Is it Possible to Find Legitimate Work at Home Assembly Jobs?

Updated on: by Amy Kennedy

Work from home assembly jobs seem like an easy and fun way to make money. But, they aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Here’s my thoughts from research.It can be easy to fall into traps when it comes to work from home jobs.

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We so badly want the opportunity to work from home that we may see some jobs through rose-colored glasses.

Work from home assembly jobs are ones you probably see a lot during your work from home job searches.

There are hundreds to thousands of them out there, but that doesn’t mean they’re something you should try.

One of the questions I get asked often is, “Are there any legit work at home assembly jobs around?”

So, today I’m answering that question for you.

What are Work from Home Assembly Jobs?

Let me make it clear that when I talk about assembly jobs, I’m not talking about people who make their own crafts or items to sell.

Instead, the assembly jobs I’m focusing on in this article are ones given by assembly companies that promise to set you up with your own business creating and selling their products.

PCB assembly jobs are one example, also known as Printed Circuit Board assembly.

Although these are very real jobs, they require on-site work, and legit ones won’t be given to people who work from home.

Some companies may promise you a lot of money to do this type of work at home, but it requires special tools and training involving hazardous materials and proper safety equipment and techniques.

Other common assembly jobs include work from home jobs making jewelry or crafts.

These companies will send you materials for their crafts and will pay you when a certain number of them are complete.

Most assembly jobs require a startup fee to begin your “business.”

Unfortunately, a lot of them are scams that require very tedious work for little to no pay, or worse – never send you your assembly materials after you pay the fee.  

Furthermore, you may even be required to pay to ship products back.

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And, if the company inspects your products and finds they don’t meet standards, you may not receive your pay for your hard work.

Are There Any Legitimate Work at Home Assembly Jobs?

I’ve done a lot of research about assembly jobs because I, too, am interested in seeing if any might be worth the time and effort.

My research included scouring the Forums, the Better Business Bureau, and Google to read reviews and reports about these types of jobs.

Honestly, what I found was disheartening.

Based on my research, I can’t find any legit work at home assembly jobs to recommend to you.

Between expecting unreasonable amounts of work for very low (and sometimes no) pay to a ridiculous number of scams, it seems that this industry preys on people most desperate for work at home jobs.

Unreasonable Expectations for Piece Work Jobs

It seems that work at home assembly jobs fall right in line with envelope stuffing.

Most assembly jobs get you hooked by saying things like “Our crafts will only take you a couple minutes each to make, and you can earn $20 an hour or more!”

Unfortunately, most of these claims have zero merit.

When I searched through some of these companies on the BBB and read reviews by people who have tried them, I was shocked by what people had to say.

One of the most common complaints is that people spend much longer on each item than what the company claims, with some “small” projects taking an hour or more.

When you work it out to an hourly rate, you end up getting paid pennies for your hard work.

What’s worse is that some of these people stuck around for a while, hoping that more time would let them assemble a little faster.

But, it usually doesn’t work that way.

Many of these companies are trying to pay as little as possible for you to do their hard work, and the only way to grab your interest is by promising you a high hourly rate and little work.

If these companies were legitimate, they’d probably outsource their tedious work to other countries with lower pay rates.

Instead, they target people like you who desperately want a work from home job, hoping to squeeze out a bunch of work for hardly any money.

Unfortunate Number of Scams and Bad Reviews

Assembly jobs often seem great on the surface.

Making crafts is fun for a lot of people, and doesn’t seem like difficult work.

Plus, you can do it on your own time from the comfort of your home.

But, these types of jobs often don’t work out anything like what they promise.

First of all, legitimate companies pay you to work for them.

In other words, they should never require you to pay money to work for them.

Unfortunately, that’s what many assembly companies do.

They’ll market the fee as a startup fee to start your own business.

According to several reviews and posts on work from home job boards that I found during my research, the fees can be high.

Most people have to do tons of work just to break even on the startup fees.

Some never even come close to getting it back!

What’s even scarier is that some companies have been accused of paying people to write positive reviews about them.

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So, if you see an assembly company with excellent reviews, it’s best to keep digging to find out if that’s the truth.

My digging led me to a high number of scams and negative reviews that make me hesitant to recommend any work at home assembly jobs as a viable job choice.

As a side note, I recommend doing a quick Google search for “work at home job scams”.

You’ll quickly notice that scam-busting websites often list assembly jobs as one of the biggest offenders.  

Are They ALL Scams?

I can’t say for sure that all work at home assembly jobs are scams.

I personally haven’t used any and I’m not aware of all of them that exist.

Through my research, I found a few that may be legit.

But, the truth is that I still don’t feel as though I should recommend them.

There are still too many “what-ifs” to consider, and I’m not comfortable recommending anything without a proven track record of success.

Of course, I always urge you to do your own research so you can decide on the best options for you.

Just make sure to use trusted sites that will give you real insight into a company, like:

You can also do a Google search for the company’s name.

Often, adding “legit” or “scam” to the company’s name will turn up the results you need.

But, remember to read reviews on trustworthy sites, rather than ones that may be getting paid to write something positive or negative.

What Can I Do Instead?

Work at Home Adventures is all about helping you find the perfect job that fits with your family!

That’s why we create tons of comprehensive lists of some of the best work at home jobs available for different people, like the best legit work at home jobs for stay at home moms.

There are so many valid work from home job opportunities that I hope you’ll consider your other options before heading into the unknowns of assembly jobs.

If you really love crafting, the best way to do it is by making your own crafts and selling them!

I put together this list of websites that let you sell crafts, just like Etsy.

You’ll find tons of places to sell, and some are completely free.

Browse the websites and get some inspiration for crafts you might enjoy making.

This is a legit way to start your own business doing something you love to do, without having to fork over money to potential scam artists!

If crafts aren’t really your thing, that’s okay! We have plenty of other work from home opportunities listed in these posts:

I’m sure you can find something that suits your interests and your needs!

Conclusion: Work at Home Assembling Things

Although I can’t say with 100% certainty that all work from home assembly jobs are scams, I also can’t recommend any.

I personally feel it’s best to stay away from them and focus on other types of work from home jobs that are proven legit.

If you need money in the meantime, I suggest selling clothes, saving money on groceries and getting shopping rebates, make up to $20 instantly online, or try online survey sites!  

These are all ways to earn legitimate cash online without spending a dime.

What has been your experience with work at home assembly jobs?

Have you been scammed?

Please share your thoughts in a comment below!

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Gena Smith

August 2, 2017 at 12:36 pm

I did attempt a WFH assembly job for earrings once. Start-up fees were about $40 so I thought not to bad and they paid all shipping. It was for assembling earrings. Well here’s the catch. You pay $40 they send you supplies and you send them back 100 pairs at a time and IF they meet their standards then and only then do they pay you.. needless to say I never saw a dime.. lesson learned.. sorry I don’t recall the company.


April 22, 2018 at 11:57 am

Buy your own supplies when the craft stores have sales/coupons (which is almost always), then make your own. I made earrings and wore them everywhere. People would compliment me on them, so I always had a few pair with me to sell for $5/pair. I also make keychains. These things are easy to learn to make, require very little in startup, and allow you to be as creative and social as you like.
Just be wary of some websites that will take a portion of your profits, either via a listing fee or by requiring you to accept payment by specific means.