Is The GymPact App a Scam?

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is Gympact Smartphone app a scam?

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GymPact is an app that not only pays you for going to the gym, but charges you for not going.  The premise itself is genius.  You are much more likely to do something out of the fear of losing money rather than in an effort to earn a few cents.  But does it work?


GymPact Basics

At the beginning of each week you make a “pact” via the app stating how many days you intend to work out and how much you are willing to pay per day if you do not work out.  This amount can be between $5 and $50, but the default is $5.  At the end of the week the money paid from those who did not exercise is prorated out to those who did based on how much they offered up in their pact. Most say this generally comes to about $.50 to $.75 per workout.


How is it Tracked?

You check in to your gym via GPS, and then the app tracks how long you are there.  You have to be there 30 minutes for it to count.  When you make your pact, you give credit card information so that you can be automatically charged each week you do not keep your pact.


Does It Work?

There is a lot more information I could give, but the fact is I don’t think it matters.  The idea may be genius, but the logistics just don’t seem to be working right now.  First thing’s first, this is not an app designed to help you make money by exercising.  This is an app designed to motivate you to exercise out of a desire to not lose money.  The problem is that there are complaints from all over about workouts being cancelled in the middle for no reason or not being recognized when they should be, and cards being charged even when the pact is kept.

The worst part is, most claim they were unable to get help with the problem from customer service.  Most of them say they never even got a response.


So is the GymPact App a Scam?

GymPact is not a way to make money from home.  It is legitimate, as in not a scam, and you could make some pocket change, but in my personal opinion the risk it too great.  If the app does not recognize a workout that should count- you stand to lose much more than you would make otherwise, and there is no promise of being able to work out the issue and get your money back.  Even if you only pledge the minimum of $5, if it happens too much that really adds up.  The fact is, at my house $5 is more than I can afford for an app that doesn’t do what it is supposed to.  In conclusion, try at your own risk.

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Leisa Good

July 16, 2013 at 1:43 pm

Faith, this is interesting. I agree that the concept for the app is pure genius, but if the app doesn’t allow for those “exceptions” (icy roads, class canceled, trainer sick) then maybe it does need more work at this time. Add to it that the customer service is not that reliable then it’s probably not something to use at this time.

I can also see where there would be those who try to use it as a way to MAKE money instead recognizing that it isn’t for MAKING money. It is for LOSING money as a motivational tool.

Good article!

Gigi Eats Celebrities

July 17, 2013 at 12:09 am

I remember I downloaded this app thinking it would be cool because well, I am a NUT JOB and I work out EVERY SINGLE DAY – NO EXCUSES… But then I thought about it and really ANYONE could just say they’re working out so how would this APP even know? Also, I work out from my apartment complex and it’s NOT in the system, so what was I supposed to put? So yeah, I deleted the APP before I even signed up. I don’t trust things that say earning money is easy. I always think it’s a scam.

G H Malone

August 15, 2013 at 11:08 pm

I have earned $9.95 in 4 weeks by keeping my pact of 5 days a week workout. I have wagered from $10 to $50 per workout missed. I have one additional workout to be done by Sunday evening and I will have my 5th complete week.
There is a problem with customer service and problems eventuality get worked out but yu must have the patience of Jobe. Easy solution…don’t miss but if you do I wil get more $$ into my PayPal account.