Internet Researcher NEW Company

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Internet Researcher NEW Company

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I spent some time this morning on the website. I try to make it on there every few days and read through the newest job leads. I was excited when I read of a company hiring internet researchers. Unfortunately the website did not give much information about the position. However, I figured it couldn’t hurt to send my resume and cover letter. Here is the link if any of you are interested as well:

The company, East Tennessee Innovations is a new company. Only a year old! Which sometimes can be nice to start off with a company at the roots. But other times it is a pain to deal with while they work out their bugs and learn how to function at its best.

I did some online reading to find most people who apply are invited to test for the company. The email they send tells you they pay $20 per completed project plus ‘profit sharing’. There is not much more detail than that. No one knows how long a project would take to complete. The website is very new and some people are a little skeptical. At this point, I see no reason to worry and plan to pursue this. I will keep any of you updated if I am invited to test and let you know where I go with it.

Just after submitting this post I found an auto response email in my inbox. They replied to my email with a little more information about the position. They also let me know they are having a tremendous response and it may be up to 2 weeks before I hear a response from them. Here is their explanation of the position and their company:



“Markets are adopting many of our patent pending inventions.  We need Researchers to catch copycats by surfing online according to their individual schedules. Researchers can work flexible hours and work at our facility or telecommute from home.

We work with one of the world’s largest intellectual property portfolios.  It includes thousands of easily understood inventions.  We have filed probably the largest known patent applications in the US and over 60 other countries. Many of our popular inventions are being copied”


As you can tell…I am passing on my information very fresh. So here is a link that gives a little more history to the company. They have changed their website recently, which is why so many people think they are only a week old. But here is some older information from last year. :

It appears, if things are the same, the max you can make a week is $100. But not bad to have on the side. Someone says each project takes about 1-4 hours to complete. The more experience, the faster you can become.  Of course this information is a year old. 

UPDATE 07/16/10 8:30 AM

Since posting this job link
yesterday, I have seen it posted on a half a dozen other trusted boards as wells. I have full confidence this job is legit. Right now, my concern is if it is worth the effort. But I think only time will tell me that.

Last night I checked my email to find they sent me an email inviting me to take their test. I am eager to complete it later today. Once I do, I will let you all know what the test is like. If you are interested in this job, be sure to  keep an eye on this post as I will be continually updating with my personal experience.

UPDATE 07/19/10

So I have received the test and boy is there a lot of information! There is a 28 page manual as well as a few other resources to learn the job…just for the test. It appears to be very difficult work and I am not sure I can even figure it all out myself.  The company says they realize how difficult it can be to understand and they will provide one on one help and actually encourage it. I am still not sure if it is worth the time learning and doing. At $20 a project, it looks as if  could literally spend an entire day trying to complete. Although, someone did say it takes her an average of 1-4 hours. It might just be something that once figured out is pretty simple. I am still not for sure if I will be continuing or stopping with this. I am watching forums for other peoples experience at the moment. I will update again once I make my decision and share what I learn.
**If anyone here has completed the test PLEASE comment below about your experience. I have yet to find someone who has completed it during this hiring phase. THANKS!

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