Get Paid to Write Viral-Style Lifestyle Articles for TOOVIA

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Register to write for Toovia and earn 10-50 dollars per article plus revenue share!If you’re an online content writer who wants to get paid for writing original articles on topics you choose, TOOVIA may be right up your alley.

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Instead of choosing from a list of topics, TOOVIA content jockeys – the site’s name for its writers – come up with lifestyle topics ranging from fashion to travel to entertainment. The site provides decent perks, including revenue share, the ability to write what you love, and a referral program. In return, the editors require high-quality, highly shareable articles from its writers.

What is TOOVIA?

TOOVIA is an online magazine that doubles as an ecommerce site for fashion, beauty products, and travel purchases. The magazine side of the site is designed to boost traffic to the site and appeal to readers, making it an all-around destination for both reading entertainment articles and indulging in luxury items.

How much does TOOVIA pay?

The base pay for a beginner Content Jockey at TOOVIA is $10 per article, plus a traffic bonus of $.01 per unique viewer that reads your content. Established CJs can get per-article pay raises, with the current cap at $50 per high-quality article.

What are the requirements?

Anyone can sign up for the CJ program, as there are no tests or applications to fill out. Simply make an account here, follow the instructions in your welcome email, read over the manual, and begin writing.

The site requires a passionate blogging voice, so you must formulate and write articles about things that appeal to you. This means that TOOVIA is not a place to simply churn out keyword-stuffed articles – the site’s editors and readers expect to get a lot of value from each of your posts.

The content requirements also focus heavily on including images and other interesting-to-view media items. The site favors interesting, viral-type articles, which typically feature tons of pictures; it can help to browse existing articles and sites like Buzzfeed for examples of these articles.

The CJ program is open to writers worldwide, but individuals living in the US on a Visa are not eligible for payment.

When does TOOVIA pay?

Payments for editor-accepted articles go out on each Friday through PayPal.

What is the minimum amount of work required?

There is no minimum number of articles CJs must post. You can post one per day or one per month – your account will stay in good standing regardless.

What else do I need to know about TOOVIA?

Along with the flat rate per article and traffic bonus, TOOVIA also offers payment in “points” for each person you refer as a new CJ (300 points per referral) and for each purchase a reader makes through your articles (2500 points per sale). You can use these points to buy things through the store, and 2500 points is about equal to $28 in store credit. This credit can be used toward tangible goods or travel purchases.

Are there other magazines like TOOVIA?

Similar to TOOVIA, there are numerous other platforms that pay for high-quality, viral-style lifestyle articles. These magazines span a wide variety of topics, from travel to fashion to food. Here are five options where your writing could find a home:

1. Listverse

Listverse is a popular online platform that pays writers for list articles. They are particularly interested in unique, offbeat content that is likely to go viral. You can write about almost any subject, as long as your article is in the form of a list.

2. Cracked

Cracked is a humor website that pays for funny and creative articles. They have a wide range of categories, including lifestyle topics, and they’re always looking for pieces with viral potential. They pay for original articles and also for ideas for photo-plagiarism pieces.

3. The Travel Writer’s Life

The Travel Writer’s Life is an online publication that pays for travel articles. They are particularly interested in stories that provide readers with unique insights into destinations, or ‘how-to’ articles about getting published, earning income through writing, photography, and tours.

4. Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan is a well-known lifestyle magazine that accepts submissions from freelance writers. They’re interested in personal essays that would appeal to their millennial audience. Though they’re a traditional print magazine, they also have a strong online presence where viral-style articles can thrive.

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5. Salon

Salon pays for thought-provoking essays and commentaries that can get people talking. While they’re not strictly a lifestyle magazine, they do publish articles on a wide variety of topics, including culture, health, and personal essays.

Where do I sign up?

Fill out the simple sign-up form here.

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