free” but remember that it’s still a lot of work to do it.

You’ll need to plan and write posts, promote those posts, and keep marketing your blog to help it grow.

But once it does, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get free stuff or payments for your posts through sponsorships, reviews, and more.

If you have a blog that’s relevant to gaming, you might even be able to get some Steam codes from Steam itself as a payment for a sponsored post or as payment for hosting a giveaway.

Participate in Online Giveaways

Many websites, social media accounts, and influencers often host giveaways where you have a chance to win free Steam gift cards.

Keep an eye out for these giveaways on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Participating is usually as simple as following the giveaway instructions, which may involve liking, sharing, or commenting on a post, subscribing to a channel, or filling out a form.

These giveaways provide an opportunity to win Steam gift cards without any direct cost.

Join Gaming Communities and Forums

Engaging with gaming communities and forums can sometimes lead to opportunities to obtain free Steam gift cards.

These communities often organize contests, events, or promotions where they reward participants with Steam codes or gift cards.

By actively participating in discussions, sharing helpful insights, and contributing to the community, you may increase your chances of being selected as a recipient of these giveaways or rewards.

Keep an eye on forums, gaming subreddits, and other gaming communities to stay updated on such opportunities.

Follow Game Companies on Social Media

Game companies with games on Steam sometimes give away free Steam gift cards or codes on their social media channels to their followers.

Check out the pages of your favorite games’ companies and start following them.

You might be one of the lucky winners eventually (and it never hurts to follow them anyway, as many share exclusive news, sales, and discounts with social media followers).

Turn in Your Credit Card Rewards

Do you have a credit card that builds up rewards as you use it?

If so, see if Steam cards are one of the rewards you can get from its catalog.

If your card doesn’t have a rewards catalog, it might just offer cash rewards that you can put toward your balance or send to your bank account.

Send your rewards to your bank account and you can use them however you want, including buying Steam gift cards.

Ask for Them!

One of the best ways to get free money for your Steam Wallet is to simply ask for it.

You won’t have to complete online tasks to earn rewards.

You won’t have to keep browsing Reddit until a giveaway pops up.

And you won’t have to blog about gaming to do it.

Instead, just keep Steam gift cards as your priority gift request for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions when you receive gifts.

When someone asks you what you want, tell them Steam gift cards.

They can purchase physical ones or digital codes to gift to you.

Did you know there’s also a Steam wishlist?

You can create a wishlist on Steam that lists all the games you really want.

Others can see your wishlist depending on your settings, which you can change to private, friends only, or all users.

If you want anyone to be able to view your wishlist, set it to all users. Anyone on Steam will be able to see what’s on your list and gift you a game if they want to!

You can share it with friends and family, too, if they’re in need of a gift idea for you (they’ll need a Steam account to see it though).

Do Steam Code Generators Work?

No, a steam code generator is not going to work (and we can say that with about 100% certainty!).


Because Steam doesn’t just give out codes to people to give away with a generator.

And Steam codes are in place so that people can’t just easily generate them to give out to people.

Most free code generator sites for any type of gift card are scams unless the company itself offers one.

Even in those cases, they’re not used for generating unlimited codes.

Instead, it might generate one code for someone to use within a few days or weeks to get a small amount taken off their purchase or a small free gift.

Companies simply don’t offer code generators for people to create endless codes to get stuff for free or they’d be out of business.

If you come across an online generator for Steam codes, ignore it.

You’re not going to get any free Steam cash out of them.

Instead, you could get scammed or give away personal information that you don’t want scammers to have.

What About Free Gift Cards? Do People Really Give Them Away for Free?

You also might come across people who claim to have free gift cards they’re giving away to people who use Steam.

In many cases, these aren’t legit either.

Although there are certainly legitimate blog giveaways and sweepstakes, I’m talking more about people who might approach you on Facebook or social media claiming to randomly have some gift cards to give away.

It usually doesn’t work that easily!

In other words, be cautious if you’re approached like this by someone.

It’s likely that they’re trying to get you to sign up for something or divulge personal information in exchange for “free gift cards” that you probably will never get.

Steam also talks about a scam it’s heard of frequently where people claiming to be from government or official agencies will try to get people to buy Steam gift cards to get rid of their tax debt and other debts.

The scammers try to get the person to buy Steam gift cards, scratch off their codes, and give them to the person on the phone.

Of course, this ends up with you out of money and your scammer with the codes you just paid for.

The bottom line is to use your best judgment and don’t go along with anything that seems fishy or too good to be true.

How to Get Free Steam Wallet Codes (LEGIT!)

We’ve listed plenty of ways to get free Steam gift cards to use to buy more games on the gaming platform.

But if you know of any other legitimate ways that have worked for you, we’d love to hear them – and so would our readers!

Please list them in a comment so others know where to get some games for free.

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