How and Where to Get Your Preferred Ice Cream for Free

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How and Where to Get Your Preferred Ice Cream for Free

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Ice cream is a universally-accepted treat and the most consumed dessert in America. Data from International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) show that U.S. ice cream makers produced over 1.3 billion gallons in 2021.  

The IDFA’s Dairy Delivers® reports that the over $13.1 billion industry significantly impacts the U.S. economy. It supports 28,800 direct jobs while generating over $1.8 billion in direct wages.  

Most U.S. ice cream is manufactured in July. Ice cream is so special a dessert that the whole of July is dedicated to it. 

Did you know you can enjoy this frozen dessert without paying a dime? Stay glued to know how to get free ice cream near me today.  

1. Baskin-Robbins 

Baskin Robbins, the 1945 brainchild of Irv Robbins and Burt Baskin, has stood the test of time for its notable selection of high-quality ice creams. It’s the ice cream maker with the most specialty shops worldwide.  

The ice brand holds the Guinness World Record for producing the most oversized cup of ice cream in 2005. The massively big vanilla ice cream weighed 4021 kilograms, approximately six times the weight of Jon Brower Minnoch, the world’s heaviest man

Baskin-Robbins has over 850 BR stores in the United States and provides over 1300 ice cream flavors. You can enjoy no-pay Baskin-Robbins ice cream at different times of the year, especially when: 

2. BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse 

BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse opened its doors in 1978 in Southern California. The world-class restaurant is dedicated to crafting beverages, foods, and desserts that energize and buzz your taste buds. And the best of all is their world-renowned and delicious dessert, Pizookie®.  

Made to detail with the proper ratio of gooey, creamy, warm, and cold, this ice cream is one of the perfect coolants during those hot July days. 

When you visit B.J.’s Restaurant and Brewhouse website, you’ll see a pop-out on your screen’s right side. Click on it, and you will be directed to the Premier Rewards Plus sign-up page. Sign up to get a free Pizookie and earn redeemable points. 

3. Bruster’s Real Ice Cream 

Bruster’s Real Ice Cream is a 1989 franchise born out of Bruce Reed’s desire to create fresh homemade ice cream. The brand has passionately provided high-quality, small-batch ice cream for over 32 years. 

Ice cream lovers have 24 freshly prepared flavors to pick from and over 150 handcrafted flavor recipes. Bruster’s Real Ice Cream has 220 independently-owned locations in 22 states, South Korea, and Guyana. 

One way this ice cream franchise gives back to society is by offering no-pay mini ice cream cones to kids below 30 inches in height. Its Sweet Rewards e-Club program gives you a variety of freebies, including; 

  • Cake cone when you purchase a waffle cone  
  • Cost-free waffle cone with ice cream on your birthday  
  • Unpaid sugar coupon  
  • A buy-one-get-one-free ice cream offer when celebrating the anniversary of the date you joined the program 

You may also get a no-pay waffle cone when you show up wearing pajamas on P.J. day  

4. Dairy Queen  

Dairy Queen is among America’s top soft-serve ice cream shops owned by International Dairy Queen, Inc. The company has stores operated independently under different brands but all bear the Dairy Queen logo and original signature. It has a total of over 6400 stores scattered in 27 countries. 

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Dairy Queen holds a no-pay Cone Day event annually, where participating customers get free small vanilla soft-serve cones. Every customer visiting stores in participating locations gets a cone, so everyone in your family can get theirs. 

They don’t have a specific date or month when they hold the annual Free Cone Day. However, it’s often held in the spring to celebrate the hot weather, especially in March. You can learn about Dairy Queen Free Cone Day by visiting the company’s news section.  

5. Ben & Jerry’s 

Ben & Jerry’s is a fanciful ice cream scoop shop that began operations in a refurbished gas station in Burlington in 1978. It was originally the idea of Ben and Jerry, which they converted into a money-generating project with a capital of $12,000.  

At Ben & Jerry’s scoop stores, you can enjoy free ice cream in your favorite flavor. 

The company’s scoop truck often moves across West and East Coasts during summer, offering free samples of the newly introduced ice cream flavors. Watch over this truck to grab your free ice cream.  

Additionally, this ice cream store organizes yearly Free Cone Day, especially in April. Stay glued to their news page to know when next year’s Free Cone Day will hold. 

6. Haagen-Dazs 

Häagen-Dazs, the famous American ice cream brand, is a 1960 brainchild of Reuben and Rose Mattus. Initially, the brand only offered three essential flavors, coffee, vanilla, and chocolate, before initiating its extensive assortment of sweet and lovely flavors. 

Häagen-Dazs has several stores across the United States, and each commits to offering the best-quality ice cream with various flavors. 

If you love Häagen-Dazs ice cream and wouldn’t mind a free scoop, there are several ways to win a free Haagen-Dazs-branded ice cream. 

Download and install the brand’s mobile app and claim your free cone or cup of ice cream. Two, you can signup up for the Sweet Rewards program to get free ice cream during your birth date. 

7. Carvel 

Carvel, named after the founder, Tom Carvel, was born out of the desire to offer a happy escape and make people smile. Tom got motivated by the growing demand for softer, melting frozen treats. That pushed him to invent his most chilling and relaxing fresh creamy ice cream.  

For many consumers, Carvel ice cream is fresh, creamy, and smooth and satisfies the taste buds. 

The large and ever-growing ice cream brand has a lot to offer its clients, including new enticing flavors, yearly newbies, and amazing discounts. You can get free ice cream when you join the Fudgie Fanatics programs.  

Joining the program also unlocks a variety of exclusive deals and discounts. As a carvel ice cream lover, you get free ice cream when you buy a classic soft ice cream on Wednesdays. 

8. Marble Slab  

If you’re a diehard ice cream lover in the U.S., you have likely tasted the fresh homemade ice cream from Marble Slab Creamery. Marble Slab Creamery is one of the top-leading fresh homemade ice cream providers in the United States. 

The ice cream company has operated since 1983, offering only top-quality and fresh ice cream. Besides its many ice cream flavors and affordable pricing, Marble Slab Creamery offers a variety of discounts and free ice.  

You can get free ice cream by joining the Slab Happy Reward program. Other benefits include a $5 reward usable for purchases from the store. 

Every purchase garners you points redeemable into cash gifts. The brand offers its customers free ice cream during anniversaries, special holidays, and birthdays. 

9. TGI Fridays 

TGI Fridays is a renowned American restaurant chain that offers best-in-the-class casual dining and American dining. Per the restaurant founder, TGI stands for “Thank God It’s Friday.” 

In addition to offering quality cuisine and dining solutions, TGI Fridays offer a reward program known as Fridays Rewards. Members of the program earn a redeemable point for every dollar spent. You can redeem the points for unpaid food or desserts.  

The restaurant offers complimentary desserts during anniversaries and birthdays to appreciate its clients. So, on your next birthday, you can earn a free ice cream from TGI Fridays. You can also redeem your points or coupons for no-pay ice cream. 

10. Menchies Frozen Yoghurt 

Want to enjoy moments with friends and family but need help finding a magical place that offers value for money? Menchies Frozen Yoghurt is an award-winning American Franchise with over 540 locations worldwide.  

In most stores, you can order customized frozen yogurt treats flavored and decorated to your preferences. Menchies Frozen Yoghurt cares for you even during your lowest financial moments. 

You can get free Menchie’s froyo when you join the MySmileage rewards program. As a new member, you get the following: 

  • A cost-free $5 birthday froyo  
  • A no-pay $5 froyo for accumulating 50 smiles  
  • 25 bonus smiles  
  • Ten smiles after visiting the visiting seven days after registration  

11. Cold Stone Creamery  

Cold Stone Creamery has offered its clients fresh ice cream, shakes, smoothies, and cakes in different parts of the world for over thirty years. The brand has gained a great reputation for its high-quality ingredients and extensive customized ice cream recipes and flavors. You can grab best-in-class and naturally prepared ice cream for a price friendly to your pockets. 

If you’re loaded but still want to enjoy Cold Stone Creamery ice creams, you can still get cost-free ice cream. You can contact your nearby Cold Stone Creamery store for an unpaid ice cream treat on your birthday. 

Similarly, you can claim your BOGO offer during special holidays. To do so, sign up for My Cold Stone Club

As a club member, you’re entitled to various offers, including member-only offers and exclusive opportunities to win great prizes all year round. 

12. Ibotta  

Ibotta is a highly credible free cash-back rewards mobile and web app, offering members real cash rewards for money spent on purchases. This platform has a partnership with over 2700 brands and retailers. They offer dozens of innovative and reliable ways to earn cash on purchases.  

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Since the launching of the app in 2012, it has been downloaded by millions of users worldwide. Over $1.2 million has been paid in cash rewards to more than 40 million qualified users. 

It works such that when you buy certain products and upload a photograph of your receipt, they reward you with a cash bonus. But you must create an account, choose your favorite rebate offers, and buy products featured in those offers. They will then send your rebate to your Venmo, PayPal, or bank account.  

Now that you have free money, why can’t you get yourself an ice cream? 

13. Rita’s Italian Ice 

Rita’s Italian Ice is the perfect ice cream hotspot for you to mark traditions, create memories, and celebrate those special moments. The ice shop was founded by a former Philadelphia firefighter, Bob Tumolo, in 1984, close to his front porch. He named the first shop Rita, after his wife, which offered the highest-quality and best-tasting Italian ice cream. Now, Rita’s Italian Ice has branches scattered in over 30 states. 

If you’re a lover of Rita’s Italian Ice and want complimentary ice cream, there are two ways to achieve your dream. First, download and install Rita’s app on your Android or iOS device and claim your free treat. 

The second way is to become a member of Rita’s Birthday club. As a member, you receive exclusive bonuses, rewards, and a scoop of not-for-pay ice cream on your birthday. 

14. Dippin’ Dots 

Dippin’ Dots is a delicious ice cream dessert and one of the best creations by Curt Jones. The ice cream is created by flash-freezing ice cream mixed in nitrogen. It has been a top treat for adults and children since 1988. 

To give back to the community and help clients celebrate Ice Cream month in style, Dippin’ Dots offers a no-cost mini cup of Dippin’ Dots on ice cream day in July every year. The free ice cream is usually available at selected shopping center locations and stores in the United States. 

Follow up with them to know when the next free ice cream challenge will hold. 

15. McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream 

For over 70 years, McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams has produced and sold the finest sustainably and responsibly produced ice cream in the United States. The top-seller ice creamer has consistently offered pure-flavored and dense ice cream with consistent texture and a soft mouth feel. 

Like other top ice cream producers, McConnell’s honors National Ice Cream Day. On the exact day every year, the ice cream brand offers an extra scoop at no cost when you order a cone or ice cream cup. The offer is mostly designated for specific shops. 

2022’s offers were designated for Studio City, San Luis Obispo, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara shops. Therefore, don’t expect to find the offer in these shop locations next year. 

16. Salt & Straw  

Salt & Straw is a fast-growing West Coast Creamery founded in 2011. It’s the invention of two cousins, Tyler Malek and Kim Malek, with headquarters in Portland, Oregon. Since its founding, the ice cream company has opened three locations in Portland, offering quality and fast home delivery services to clients all over the United States.  

The company packs ice cream in kraft paper and dry ice to ship it to clients in long-distance locations. The renowned wrestler and film star Dwayne Johnson, popularly known as the Rock is the highest shareholder, so he is partially the owner. 

It has gained a great reputation for its exotic ice cream flavors, with standout options, including Bone Marrow, Bourbon Smoked Cherries, and Arbequina Olive Oil. The ice cream company not only devotes itself to providing affordable ice cream but also offers amazing discounts and freebies. 

To help clients celebrate National Ice Cream Day more fashionably, the company offers Salt & Straw a variety of no-pay offers. You could get a no-pay ice cream to make your Ice Cream day more thrilling. 

17. TCBY TCBY is among the oldest and most credible frozen yogurt brands, known for offering super-quality nutritionally-packed ice creams. The ice cream franchise has served the ice cream industry for over 40 years. It has more than 250 well-established franchise locations throughout the United States.  

The frozen yogurt brand offers a variety of yogurt flavors with verities containing no sugar, low-fat content, or no fat at all. TCBY offers its clients a loyalty card, which they can use to amass points whenever they order anything in-store. After accumulating 30 points, you can redeem them into a $30 store credit. 

Become the first person to get updates on the latest offers, promotions, and freebies when you sign up for the TCBY e-Club. You can also sign up for email notifications to get updates when the company introduces new limited-time flavors and free ice cream offers. 


Friendly’s is a beloved ice cream and casual dining chain that has been serving delicious treats since 1935. With over 130 locations across the United States, Friendly’s is known for its wide variety of ice cream flavors and tasty menu options.

When you join Friendly’s Sweet Rewards program, you can enjoy various perks, including free ice cream on your birthday, special offers, and discounts.


Yogurtland is a popular self-serve frozen yogurt chain with numerous locations nationwide. Known for its wide selection of yogurt flavors and an array of toppings, Yogurtland offers a customizable and delicious experience.

By signing up for Yogurtland’s Real Rewards program, you can earn points for each purchase and receive free yogurt on your birthday.

Additionally, Real Rewards members enjoy exclusive offers and promotions throughout the year.


Culver’s is a fast-food chain that specializes in frozen custard, butterburgers, and other American favorites. With over 700 locations across the United States, Culver’s is known for its high-quality ingredients and made-to-order meals.

Join Culver’s eClub and receive a special treat on your birthday, which often includes a free scoop of their delicious frozen custard. The eClub membership also grants you access to exclusive discounts and promotions.


Ice cream is a marvelous dessert, loved and accepted by people of all ages and races. It’s ranked the most consumed dessert in America, with millions of gallons produced and consumed yearly. As an ice cream lover, it’s only normal to want to if you can grab your favorite ice cream flavor from a renowned brand at no cost.  

Everyone in the United States can get free ice cream anytime, but that is if they know where to get it. The above article lists the top-leading places to get free ice cream.  

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