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Earn a dollar for each short news snippet you write at Newslines.orgNewslines is a new site that pays you to write 50 to 100 word summaries about news stories in a particular timeline.  For example, there are Newsline about celebrities, televisions shows, events, and more.  A celebrity newline might list happenings in the life of movie star Tom Hanks, and an event newsline might include everything that happened in the 2014 Winter Olympics.  You can either add to an existing newsline or suggest starting a new one.  Each submission must be the 50 to 100 words and include a quote and an image or link to a YouTube video.

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Where Do Writers Get The Information?

Online!  No wiki or biography sites are allowed, but news sites and other types of sites are.

Can Anyone Do It?

If English is your native language and you can write with proper English spelling and grammar, you are set.  No experience necessary. You will also need to have a PayPal account to receive payment.

About the Money

Pay at Newslines is $1 per post via PayPal, payable after the account reaches $20.  They say on the website that if you need payment before your account reaches $20 to let them know and they will work it out, but they are growing fast so that may not last long.

Chatter about Working for Newslines

The chatter around the web is that this is a great little egg.  They seem to be approving submissions quickly and paying quickly after payment request is received, even overnight in most cases. There are threads in forums like if interested in researching more from experienced newsline writers.

Other Platforms you Can Try

There are several platforms that pay for summarizing news stories or writing about current events in a concise, easy-to-digest format. While few sites focus explicitly on a timeline-based structure like, the following websites may offer similar opportunities:

1. Dotdash

Dotdash (formerly is a long-standing online publisher that covers a broad range of topics. While not news-focused, many of their verticals require up-to-date, summary-style content about ongoing trends and events.

2. The Skimm

The Skimm is known for its daily newsletters that provide quick, digestible summaries of top news stories. They occasionally have openings for writers who can distill complex news topics into clear, concise language.

3. NewsCred

NewsCred is a content marketing company that works with a wide range of clients, many of whom require news-related content. While they don’t solely focus on summarizing news stories, there may be opportunities to create this type of content.

4. Demand Media Studios

Demand Media Studios produces articles and videos on a wide variety of topics. Their work often includes summarizing information and current events for a general audience. They hire freelance writers and editors to work on their projects.

5. SmartBrief

SmartBrief offers tailored news summaries in partnership with leading trade associations. Their business model involves creating customized, concise summaries of industry news. They hire both full-time staff and freelance writers.


Here is the thing.  It appears this is currently a one-man-show and word is getting out.  There could be major slowdowns in submission approval and payment turnaround if it grows too quickly.  That doesn’t mean it is a bad egg, it just means that it may be in a honeymoon phase and how it will all turn out remains to be seen.

There is also the fact that while submissions are short, it can take a fair amount of time to find the information if you do not already know what you are writing about, and the link, image, and quote hunting can be tedious.  It could quickly turn into more work than $1 is worth.

I say proceed with caution.  No harm in checking it out and seeing if you can work quickly enough to make it worth it, but be aware that there could be some hiccups as they grow.

How to Get Started at Newslines

As of this moment, the link to get started writing news snippets at Newslines is not active. We are not sure if this is because they have haulted adding additional writers or if there is simply an error on the site. Please check to learn more and see if they are accepting new writers.

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