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Expo TVExpo TV is a company I recently ran across while researching ways to make money by reviewing products. Expo TV is just that, you can earn rewards by creating videos where you give your opinion on the products you use every day. There is also a part of the site that allows you to sign up and receive free products in exchange for your video review.

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Expo TV allows you to give honest feedback to some of the top name brand companies in the US- companies like Febreze, Dawn, Kraft, Starbucks, HP or L’oreal- to name a few. There are a few sectors to Expo TV you should know about:

Tryology- Receive free products to review

Tryology is a part of the site that will match your interests to products they would like you to review. Tryology will send you the product for free in exchange for your video response. However, you do not earn rewards for the products you review under Tryology but the product is yours to keep and is not just a sample size but a full-size. Some of the recent products Tryology users received for free to review were: Pantene, Gain, Cheer, Honey Bunches of Oats and even HP Photosmart All-in-One Printers!!!


Surveys- Answer market research surveys for points

In order to know more about the users and to match their interests to products, Expo TV offers to pay you in points to take surveys. The surveys are emailed to you when one is available to you and Expo TV says they can be worth as much as 5000 points (it takes 6000 points to exchange for a $25 Visa Gift Card).


Most Wanted- Products that need reviewed in exchange for rewards

This section lists all the products that Expo TV would like reviewed by category. There are hundreds currently listed and if you own the product, you can review it using your digital video camera or webcam. In exchange for your review of these ‘most wanted’ products- you again, earn points that can be exchanged for gift cards or products. It looks to me that most of the items listed will pay 500 points. Therefore, if you want that $25 Visa Gift Card, it would take 12 reviews to earn the 6000 points needed. Expo TV says some of the product reviews could pay as much as 2500 points but I believe this would be only in those desperate circumstances.


Special Invites- Email invitations to review specific products

You could be invited via your email to participate in seasonal based product reviews.  These video responses will pay between 300-500 points- according to Expo TV’s site.


Dailies- Submit what you want

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You can submit a review on just about anything. There are a few limits to what you can review, but this allows you to share your opinion on products you use already. However, you are not paid points for these reviews but instead entered into a monthly giveaway. The current giveaway (for October) is an iPod Touch.


Referral Program- Earn Rewards for inviting friends

Expo TV will enter you into a monthly giveaway of 4 $25 Amazon Gift Cards for each referral who signs up. They will also add another entry for each video review your friends upload. (The link I have shared here is NOT my referral link).


Things to Know About Expo TV:

  • Expo TV pays the users with ‘points’- not something I am a fan of to be honest. But the points are valuable and it looks as though they could really add up quick.
  • You must have a digital video camera or webcam to create the video reviews of products.
  • A basic understanding of uploading videos may be required.
  • Your points can be exchanged for gift cards, Visa cards or products like gaming accessories, electronics, household items, clothes or gear.
  • You only receive points if the item you review is on their ‘most wanted’ list or by invite- all others are accepted but instead of earning points you will receive an entry into a giveaway for any reviews you submit of products not on the most wanted list.
  • E-Gift Cards you request from your points are generally received within a week and products that must be shipped can take 3-4 weeks.
  • Expo TV used to pay actual cash for each video plus a bonus for each view. So if you continue your research from here, you will likely see talk of this, unfortunately Expo TV has since made changes.
How to get started
Visit the Expo TV website where you can review the FAQ, explore the site and join to begin earning rewards by sharing your opinion of products. *these links are NOT my referral link

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