FlexJobs Review: Is This Job Search Site Worth Paying For Each Month?

Updated on: by Amy Kennedy

There are many sites on the web where you can find remote jobs and work at home jobs. Most of them don’t require workers to pay to view their listings. FlexJobs is a little different, though, in that it requires you to have a paid membership. Find out here if we think it’s worth its monthly costs.There have been many questions in the work-from-world about FlexJobs.com.

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Everyone knows you shouldn’t pay for a job, yet FlexJobs charges a membership fee.

So is it automatically a scam?

The short answer is no.

They are not a scam.

In fact, they are so legit that major news networks such as NBC have run news stories about how awesome they are.

No, you shouldn’t pay for a job.

With FlexJobs you are paying for a service that actually weeds out the scams for you.

So is it worth it?

I say yes, but you should definitely see for yourself.

A Closer Look at the Company

sara-suton-fellFlexJobs was born when, in 2007, experienced entrepreneur Sarah Fell was pregnant, and she began looking for a job that would allow for a flexible work schedule.

Knowing from her own experience, as the co-founder of Job Direct, that legitimate flexible job opportunities did exist, she because highly frustrated with the number of scams she had to week through to find anything.

In fact, it seemed almost impossible to find anything that was both legitimate and in-line with her career. In this, she saw an opportunity.

She realized the need for a job site that brought all of these types of jobs together that was clean, professional, and easy to navigate.

Thus FlexJobs was created. It offers postings for jobs with flexible schedules, work-from-home opportunities, and flex-time arrangements.

What Can I Expect from A Membership?

I took it upon myself to dive deep into the FlexJobs world so you could see exactly what you are getting when you pay for a membership.

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It is easy to read what others say about their experiences, but until you can see it for yourself, the decision is still a tough one.

My goal is to give you an inside peak into FlexJobs, how it works, what it offers, and what it can do for you.

You can expect access to thousands of job postings in a searchable database.

These postings include jobs of various types from all over the world.

They are not all work-from-home jobs, but you can set your search to look for the level of telecommute that you desire.

You can expect high quality job leads without scams, and suggestions for jobs you may be interested in based on your profile.

This will save you hours upon hours of wading through scam after scam.


There are three membership levels to choose from.

Subscriptions start at $14.95 for one month, $29.95 for 3 months, and $49.95 for a one-year subscription.

They offer a 30-day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose, and the site is offering subscriptions at 30% off right now using the coupon code SAVE30.

UPDATE 2023: The SAVE30 code is outdated, but FlexJobs frequently offers similar discounts throughout the year.

You can do a quick Google search to find them!

You might also try coupon sites, like RetailMeNot, to find current codes to use to save on the cost of a membership.

For example, one right now gives up to 50% off a membership to FlexJobs!


Is there a free trial?

Unfortunately, no.

Unlike a lot of paid services, FlexJobs has no free trial offer for you to browse the site and decide if you want to pay for its listings.

This is a big downfall of FlexJobs, in my opinion.

However, FlexJobs does let anyone browse the site with limited search ability, so you can somewhat see what you’re getting yourself into.

You can search for jobs, for example, but FlexJobs will cover up the actual listing and the company information so that you can’t search for it on your own.

Still, you’ll be able to see that there are some jobs listed in your industry.

You’ll just need to decide if it’s worth it to you to pay to see them all.

The good news is that you can always sign up for less than $15 for one month to get a feel for how it works.

If you don’t love FlexJobs or think it’s worth the cost, then just go to your account and cancel your membership before it ends to avoid getting charged for another month of service.

You can also take advantage of the 30-day money back guarantee if FlexJobs didn’t live up to your expectations.

This is almost as good as getting a free trial (although I know some of you would rather have a month to try it out without giving away your financial information!).

As many have indicated, the 30-day money back guarantee is legit.

I’ve seen plenty of online reviews from people who have used the guarantee and have gotten their money back without an issue.

How do I sign up?

The sign up process is easy. The first screen is a simple sign up page where you set up your account login information.

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After that you head to the page where you choose your package and pay, entering credit card information as you would expect.


Once you are a paid member, you are ready to get started.


The process is very thorough but worth it to weed out those jobs you for which you would not be interested in applying.

You are asked to choose the level of telecommuting you are looking for and the categories of jobs you are interested in.

Then they list four ways to get started.


My suggestion is to head over to account management and take care of business first, so you can enjoy your time on the site without worry of automatic renewal.

If that is something that does not bother, skip it.

To make sure you do not auto-renew, even though I am positive you will want to renew, click on your name on the top right.

Click on account, then subscription management.

You will see options to upgrade, set to expire (this is the one that keeps you from auto renewing), and cancel immediately.

Don’t do that. The fun is just starting!

Once you have taken care of business, I suggest you create a profile.

While you certainly do not have to, as you can search for jobs without it, it will allow those with jobs to fill to see your qualifications.

Setting Up a Profile

On your dashboard, you will notice several tabs.

The first one is About Me.

This is where you create your profile.

The number one tip offered by FlexJobs about profiles is to note the importance of a title.

You can see what I came up with on the screenshot below.

It will be the first thing you are asked to do, and it will be how people on the site see you.

FlexJobs suggests being as descriptive as possible without writing a book.

Something catchy that lets them know exactly what you offer.



Your profile title is your first impression, and then you set up the meat of the profile.

You can attach social media accounts, and you can showcase samples of your work.

In addition, you can let those who view your profile know your home office set up and military status.

There a different privacy settings as well.

You can decide whether you want any employer to be able to see your profile, only those that are members of FlexJobs, or no one at all.

Also in this section are tabs for either uploading a resume, or building one from scratch.

You can link to a LinkedIn resume as well.

The “My PDF” tab will take you to a PDF containing all the information in your profile.

Job Search

This why you are here right?

There are two ways to search for jobs.

If you set up a profile, FlexJobs will search its database for jobs that fit your needs and wants based on what you tell it, and offer those as suggestions.

These will show up for you when you log in under “New Jobs of Interest,” as well as in an email.

My results in this search have been right on target based on my setting thus far.

I get freelance writing, contract, and social media leads frequently.

Sometimes there are more than others, but they are always relevant.

Here is an example:


The next other option is an advanced job search.


As you can see, this option allows you to enter in anything and everything you are looking for in a job in an effort to find those that fit exactly what you want as closely as possible.

I tried this out a few different ways as well and the result that came back were always promising.

You can also search jobs based on location by clicking on “Find Jobs by Location” at the top.


Alternatively, you can choose the “Job Categories” option and browse jobs by category.

Categories begin broad and as you click through you can narrow the field.

What Else Does FlexJobs Offer?

I am so glad you asked!

See, while finding job leads is the number one reason for using FlexJobs, once you are a member there are a few other perks that are pretty awesome.

One of these is the option to take skills tests.

Now, you can take these tests without a membership for $14.99 each, but they are free, as in they cost nothing, for members.

There are over 170 of them to choose from.

They are each 40 questions and take around 40 minutes to complete.

A score of 70% or greater will get a passing notation on your profile.

A score of less than 70% will not show up anywhere at all.

There is no penalty for a bad score, so you have nothing to lose.

You can retake a text after 24 hours, but note that the questions rotate so you will not likely be taking an identical test.

The highest score is the one that is kept.

There is no review of questions and answers after the test.

This is in an effort to continually measure organic knowledge, so that the tests remain useful and relevant.

What’s the benefit of taking a skills test on FlexJobs?

These tests indicate to recruiters that you know what you’re doing in your industry, which can help show them that you have the skills you’ll need for their job.

If you apply to a job, your skills test results will show on your profile.

Good scores can help you stand out from the competition!

Here is just a sample of some of the tests offered.


Another great perk of membership is partner offers.

FlexJobs has partnerships with multiple popular companies of various types to offer exclusive benefits to its members. Some current examples include:

  • 20% off of a Grammarly subscription
  • 1 month free trial to Skillshare with no credit card required
  • $50 worth of coupons and 3 free items for new Costco members
  • 50% off a QuickBooks for Self-Employed subscription
  • Discounts on UrbanSitter.com
  • com discounts

That is just a few. Here is a look at some of the other partners.

partner-perks-2-flex-jobs partner-perks-1-flex-jobs

In addition to these perks, FlexJobs can also help you research for companies that offer flexible work options that can help you find something exactly tailored to your needs.

They offer a current list of the most flexible companies and detailed information on each one.

This may include what positions have flexible working conditions, what those conditions are, who qualifies for them, and any benefits that may be included.

You can narrow your search to full-time, part-time, telecommute, and more to find exactly what you’re looking for.

In other words, make your job work around you, not the other way around!

Flexjobs Reviews: What Do Others Say?

Better Business Bureau

The good news is that FlexJobs is accredited with the BBB and has been since 2008.

According to the BBB website, others think they are pretty great.

They have an A+ rating!

Be careful though.

If you just go to the Better Business Bureau web page and do a search for “FlexJobs,” you are not going to get the results you want.

Follow the link including here, or search for “FlexJobs.com.”

This is the business you are looking for, and as you can see, they are well respected.

Although BBB accreditation doesn’t automatically mean a company isn’t a scam, it’s a good indication that a company wants to do right by its customers and gain their trust.

In that respect, we like that FlexJobs took the time to gain accreditation and continues to keep up its good BBB rating by quickly responding to disputes.

Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal also has great things to say about the site

A helpful subscription site for job seekers is FlexJobs, which vets telecommuting and other flexible jobs and also publishes lists of the best companies for flexible work.” –Sara Sutton Fell, chief executive officer.

Other FlexJobs Users

Of course, if you scour the internet for opinions you are going to get mixed reviews.

This is the case with just about any website, especially one you have to pay for to access all its goodies.

I found some users who were pleased with their Flex Jobs experience, while others were not.

I wondered at first if those were unhappy were those who had not found jobs, and those who were happy were those who landed great flexible jobs using the service.

However, after reading through a ton of reviews, there were people who had not yet found a job that were quite happy with the service.

Those who were unhappy were those with expectations that did not line up with what FlexJobs.com is offering.

These were people who signed up for the service expecting to find only work-from-home jobs, or that were disappointed in the types of careers that offer flexible scheduling.

While that would certainly be disappointing, FlexJobs is clear that they post jobs with all types of flexible scheduling opportunities.

FlexJobs never sells itself as a work from home-only job site, although that’s what many people seem to think it is before they sign up.

Then they’re disappointed when they find out that many of the jobs are on-site jobs, just offering more flexibility with their schedules and work requirements than other jobs.

They are also clear that they scour the internet for these jobs, but they cannot control what is actually offered.

Some job types lend themselves to more flexibility than others.

Knowing this, they offer every possible option for weeding out those jobs that are not relevant to you, and make it easy to cancel service if you try it and it does not work out.

Pros and Cons


  • No Scams Guaranteed
  • No Ads (I wasn’t sure about this one but I haven’t seen one yet!)
  • Easy Peasy billing options if you do not want to be charged each month automatically
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Easy search and filter options
  • All those member benefits
  • Keeps flexible job searches in one place, right at your fingertips


  • The cost I guess… everyone wants free right?
  • Not ALL of the jobs are work-from-home jobs
  • Technically a lot of the jobs are posted publicly rather than exclusively on the FlexJobs, so you could find them on your own if you took the time to look
  • The site itself is a little cluttered
  • No free trial

Let’s Get Down to Brass Tacks… Is it Worth It?

I say yes, at least for most.

Some members were unhappy, but virtually all of them had not read the reviews and had no clue what they were actually getting.

If you understand that FlexJobs is here to help match you with flexible jobs – not just work at home jobs (although you can find them here, too) – then you’ll probably be much happier with your experience.

These are not all work from home jobs.

They are flexible jobs, hence the name, FlexJobs.

Some of them are work from home, some of them are flex time, and some them are a mix.

If you know what you are looking for, and you enter the information correctly into your search, you are going to save time and money.


You are going to be given a comprehensive list of jobs leads that fit what you are looking, with the assurance that none of them are scams.

The staff at FlexJobs dedicates their time to scouring the internet each day for legitimate jobs leads, so you can simply enter your search criteria and start applying.

One last note. FlexJobs.com is NOT related to MyFlexJobs in any way. MyFlexJobs has been shown time and again to be a scam.

Do not confuse the two.

Bottom Line: Is FlexJobs Legit or a Scam?

Of course, Work at Home Adventures is an excellent FREE source for finding work-at-home jobs.

However, if you are serious about finding work that you can do from home, you need to use every legitimate resource you can find.

I truly believe FlexJobs.com is a great resource to have in your job search arsenal.

I always find something worth looking in to.

And, honestly, you might find your dream job in just one month, meaning that you’ve spent less than $15 to find it.

Sounds worth it to me.

Plus, you can always get your money back if the site just didn’t live up to your expectations.

If you’re interested in giving FlexJobs a try, you can sign up here.

Other Options for Flexible Work

FlexJobs might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Here are a few of my favorite job search sites that might suit you better than FlexJobs for finding remote, flexible, or at-home work:


Upwork used to be a completely free option for freelancers looking for gigs unless they chose to pay for a subscription, but there are now some low costs involved to apply for jobs.

Still, we’re talking low here – usually less than $1 – to apply for a gig.

There are jobs in almost any industry here, so just about any freelancer can find work that meshes with their skills.

Just set up a profile, get it approved by the Upwork team, and you’re ready to start looking.


Remote.com might be a better alternative for workers who are strictly looking for remote jobs rather than telecommuting jobs you’ll mostly find on FlexJobs.

The site is super clean and easy to navigate and there are new listings posted daily.

Complete your profile and add your resume for recruiters to be able to find you!

The Mom Project

This site is focused on helping women achieve their career goals by matching them with flexible opportunities that let them be both careerwoman and mom.

You can browse available jobs yourself or complete your profile to get automatically matched with jobs that fit your skills and interests.

Some of these jobs are remote or work from home jobs, while others will be traditional on-site jobs.

Be sure to check each listing to see what type of job it is before applying.

Tried out FlexJobs before? What has been your experience on the site? Please let us know in the comments!

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Sarah C.

July 25, 2013 at 10:10 pm

I never ever, ever leave comments online but I felt like I needed to chime in here.

Somehow, a handful of people in my core group of friends have had severe injuries over the last few years that has resulted in them having to leave their jobs. At this point, some of us are waiting for our SSI appeals and have been for over a year. All of us are classic “overachievers” and don’t sit idle very well. After Googling every combination of “work from home” type keywords I found FlexJobs. I immediately could tell it was different than most of the others because:
(1) NO promises were made and no guarantees were implied. Like most other sites they claimed to be the most comprehensive out there but I always take those statements with a grain of salt.
(2) There are REAL human beings running this operation. There are actual flesh and blood people who scour the internet and print for LEGITIMATE telecommuting positions. They also make it clear that they do not post the usual “start-your-own-chicken-breeding-job-from-home” type of scams. You can search and find positions by company-all of which I have seen are ones that most people are familiar with (Pfizer, United Healthcare, etc.)
(3) Customer service by, you guessed it, a real flesh and blood human, not just an auto-bot response with links to self-help sections of their site.
(4) Ok, it does cost a little money. In comparison to the crappy, scam, outdated or non-legitimate “jobs” that the majority of other similar sites post its worth it. It’s literally pennies a day. The site also has very informative group forums, resume reviews and tips, etc.
(5) Do a search for something like “FlexJobs discount,” “FlexJobs coupon Codes” or the like and you WILL find significantly reduced prices. There are several floating around pout there that take the price of 1 month down to $5. Not a bad price in the whole scheme of things to me. Considering how much time I’ve wasted searching and searching and getting increasingly frustrated its worth every red cent to me.

To clarify, I am in no, way, shape or form affiliated with FlexJobs whatsoever…although if someone from their website were to stumble across this post please contact me if there are any telecom openings. 😉 Hahaha. By nature, I’m a fairly suspicious and untrusting person and FJ has gone above and beyond to impress me enough to not only purchase the annual membership but also run my mouth to my job-hunting friends about them.

I hope this rant helps anyone who is on the fence. I’ll post the links for discount codes I’ve used below. I’m new to this site so I’m not sure on the policy for that type of thing. Hopefully they don’t get deleted! Cheers and happy hunting y’all.

Miranda Grimm

July 25, 2013 at 10:33 pm

Thanks for sharing this with us! We found this coupon code: [FJALUMNI] for Flexjobs

M Myers

September 23, 2013 at 5:21 pm

I’m tight-fisted when I’m out of work, and I didn’t even have a coupon or know about this review, but I took the plunge & subscribed to FlexJobs.com in early July. I got a customer service & sales job offer at the nation’s third largest telecom this week & start Sept 30. I was skeptical too, but don’t they actually offer your money back if you’re unhappy? It was worth the risk because there is so much crud to wade through on the internet and their leads are well vetted, from extremely legit companies that you know of and probably want to work for, so I wasn’t wasting my valuable time reading through reams of useless ads that are out there! Good luck to each of you in your search.

Bojan - Alpha Efficiency

October 19, 2013 at 6:52 pm

Thanks for clarifying this for me, it made a lot of difference, instead of shrugging them off as a scam from the get-go.

Think they need to convey a little bit different message to their visitors, as this wasn’t clear to me from the get go.


November 25, 2013 at 1:12 pm

Thanks for posting this! I’ve been looking at the jobs on FJ for a while, but didn’t want to pay a fee for something if it wasn’t worth it. There were a few jobs that I would love to apply for, but couldn’t because of not having an account. Now that I know they are legit, I will probably go ahead and try it out for a month (with a promo code).

Thanks again!!


December 26, 2013 at 1:22 pm

I used flexjobs for 2 months and found an excellent telecommuting position. I was very satisfied with how flexjobs handled the listing and I am very happy with my at-home job. I’ve been employed by the same company for 6 months.


January 30, 2014 at 1:14 pm

I just signed up today Jan 30 2014, the coupon code you posted in the article is giving a 60% discount for 1 month subscription, and 30% for 3 month and 1 year. thats $5.00 for 1 month!!! if you want to try it, now is a good time!! FJALUMNI

Bryant Hayward

April 7, 2014 at 2:39 pm

Just had to chime in with my 2 cents. I have not signed up with FlexJobs yet, but I believe I will today. I did call them the other day to ask a few questions before signing up and I received a call back a couple hours later from a gentleman who was very pleasant and did not seem in a hurry to “get me off the phone so he could get to the next caller”. He answered my questions completely and courteously, and made me feel very confident in the service they offer. As others have said, they definitely seem to want to give a valuable service. Sometimes looking through all the junk (especially on Craig’s list) for legitimate job opportunities is a nightmare! I think the $15/mo is a very reasonable fee for the service they provide. That’s only a couple meals at some cheesy fast-food heart-attack place, after all.

seo tampa fl

February 28, 2015 at 2:23 pm

Its like you read my mind! You seem to grasp a
lot about this, like you wrote the e book in it or something.
I feel that you just can doo with a few % to power
the mdssage home a little bit, however instead of that, that is magnificent
blog. An excellent read. I’ll certainly be back.


March 29, 2016 at 1:57 pm

yes. flex jobs.com not myflexjob.com completely different site. I have a couple friends that had a great experience with the site.


March 29, 2016 at 1:59 pm

Different site. That’s for myflexjob. flex jobs is legit


July 22, 2016 at 2:14 am

Thanks for the article. It’s very informative.

I have just one question. Can you please help me with that?

Suppose I paid the subscription amount, became a Flexjobs member and applied for a job that matches my profile. What happens after that, if the employer finds my profile suiting his needs?

* Will there be an evaluation/interview for the selection?

* and how is the payment done to me? Like is it after all the work is done or how is that?

Please respond to my question if you have any idea about these.

Thanks in advance


October 4, 2016 at 1:07 pm

Typically that would be up to the specific company. FlexJobs is a job board where employers can post jobs, each company decides on their own how to pay, who to hire,etc.


October 3, 2016 at 8:31 pm

Sorry. I love your site. FlexJobs pops up everywhere during the remote/telecommute job search. I currently work remotely, but am looking to make an exit from the customer service industry. (Even if you’re the only one that sees this because it gets deleted, that’s okay) I just wanted to say, maybe the people that don’t understand what a job board is A.) Are the people that need a paid job board, and B.) Shouldn’t work from home.


November 28, 2016 at 8:47 pm

I LOVE Flexjobs! Got a job with Appen that held me over for a bit. It’s always difficult for people to know what is a scam and what is not, especially when you have to pay for a service such as this. I think they offer a free trial as well. Something along those lines?


December 19, 2016 at 9:47 pm

Sorry, but I have had a less than positive experience. I have paid two 3 month subscriptions over the last 5 years and NEVER got a job through their “service”. I actually found many of the same positions listed on other free sites myself.

I was thinking “3rd time’s a charm” but fear it will be more of the same.


December 20, 2016 at 8:27 am

This review and most of the reviews out there make it clear that you can find the job listings on your own, for free. You are paying for convenience and the comfort of knowing the jobs have been researched, so they are not a scam. I am sorry you haven’t found anything yet. It can be difficult for sure. The work-from-home market it extremely competitive.


January 5, 2017 at 3:00 am


I am Digital Data Analyst from India and a mother of 3 years old girl. I am looking for work from home option but since I live in India, do you think I can see job postings that are willing to hire someone from India!

Please let me know


January 5, 2017 at 8:24 am

We post job postings from the US but some do allow workers from other countries. You just have to read the posting and inquire of the company to find out:)

T. Aziz

January 6, 2017 at 4:47 am

Can Flexjob be used for corp-to-corp placements?


February 4, 2017 at 11:56 pm

So I came across this article while doing some research into FlexJobs and whether I should join it or not. This article makes me think it’s likely a waste of my money. That’s due to how poorly this article was written.

1) Screen shots – No websites I know allow users to post member-only content publicly.

2) Wall Street Journal quote – The quote you gave indicating the WSJ had great things to say was a QUOTE FROM THE FLEXJOBS CEO in the story. That means NOTHING to what the WSJ has to say about the company.

3) BBB dismissal – You simply can’t just dismiss the negative reviews of ‘flexjobs’ in the BBB just because they don’t say flexjobs.com. Maybe some of those are meant to be for some other business, but certainly many of them are regarding flexjobs.com too.

Which leaves me wondering exactly how much you were paid to create / post this content here.


February 6, 2017 at 11:06 am

No one is dismissing anything from the BBB. It is clear that flexjobs.com has an A+ rating as is seen here https://www.bbb.org/denver/business-reviews/employment-agencies/flexjobs-in-denver-co-90091095.

No reputable publication would post an article or a quote from a company CEO if they did not feel the company was reputable, unless they did so in an article that was disputing that reputation. You can read the article and see that is not the case. The fact that flexjobs.com was recognized by WSJ at all is a good sign.

The screenshots are allowed to let others see the benefits of membership.

Thank you for your feedback.

Jeff Hornok

April 11, 2017 at 1:33 pm

I am going back and forth on starting with a flexjobs membership, but had a few questions. I have 22 years sales experience, owned a Dj Service for 28 years, but i need to work from home and besides many positions out there, i am wondering if their are any paid ( legit) surveys or opinion positions that i could do, that would pay $75 and up for. I do courier work Mon-Fri 9-5ish and deliver pizzas on the weekend. I need back surgery in the worst way and do not have the income to live on, as well as fighting with obamacare to get it covered. This has limited me to driving positions, due to the constant nerve pain and not being able to stand for any period of time.


April 17, 2017 at 1:32 pm

Most survey companies do not pay that much. Even if they do, the opportunities are few and far between. Surveys are mostly for extra money, not to make a living.

Big B

March 9, 2017 at 12:46 pm

Completely agree with you. There are basic tell-tale signs.

About this blog, well its clearly paid (or unpaid) marketing. As mentioned reviews are not about educating people how to register and pay but for listing the pro n cons / experience etc.
The bloggers photo also seem like lifted from google than anything real.
First few comments are too much of kiss ass to be true.

As far as flexjobs.com is concerned, it is a complete hoax. It works on the similar model as poorly worded Nigerian Prince mails. The quality of website is extremely shabby, all the logos are skewed, there’s just an obvious attempt to show the known logos, nothing else.

I started to google about them because I got a mail from another sham company called appen.com stating that they have been ranked #1 by flexjobs.com. They are hoax too. Their address in Philippines does not exist.

So basically one sham to cover the other n so on.

Some desperate guy is gonna be robbed off.


March 9, 2017 at 4:18 pm

It is really unfortunate you feel this way. FlexJobs is most definitely not at hoax. It is a comprehensive list of work from home job leads that weeds through the “scams” for you. You could absolutely do that on your own, for free, but if you prefer to pay for convenience, FlexJobs can save you the time and get you straight to applying for legitimate job leads.

Andrew Mitchell

August 26, 2018 at 1:31 pm

I’ve been trying Flexjobs for about 4 months. I’m a technical writer with 15 years of experience working for some of the most well known names in tech. These are companies recognized by everyone in the industry and most people outside of the industry. I have applied for many positions on the site and not only have I not found anything, I haven’t even received any replies. I can tell you with some degree of certainty that my resume, skills, and qualifications would be in the top 5 percentile on this site. And nothing. So I think the whole thing is a load of BS, maybe just an aggregator of old or expired jobs or a place where employers look to find people they can take advantage of. Perhaps they can see that I won’t work for $10 an hour so I don’t hear from them. I paid for a membership but I would recommend using real job boards like Indeed or Glassdoor, both of which have gotten me many responses, several interviews, and a couple job offers.